New London-Waterford Speedbowl Blastoff Event Postponed; Makeup Date To Be Announced

New London-Waterford Speedbowl management announced late Thursday that their Blastoff event to open the 2022 season has been postponed.

The event was scheduled to take place Saturday at the shoreline oval. The forecast calls for rain much of the day and evening in the Waterford area Saturday.

No makeup date for the event was announced Thursday.

An open practice session scheduled for Friday was cancelled.


  1. Viva race fan says

    They made a good call. Some people come for other states .
    See campers in parking lot they were enjoying camp fires and food last night.
    See you all next weekend in turn 1.

  2. Stafford pulled the plug on tonight’s Fridays show. Probably the right call looking at the forecast which calls for 50 to 60 percent chance of rain and the marathon show they had opening weekend. Kids night moved to next Friday.

  3. Hillary 2024 says

    Seekonk cancelled also. Great call by Seekonk. Weather forecast for them? “Slight chance of a rain shower”. πŸ‘

  4. With gas prices at record highs I think these tracks are going to err on the side of caution and lean towards cancelling early when the forecast doesn’t look good. Yesterday somebody posted on Staffords announcement they spent 160 in diesel for nothing. I assume they had already traveled to Stafford before they pulled the plug. I can see how that would be frustrating. Its really a no win situation for the tracks. Whatever they decide a certain percentage of the racers/fans aren’t going to be happy with the decision.

  5. Will there be beer at Waterford?

  6. Nothing like the bowl on a Saturday night
    Sucks Stafford no racing either
    Hope for the best next weekend kids night at Stafford is awesome 😎

    And the bowl has a excellent line up as well πŸ‘

  7. Fast Eddie says

    Csg, agreed. Plus it’s tougherto make money when the spectator count is low due to a iffy weather report.

  8. Viva race fan says

    Rumor has it Only Beer Boiled Hot Dogs or BBOB.
    More fans in stands if there was Cold Beer.
    Lots of people comment on that. See a change in turn 1 gang they can’t play the beer cup game for who buys next round. Miss those guys .

  9. Sometime it seems like rain and it’s affect on racing is more popular them actual racing. It sure get’s a lot of entries on social media.

    -It’s gonna rain every station is saying it
    -gonna rain by 7
    -Rain is coming in later at that end of state they might get it in
    -Features only. Let’s get it in. No screwing around!
    -Forget the Big Wheels tonight!!!
    -Guess I’ll turn around
    -It’s not going to rain in Stafford tonight.
    -The nearest real rain is over the Sound and moving very slowly to the east.
    -Canceled for no reason
    -Never even rained

    Stafford pulled the plug at 1:18 in the afternoon, plenty of notice. If anyone is complaining about wasting time and money traveling with the event in question that’s on you.
    We’re all hinting at it but isn’t something fundamentally different this year. Tracks need to be given a huge amount of slack for canceling in marginal weather because of certain realities. Fuel for fans, teams and race cars elevated and tires in limited supply.
    Maybe reconsider the popular refrain of trying to out guess mother nature to “get the race in”. Tracks deserve the best shot of making a buck only good weather can offer and if events are cancelled the positive impact on tire consumption vs inventory can’t be ignored.
    This doesn’t seem to be a destination the gentler sex routinely travels. None the less to any moms that may wander in HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!

  10. Rafter fan says

    It looks like the Bowl will run 8 features Saturday (5/14), starting at approx. 6 pm. Will the end time be approx. 11 pm?

  11. Looks like more rain in forecast

  12. Rafter fan says

    Solid night of racing at the Bowl for the rescheduled Blastoff event tonight. Nice win for Eric Berndt in the 71 lap SK race. But, Matt Buckler was not on the announce team?!?

  13. Viva race fan says

    Yeah no Matt B. Hope he is well .

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