RaceDayCT Poll: Your Thoughts On Ryan Preece Interview Following Truck Race

Ryan Preece was in contention to win in Friday night’s Camping World Truck Series event at Charlotte Motor Speedway before getting wrecked by Carson Hocevar battling for the lead during an overtime restart.

Preece started on the outside on the green-white-checkered restart and got put in the wall down the backstretch by Hocevar. Preece eventually got caught up in the wreck when Hocevar got loose in the corner and slid up into the wall.

After the race Preece had some harsh words for Hocevar 

“All you kids watching right now wanting to get to this level, don’t do that,” Preece said. “Race with respect, don’t wreck the guy on the outside if you’re trying to win your first race. It doesn’t get you anywhere. … Thank you RaceChoice.com for putting me in this Truck because I race for a living and if I don’t run good I don’t make a lot of money so I’m pissed right now. … That’s just stupid. It’s really stupid. Don’t be like that.”

Said Hocevar: “A dumbass move by myself. I tried really hard. And tried too hard. I didn’t get a good restart and just tried too hard. I tried to wash him up and just crashed myself.”

Many on social media were critical of Preece’s remarks and called him out for being too hard on Hocevar. Vote below and tell us what you think.


  1. wmass01013 says

    SORRY i know most will side with PREECE but this guy was going for his 1st win, he didn’t Punt or intentional body slam him, he tried too hard and made a mistake, he’s young. Preece was the victim and maybe could have won but as we see from local short tracks to the big series now alll is fair on overtime racing, may not like it but thats racing in 2022!

  2. Racing for a living at that level is tough, Ryan was probably too nice but the kid is still learning.

  3. Dr Robert Neville says

    Called him out like it happened. Meanwhile, in Indy, Santos two for two last night in midgets and silver crown, going for the triple tonight in a sprint at the little 500, while racing with respect.

  4. What was that Xfinity race where Preece, driving for Childress had a late jingle with a car in the championship hunt. Relevant?
    Preece bigged time the lad probably because he’s under extreme pressure to supply top finishes. The comments were perfect for a CUP race against another top level driver. The problem is the truck series is a developmental series where youth will be served and mistakes made.
    It’s a shame though because the comments were unique, expressed under control for the most part and had value. They were just wasted in the wrong race with a young driver.

  5. Mike Ardito says

    the kid was going for his first win, seen many drivers do the same thing at all levels.

  6. Mike Ardito says

    the kid was going for his first wen, oh well

  7. Nobody is wrong here. I can see both sides of the argument. You can’t blame Preece for being ticked off right after the race. Maybe if they waited a while to interview these drivers until after they cool down a little, we wouldn’t get such emotional responses but that wouldn’t make for good TV. It is what it is. Hell, Hocevar himself said he made a dumbass move.

  8. That interview is pure gold!!!! Preece is the class in NASCAR drivers right now.

    If there were only more drivers like Preece, and far less like Ty Gibbs, Kyle Busch, etc. NASCAR would be so much better.

  9. that’s racing.. what goes around comes around…

  10. KID is the operative word. Did not see the race, but these KIDS keep spending daddy’s money to DEVELOP. What happened to developing at small tracks ALL ACROSS AMERICA

  11. Camerissa says

    That’s right. These kids used to make these mistakes and learn from them before moving on to “the big 3 “ series. Preece brought up Stefanik Ruggerio and Christopher in his MRN radio interview…….then dropped an f-bomb.

  12. I Love Ryan , Thought He Was Harsh On The Kid . 6 SECOND lead , Ryan would have never caught him ! Yeah He Got The Chance, But Don’t Belittle Him Like Your Matt Crafton. Again I Do Love Ryan.

  13. The only issue I had with his comment is when he brought up the point of racing for a living and getting paid. He just should have ended with he was pissed off. Other than that everything else was more than acceptable and the truth.

  14. Nerfbarsmurf says

    I voted in favor of Preece’s comments but, the kid immediately owned the fact the he f*$#^’d up. Was hoping a caution wouldn’t come out and he’d won the damm thing.

  15. It appeared to me Ryan hung on Carson’s door and quarter off turn 2 which loosened Carson up and they got together a bit. Then Carson drove down to the line in turn 3 and Ryan arched it down on his door and quarter again. Loosened him up again and the rest was history. Next restart Chastain stayed high giving tons of room to trucks on the bottom. Ends up with the win. Unfortunately aero plays too much of an influence on side by side racing. Ryan’s comments were true about respect but he wasn’t without influence in regards to the end result.

  16. Drunkenirishman says

    I usually can agree with most of Doug’s points. Truck series “developmental?” Kyle Busch, Matt crafton, Jon Hunter nemechek, Stewart freisen, Chastain, Ryan preece? It’s Not developmental!
    Professional division…
    Guys make a living running trucks, they are not working second jobs!
    Let’s not act like hocevar hasn’t been racing for about 10 years..
    If I owned dgr, you dam better be pissed and return the favor down the line!
    I don’t blame the 42 for trying to win, not an issue, but the question is, should he receive blowback! Dam right!
    If preece let’s it go, he will get run into the wall again next time!
    Not a lot of passive drivers getting full time rides these days..
    How exciting!

  17. I don’t know, minor league baseball players get paid as professionals and it’s developmental but you’re right it’s a fine line.
    I can see both sides but was impressed with how Hocevar laid out his side of the story. Good looking young man reminds me of a young Robbie Benson for those that go back that far.

  18. Both going for the win and the kid obviously wanted it bad. Mistakes are made every day and I can see Ryan being P.O. but if the kid wins he makes the playoffs…..if Ryan wins he get a trophy and a check. It meant more to the rookie so you gotta lighten up a bit. It’s not like the kid didn’t feel bad enough. Can’t take back what was said or done so just move forward and hope a lesson is learned.

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