Ronnie Williams Eager To Return To Stafford Speedway For May 20 Call Before You Dig Open Mod 81

(Press release from Stafford Speedway)

Ronnie Wiliams (Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

Coming off a 4th place finish in Stafford Speedway’s 50th Annual NAPA Spring Sizzler® to go along with 3rd and 6thplace finishes thus far in the SK Modified® division, Ellington native Ronnie Williams is looking to continue his strong performances in the CBYD Open 81 this Friday, May 20th.  Williams started the 100-lap Sizzler® from 12th place, worked his way into the top-10 within the first 20 laps of the race, and then spent the second half of the race in the top-7 eventually racing his way to a fourth place finish.  While Williams says his #50 Empower Financial Advisory / Les’s Auto Center car was just a little off to make a run for a NAPA Spring Sizzler® win, a small adjustment is all that is needed to make the #50 a winning car in the CBYD 81.

“Overall the Sizzler® was a very solid day,” said Williams.  “We started 12th after finishing 6th in our duel race, got through some guys early on, and I think we were either second or third off of pit road after our pit stop.  My guys have been killing it on pit road during the open races, which makes my job a whole lot easier.  From there, we were a little off compared to Preece, Hirschman, and Silk so we have some small adjustments to make but I’m really looking forward to the CBYD 81.  We’ve been good in general at Stafford, including the SK car this season.  There’s just very little adjustments we need to make and I know we’ll be back in victory lane.  It’s not like we’re bouncing off the walls going crazy trying to figure things out, we feel more confident than ever.”

Williams and the #50 team have gotten off to a great start in 2022, scoring a pair of 6th place finishes along with a 3rd place finish during New Smyrna’s World Series in February before coming to Stafford where Williams has a 3rd and a 6th in the SK Modified® division to go along with his 4th place NAPA Spring Sizzler® effort.  With positive momentum on his side after a rough 2021 season, Williams is looking to continue his good fortunes.

“It seemed like last year we couldn’t do anything right,” said Williams.  “When the car was bad it was bad and even when it was good somehow we were bad.  It was a weird thing we had going on last year.  I think we regrouped over the off-season, everyone got their heads right and now we’re just going out and having fun.  We had a couple of chances to win races down in New Smyrna but cautions didn’t fall our way and we had a couple of mechanical issues but we were fast and we’ve been fast all season long so far.  I know we’re only halfway through May, but we’re really looking forward to the rest of the season.  It’s a good confidence booster when you can go out and consistently be in the top-5.”

With the weather starting to warm up with the calendar approaching the end of May, Williams’ #50 car typically picks up some speed as the weather heats up.  With a good baseline to work off of from the Sizzler and his first 2 weeks of SK Modified® racing, Williams feels like his car can be a winning car this Friday night with the right adjustments.

“I hope we’re going to be good, I don’t deal with the setups,” said Williams with a laugh. “I’ll be telling Adam [crew chief Skowyra] if the car feels good or not.  But usually our car seems to thrive when the weather warms up.  Adam will set the car up as he usually does and we’ll make adjustments as the day goes along.  It’s all going to be about being in the right place at the right time, having a good pit stop, and being there at the end of the race.  We’ve been pretty fast every time we’ve unloaded the open car at Stafford and right now I’d say we’re at about 90% with the car and we just need that last 10% and we can be untouchable.”

As for who Williams feels will be his chief competition for the checkered flag this Friday night, he points to his fellow Stafford regulars as the drivers to beat.

“Any time you go to an open race at Stafford, Chase Dowling was pretty untouchable last year and Keith Rocco is going to be in there, all the normal guys that I’ve been racing against the last 9 years,” said Williams.  “We were good at the Sizzler but we weren’t quite good enough.  We’re confident about coming back to Stafford and it doesn’t matter if we’re racing against 10 cars or 30 cars, we think we’re going to have a good run.”

The 4th Annual CBYD 81 is scheduled for this Friday, May 20.  Stafford’s SK Modified®, Late Model, SK Light, Limited Late Model, and Street Stock divisions will join the Open Modifieds in feature action.  Tickets for the CBYD 81 are available now online at and tickets will also be available for purchase at the admission gates.  Tickets for the CBYD 81 are $30.00 for adults, $10.00 for kids 6-14, and free for kids 5 & under.  Reserved seating is priced at $35.00 for all ages and pit passes are $45.00 with a valid 2022 Stafford Competition License and $50.00 without a Stafford license.  If you are unable to attend the event, tune into the live stream on FloRacing, the official streaming partner of Stafford Speedway. 

For more information, visit, checkout Stafford Speedway on Facebook or Twitter, or contact the track office at 860-684-2783.


  1. 1 Patrick Emerling
    2 Frank L’Etoile
    4 Jeff Gallup
    4nh Tommy Barrett
    5 Chris Pasteryak
    6 Matt Galco
    7ny Mike Christopher
    9ct Chase Dowling
    11 Cory DiMatteo
    11ct Dillon Izzo
    19 Anthony Bello
    24 Mikey Flynn
    25 Matt Swanson
    25ct Anthony Flannery
    28 Buddy Charette
    34 Dave Etheridge
    35 Andrew Moeller
    48 Marcello Rufrano
    50 Ronnie Williams
    55 Robert Bloxsom
    55ct Teddy Hodgdon
    57 Keith Rocco
    58 Eric Goodale
    81 Todd Owen
    88 Woody Pitkat
    179 Stephen Kopcik

    Revised Forum Pick 6

    First Place………0 points
    Second Place….2 points
    Third Place……..3 points
    Fourth through the final finisher assigned points equal to their finishing position.
    “Mulligan”-Worst finish (aka highest score) dropped from scoring leaving your 5 best counting toward your final score.
    Any car that doesn’t show, has an equipment failure or otherwise doesn’t make the feature to be assigned a score equal to the number of feature starters plus one and can be dropped via the mulligan.
    Lowest point total wins.
    Tie breaker- All six picks scored.

    This weekend we have two potential races to pick for those interested. We have a core of 7 pickers that tend to join in. The revised Pick-em lends itself to a season long points battle but that can only happen if people make picks. You pick-em, I’ll score-em.
    All are welcome of course and should you participate in a minimum of 5 Pick-em’s you’re eligible to compete in the season long points championship. That means nothing at all nor has any prizes but you get to test your skills against some of the best modified fans in the forum.
    Getserious leads the points with Earl in second. A founder of the Pick-ems struggling way back in sixth place that based on last years success is a surprise.
    Two very different races this weekend. Two opportunities to score points.
    Anyone interested?

  2. Viva race fan says

    7 NY

  3. 50, 81, 7ny, 88, 9ct,57

  4. mike christopher

  5. Fast Eddie says

    Woody, Swanson, Christopher, Rocco, Pasteryak, Etheridge

  6. Stafford CBYD 81 5/20/2022

    Viva……81-1-117(?)-7ny-57-35 Did you mean the 179?
    Rob p…50-81-7ny-88-9ct-57

  7. Stafford CBYD 81 5/20/2022

    Viva……81-1-117(?)-7ny-57-35 Did you mean the 179?
    Rob p…50-81-7ny-88-9ct-57

    Please note the 1 is a scratch so you may want to change things up.
    Also Nocella’s 92 is now entered for those that may want to put him in your mix.

  8. my picks— 88-9ct-7ny-81-50-179

  9. Viva race fan says

    Yes the 179
    No # 1 ?
    Replace with 92

  10. getserious says

    Boy, it seems like a lot of competitive choices for top 6 in this one.
    I’m going with a 7ny win, 25 Swanson, 81 Owen, 50 Williams, 9 Dowling, 6 Galko

  11. Stafford CBYD 81 5/20/2022

    Rob p…50-81-7ny-88-9ct-57

  12. Suitcase Jake says

    I am in… Pick’em Stafford … Have Fun = Be Happy…
    1. 7NY
    2. 25
    3. 50
    4. 58
    5. 55CT Hodgdon
    6. 179 Kopcik

  13. To All: Looks like the 7NY has withdrawn from competition tonight at Stafford.

  14. Suitcase Jake says

    new pick six – minus 7ny
    1. 9CT
    2. 25
    3. 50
    4. 58
    5. 55CT Hodgdon
    6. 179 Kopcik

  15. Fast Eddie says

    I’ll sub 50 for 7ny – New order 88, 25, 57, 5, 50, 34

  16. Todd Henshaw says

    remove 7ny put 9CT in 1st spot

  17. Suitcase Jake says

    Put 9Ct in 1st place & remove 7ny

  18. Thanks for the update Shawn. Too late to change as I just watched the heats.

  19. Stafford CBYD 81 5/20/2022

    Finishing Order

    The Podium
    csg.………………7ny-9ct-88-50-57-58>>>>>> (24)+8+2+1+6+3=20
    Suitcase Jake……..9ct-25-50-58-55ct-179 >>>>>8+(23)+1+3+4+5=21
    Fast Eddie………88-25-57-5-50-34>>>>>>>>2+(23)+6+9+1+11=29

    Remainder of the field.
    Rob p……………50-81-7ny-88-9ct-57>>>>>0+16+(24)+2+8+6=32
    Viva race fan……81-92-179-7ny-57-35>>>16+(24)+5+24+6+24=75

    Any revisions made under a name other then the screen ID associated with the original picks will be disregarded.

    Don’t forget, it’s not just about the winner any more. The very prestigious season long championship is as stake and every lower score will help toward the eventual winner.

  20. Suitcase Jake says

    Congratulations CSG … How about that 55ct Hodgdon really is running STRONG ….

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