Stafford Notes: Bobby Stirk III Scores First Career Street Stock Victory

Bobby Stirk III celebrates victory in the Street Stock feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – After two years of struggles in the Street Stock division at Stafford Speedway, Bobby Stirk III kicked off the 2022 season in positive fashion with a second place finish at the Spring Sizzler on April 23.

And the positivity of the early season only got better for the Naugatuck driver Friday in the second event of the season.

Stirk scored his first career victory in the 20-lap Street Stock feature Friday at Stafford Speedway.

“It means the world,” Stirk said. “I’ve been here for three years and we’ve struggled. The first two years we had rough years. It’s nice to finally to get the monkey off our back.”

Bert Oullette of Ellington was second and Adrien Paradis III of Plainville was third.

“I’m really happy for Bobby,” Oullette said. “He’s been close so many times. … We’re kind of one big group that helps each other so I’m super happy to see him get that win.”

Tyler Chapman of Ellington got under Tyler Barry for the lead out of turn four coming to the white flag and took control on the final lap to win the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature.

Barry, of Preston, was second and Zack Aszklar of Newtown third.

Rich Hammann of Tolland scored his third career victory in the 20-lap Limited Late Model feature.

Matt Clement of Wethersfield was second and Jeremy Lavoie of Windsor Locks third.


  1. opening day and night jitters says

    poor alexandra. got driven as she drove someone else. “I need to see the replay” no you dont !.. as for the sk lights I love when back markers are now saying “more money than brains” when asked what happened… they are well schooled LOL.

  2. Another great SK lite race – at least 5 lead changes between at least 4 drivers. Great run for one of the rugrats and Barry. I think Stafford put new speakers up but I couldn’t hear them, hopefully they can get that fixed soon

  3. -I believe we call that karma. Racing is a fickle lover and Attorney Fearn has experienced it in full blossom the last two weeks. A bonehead move last week resulting in a penalty, this week an innocent victim. The response the same. Have to see the tape and what else would you expect an attorney to say.
    -The Professor after being caught up in one of the several SK Light fiasco’s tried to separate the top talent in the division of which he is a part from the rest in post wreck interview. He may want to consult with Attorney Fearn on how to handle these situations.
    One of the many good things about FloRacing is you can do your own replays. As many times as you like. The wreck that collected Pearl had nothing to do with the lesser talent in the field near as I could tell unless you are saying West and Charland are considered lesser talent. Pearl and Debbis were racing hard to get to the front got caught up in the mess and you know what? It is a learning modified division so accept the chaos or move up to the SK’s where there is considerably fewer rookie mistakes but a great deal more competition.
    That’s not to say all the bizarre weaving and lane changing on the front stretch going into one is normal. That’s got to be a drivers meeting point of order. You can’t have 15 or 20 cars dodging and weaving going into a corner and have everything turn out OK on a routine basis.
    -Last year we saw a lot of changes in the pecking order with a record number of first time winners that thought might be an aberration. Two races in and it’s no aberation. The SK’s are wide open and anything is possible. Narducci has matured so much it’s just a joy to watch as he marries a top car with good judgment that in the past escaped him. We’re used to the 11 car starting up front but not seeing it stay there. DiMatteo is the different thing about that car so he gets most of the credit. Love Ruffrano but let’s face it he’s had all the best, starting in front too many times to count but has never been able to cash in with the SK’s. That is going to change this year. Funny seeing the 88 not be Rocco but it never was his car. Speaking of Rocco it’s kind of official now isn’t it? As far as SK’s go at Stafford the parade has passed him by. He was the one throwing the punch last year and interestingly hasn’t seemed to be the same since. Maybe Ronnie Williams as well. Will they rally for wins this year probably. But unlike the old days when they and Owen dominated they’ll need a good starting position and some luck to get the win.
    How do you root for family members that owns the track that appear to have all the advantages in terms of access? I mean really they can take their cars out and practice anytime he likes one would think. Then there is the paying dues thing. Were what I said to be true there would not be all those years Mark and David have been grinding away mid pack race after race after race.
    -You want to know how to race a full fendered car just watch Tom Fearn. He’ll take whatever time it takes to set you up and with a minimum of bumper then gets you low before you know what happened.
    -Every week in the Streets last year it seemed like it was L’Etoile vs Meyer with Hydar and Hovey in the wings. That’s over. Hovey has had really bad luck and Hydar a little as well. That allows a guy like Stirk to win and my favorite Oulette in second which is what the Streets should be all about.

  4. Doug,
    I think you meant Paul and David.

  5. I sure did and it’s worse then you know. After I wrote it it sounded wrong at the time yet I pushed ahead. All people I know and respect and still got it wrong and no I’m not claiming the senior moment exemption. Sloppy, sloppy sloppy.

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