Home Cooked: Kyle Soper Grabs First Whelen Mod Tour Win In Buzz Chew Chevrolet Cadillac 200 At Riverhead

Kyle Soper celebrates victory in the Whelen Modified Tour Buzz Chew Chevrolet Cadillac 200 at Riverhead Raceway Saturday (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

On the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour schedule, Riverhead Raceway holds a unique place.

Tour Type Modifieds run weekly at the facility and when the Whelen Modified Tour arrives at the track it typically means a multitude of track regulars competing in the series events.

Saturday at Riverhead Kyle Soper scored a huge one for those track regulars.

Soper passed three-time series champion Justin Bonsignore late in the event to win the Whelen Modified Tour Buzz Chew Chevrolet Cadillac 200 at Riverhead Raceway.

The win came nearly 27 years to the day since the last time a track regular scored victory in a Whelen Modified Tour event at Riverhead. On June 24 1995 it was track regular Eddie Brunnhoelzl Jr. scoring victory against the Whelen Modified Tour drivers at Riverhead.

The 26-year old Soper, of Manorville, N.Y., wasn’t even born when Brunnhoelzl last pulled off the feat Soper pulled Saturday.

“I’ve got to thank Jimmy Blewett,” said Soper, a 25-time winner in weekly Modified division action at Riverhead. “I texted him [Friday] about a qualifying setup and he got us close and we got up front. Usually I start in the back and I usually have to burn my tires up coming to the front. Luckily I started closer up and I just saved my tires.”

Bonsignore, a former Riverhead regular from Holtsville, N.Y., held on for second and Ron Silk of Norwalk was third.

“It’s been a long time since Eddie Brunnhoelzl won that Tour race in the 90’s and that’s really cool,” Bonsignore said of Soper winning. “It sucks that he beat us to do it.

“It was only a matter of time before Kyle was going to win a Tour race here. He’s been really close a bunch of times. I hate that he beat but I’m really happy for him and his family.”

Soper started fifth in the field. Silk started on the pole, but it was former track regular Timmy Solomito jumping to the lead early

On lap 116 Soper went by Solomito for the lead. Bonsignore clawed to second not long after and was able to overtake Soper for the lead on a restart near the three-quarters mark of the event. But Soper didn’t fade, keeping Bonsignore in his sights.

By lap 185 it was clear Soper had something for Bonsignore. On lap 190 Soper found the way around Bonsignore and pulled away over the closing laps.

“Justin got me on that [restart],” Soper said. “I was just going to ride and see if I could real him back in. I saw him getting loose [into the corners] and loose [off the corners]. I started licking my lips and timed it up pretty good.”

Said Bonsignore: “I could see he was getting back to my bumper. At that point I was just hoping I could pin myself in lapped traffic and block as much as I could basically. But his car was just way too good at that point.”

Bonsignore was coming off a victory to start the week on Sunday at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H.

“All in all a good run,” Bonsignore said. “A win last week and a second today. That’s good.”

Silk, the series points leader, scored his second consecutive third place finish.

“A good night,” Silk said. “These guys that grew up racing here are tough at this place. We’re certainly at a disadvantage to them. But all in all a good night.”


  1. Buzz Chew 200 at Riverhead Raceway Forum Pick 6 Results says

    Buzz Chew 200 at Riverhead Raceway Forum Pick 6 Results

    Ken L….51-7-15-(3)-82-79…….2+10+1+15+4=29
    AIJ…51 16 7 22 (07) 15………..2+3+10+6+1=22
    csg….7ny, 16, 51, 66. 54. (3)…..10+3+2+8+14=37
    viva….51 ,7 ,82 ,(07) , 32 , 58…2+10+15+12+11=50
    Big City..51, 7, 66, 16, (07), 15…2+10+8+3+1=24
    Eddie…7ny, 51, 16,(07), 3, 34….10+2+3+21+25=61
    L. Traf….7ny-51-16-54-66-58…10+2+3+14+8+11=48
    GetS…..51, 7NY, (07), 3, 16, 58….2+10+21+3+11=47
    Liz C…..51, 16, 58, 7ny,(07), 170…2+3+11+10+5=31
    wmass..7NY 32 16 (3) 51 66……..10+12+3+2+8=35


    Big City…..24


    Ken L…….29
    Suitcase Jake….31
    Liz Cherokee…..31
    Lapped traffic….48
    Viva race fan…..50
    Fast Eddie……..61


    Fast Eddie……2
    Viva race fan…1
    Rafter fan……1
    Big city………..1


    Suitcase Jake…3
    Fast Eddie………3
    Bigcity ………..3
    Lapped traffic ….2
    Rafter fan……….1
    Viva race fan…….1
    get serious……….1

  2. July 6, 2019. Justin Bonsignor drives Riverhead regular John Beatty, Jr up the track on a a late race restart and steals a win. Seeing the 51 specifically being the victim of a superior Riverhead regular late in the race was deeply satisfying.

  3. wmass01013 says

    I will say this about JBON, he has 1000% matured as a driver, he used to be brash and kinda smart ass but now he is always respectful and honest about things, its very refreshing, win or lose!

  4. Bonsignore in it for the points,, doubt he would risk second against a local,,, Congrats to Soper+Anderson….

  5. Congrats to Anderson + Soper. 👏

    It was a good race, a really good bullring race. Crazy to see some 3 wide going on once in a while. As if a bull ring wasn’t tight enough, seeing that was just crazy.

    While JBon needs every point, it was not worth it to go at it with Soper. JBon finished ahead of the other full-timers. So JBon is in 5th, Silk in 1st, with Catalano, McKennedy, and Goodale in between. I can see Silk running a flawless season, no DNFs or tragic finishes. JBon has already had 2 bad races. It is safe to say that Catalano, Goodale and McKennedy each have one or two really bad races coming. I think this is looking like JBon chasing Silk for the championship. Silk needs to harvest points at manageable risk. Good luck… I think JBon is growing in another way this season… he’s after it. This could be an awesome race for the championship.

    Absolute bummer seeing Ole’ Blue go down like that. Would have been awesome to see Lia in VL at Riverhead.

    But the big story is 9 LAPS. The 01 completed 9 LAPS. “Suspension” listed as the problem. Whew! So glad not wasn’t “handling” again, glad they have that solved. That team must be having too much fun!!!! The 01 has been running at the finish ONCE this season. Is this a start-and-park deal???? The 01 has completed 387 laps all SEASON, and most of those were from the ONE race the 01 was running at the finish.

  6. I thought it was a great race and congrats to Kyle Soper and Wayne Anderson on a well deserved win. Going to be an interesting run to the championship.

    The 01 completed 11 laps and went a lap down on lap 8. It wasn’t just that, the 01 came very close to creating a melee on lap 8 within the top 5 cars the could have ruined the night for many of the top runners.

    I understand that lapped traffic early on is a byproduct of bullring racing however, this is a common occurrence for this team. They always have a reason for dropping out of a race but is that the real reason? Or is it drop out before a black flag is issued for not making minimum speed?

    You think it’s going to be any different in two weeks at Wall Stadium? My guess is absolutely not.

  7. “I understand that lapped traffic early on is a byproduct of bullring racing however, this is a common occurrence for this team.”

    Could you be specific please? The races the 01 has caused wrecks.

  8. Here are the Riverhead results:


    Please note the number of laps the 01 completed.

    9 ≠ 11

  9. I don’t believe I stated that the 01 has caused a wreck. I indicated the 01 is notorious for going a lap down early in the events they have entered. On a tight bullring that can be problematic for competitive cars racing for position.

    Anyone who was paying attention to last nights race, specifically lap eight when the the 01 was lapped will witness the avoided melee I spoke of. The first lead cars cleared the 01 and the next group were all over the track trying to maneuver around the 01.

    Check tape, the potential was clearly there.


  10. Fast Eddie says

    Damn, high score again! And the guy running the game wins again! LOL just joking Doug, great job in both of your roles; scorekeeper and contestant!

  11. Fast Eddie says

    Hey Dareal, hopefully Mckennedy’s only bad race was Monadnock. I see what you’re saying though, consistency may outweigh wins this season, unlike in previous recent years.

  12. Viva, are you saying that the 01 is a start and park? Or are you saying the 01 is just dedicated to pissing people off?

    Maybe that explains her performance?

  13. Chris Economaki says

    The 01 team is one of the most dedicated teams on the WMT and is always amongst the leaders on the tour in points per mile raced.

  14. I did check the video. What I saw was Soper stuck behind the 01, take a short cut with the entire car under the white line with Bonsignor to follow. Fifield who was exactly where she was supposed to be gets driven up into the actual race, a scurfuffle ensues, back down to where she belonged, no harm no foul and retires soon after.
    So lets see there was a race, some scuffling on the track involving race cars but no wreck. So why is this even a conversation? I can answer that it’s because that poor women is like catnip in this forum with more lines written then just about any other driver. Here’s the thing. She’s been there a long time, she’s there now and will likely outlast some of us. So why continually whine about her.
    FloRacing did a bit on how drivers picked their numbers. Fifield said she wanted to be the first on the entry list. Then she almost always finishes last so she’s got the boys bracketed as far as I can see. In talking about it she’s just radiant with enthusiasm just to be asked. I don’t get it wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars and have competitive passes be as common as a unicorn sighting but it’s her and her fathers money. She sure does get a kick out of it.
    So you say see that…lap 8….check the tape. See, see it proves the 01 is a menace. Not so fast big guy how about we add a dash of context. I’m thinking of all the laps the 01 has completed over all the years and the number of times she’s actually been an issue and all I can conclude is……….COME ON MAN!!!!

  15. Every time the 01 gets lapped or passed, especially at a bullring, it’s a hazard. Not only is it a hazard, it impacts the RACING and the flow of the race. Spotters have to watch out and warn the drivers of the hazards. Listen to the radio, avoiding the 01 and protecting the competitive cars is a stressful part of the job of being a spotter. The 01 is an obstacle.

    Good for NASCAR to park the 01 early and keep it from impeding the racing.

  16. Implying I’m cheating are you? Is that one of those half truth, half joking deals?
    All kidding aside the Pick 6 has proven to be bullet proof for delivering clear cut, no subjective interpretation results. 7 different winners, 12 different people reaching the podium what more could you ask for? Yah know what else is evident. In spite of all the economic challenges the car counts are pretty good and the number of top tier cars is outstanding. I’ve got Stafford’s race in the queue and the field is great with two CUP guys plus Blewett. Over 30 cars that may or may not come to pass but a full field in any event.
    So what’s it take to do well in the Pick 6, is it luck or skill? Some skill but a lot of luck. Most of us pick a core of favorites that cancel each other out. The difference maker is the one or two choices that are outside the top tier and you have to hit on them to win. That and avoid two clinkers when you only have one mulligan.
    Every Pick 6 is a fresh start. As long as I don’t forget how to add and people show interest in making picks I’ll score them.
    Car counts and Fifield, tedious man tedious. But we do have a NWMT championship prediction on the table so how about another. Silk wins it and handily. That last race at Martinsville will be a good one but the championship decided before they take the green. I can see it clear as a bell. Moran has the car going great at every track, the team is bonding and the driver few would argue is one of the best has a twinkle in his eye of confidence. Last Saturday it was the 51’s track and there’s Silk stuck to him like glue so how do you make real headway under those conditions? The Riverhead advantage neutralized and with the 16’s experience at Thompson the 51 will struggle to make headway there as well. Bonsignor will have all he can handle to overtake the 79 and if they ever hit their stride count a second place finish out as well for the Massa team.
    Zoom, zoom.

  17. Fast Eddie says

    Doug, no truth, all joke! It’s the Racedayct version of when the person you work with that’s running the football pool wins it, which usually prompts some joking “tongue-in-cheek” comments from the other participants. I thought I had some skill at this after the first few races but that along with any luck has since disappeared. The good news is I got high score in the last two. The bad news is low score wins! Having fun with it anyways, thanks for keeping score!

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