Kirk Alexander Tops Modified Racing Series At White Mountain

(Press release from White Mountain Motorsports Park)

Third place finished Matthew Kimball (left), winner Kirk Alexander (center) and second place Brian Robie following Saturday’s Modified Racing Series event at White Mountain (Photo: White Mountain/John Raper)

A night highlighted by first time winners and longtime dominators left plenty of dust to be settled on the high banks of White Mountain Motorsports Park. At the end of the night, two drivers grabbed the checkered flag for the first time, one took his first win of the year while a traveling Late Model team stole the local show and a Modified ace took his first Modified Racing Series win since 2010.

The Foley Oil and Propane Late Models took down their first long distance race of 2022 with the Spring Board 100 and started a new tradition with the Wall’s Ford Platinum Series. Although a rough and tumble affair with the local stars battling hard against invading teams from across New Hampshire and Massachusetts, giving them everything they had to take the $1,500 top prize. In the end, the invaders held the high ground.

Although led to point by West Burke, Vermont’s Jesse Switser, who fought off constant barrages by fellow Foley Oil & Propane locals Kasey Beattie and Alby Ovitt, it was ACT Late Model Champion point leader Derek Gluchacki out of Dartmouth, Massachusetts that took charge. Just before the halfway point, the black and blue 03MA took the lead and never looked back. Gluchacki took his first WMMP win followed by Switser and Ovitt as all three now remain top of the Wall’s Ford Platinum Series point standings with round two, the New Hampshire Governor’s Cup 100 on July 23rd, circled on their calendars.   

The Modified Racing Series celebrated their 6th event at WMMP with the Milton CAT 100. 16-strong, some of the top Modified teams in Northern New England took up the $3,000 call leaving an all-time winner in Victory Lane. Although led from the onset by former NASCAR New Hampshire State Champion Brian Robie, just past the halfway point it was all Kirk Alexander. Alexander, who hasn’t seen MRS Victory Lane since 2010, finally reasserted his dominance and earned his 32nd Modified Racing Series victory. Brian Robie held on to finish second and Matt Kimball wrapped up the podium.

The Wells River Chevrolet Flying Tigers were led off pit road by longtime veteran Matt Potter out of Marshfield, Vermont. Potter held the early race lead, fending off challenges by Littleton’s Mike Clark, last week’s winner Shane Sicard and the Woodard father and son duo. Tanner, the younger, took charge on lap 20 and never returned it, even under constant harassment from Potter around him on all sides. Tanner Woodard took his first victory of 2022 followed by Potter and Sicard to round out their 35-lap feature.

The Woodsville Guaranty Strictly Stock Minis were led to the green flag by Littleton’s Jack Hayes after recovering from crippling mechanical problems that plagued his orange and black #09 two weeks ago. While he successfully led the way early, it was teammate Chris Moulton from Pepperal, Massachusetts that snuck by and stole the show. Moulton was elated in victory lane after taking down his first White Mountain win, he was followed by hometown duo Tyler Thompson and Donnie Baumgardner for second and third, respectively.

Even the Dad’s 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Division was full of slam bang action. In their 15-lap feature, the youngsters proved their prowess with Groveton’s Connor Charbonneau taking the early lead. Throughout the final five laps, multi-time winner McKenna Merchant went from stalking the freshman Charbonneau to battling him hard on the outside but ultimately Connor took the checkered flag in only his second start. Fellow veteran Logan Farnsworth followed Merchant’s second place to complete the podium.

White Mountain Motorsports Park continues the 2022 season next Saturday, June 11thwith the 47th ACT Late Model Tour Spring Green presented by Caron Fabrication. A full card of racing will also include the Wells River Chevrolet Flying Tigers, Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stock Minis and Wayne’s Market Dwarf Cars. Full schedule and more information will be released in the coming days. 

For more information, contact the White Mountain Motorsports Park offices at (802) 244-6963, [email protected], or visit You can also follow us on Facebook at @WhiteMtnMotorsports.

For more on the Modified Racing Series, visit for their 2022 schedule and further contact information. 

White Mountain Motorsports Park – N. Woodstock, NH

Wall’s Ford Spring Board 100 with the Modified Racing Series

June 4th, 2022

Unofficial Results

Foley Oil & Propane Late Models – Wall’s Ford Platinum Series Spring Board 100

1          03MA  Derek Gluchacki          North Dartmouth, MA

2          25NH   Jesse Switser               West Burke, VT

3          35NH   Alby Ovitt                    St. Johnsbury, VT

4          78NH   Quinten Welch            Groveton, NH

5          45NH   Kasey Beattie              St. Johnsbury, VT

6          07NH   Mark Patten                Belmont, NH

7          64NH   Tyler Chase                 Plaistow, NH

8          27NH   #Cam Huntress            Rochester, NH

9          99NH   Ben Belanger              Whitefield, NH

10        41NH   Jon Savage                  Whitefield, NH

11        49NH   Matt Anderson            Franklin, NH

12        55QC   William Larue             Quebec, Canada

13        42NH   Mike Jurkowski            Claremont, NH

14        21VT    Reilly Lanphear           Waterbury, VT

15        83VT    Stacy Cahoon              St. Johnsbury, VT

16        04NH   Shawn Swallow           Groveton, NH

17        61NH   Ryan Olsen                  N. Haverhill, NH

18        32VT    #Ryan Ware                E. Burke, VT

19        77NH   Bryan Wall, Jr.             E. Kingston, NH

20        22NH   Jeff Marshall               Littleton, NH

21        39VT    Mike Foster                 Williston, VT

22        57NH   David LaBrecque         Thornton, NH

Modified Racing Series Milton CAT 100

1.         76        Kirk Alexander

2.         25NH   Brian Robie

3.         50K      Matt Kimball

4.         50        Carl Medeiros

5.         2          Anthony Bello

6.         27MA  Kevin Iannarelli

7.         25        Russ Hersey

8.         17        Donnie Lashua

9.         66        Andy Shaw

10.       02        Mike Collins

11.       27        Derek Robie

12.       11CT    Dylan Izzo

13.       31        Andrew Charron

14.       47        Jacob Perry

15.       33        Bill Dixon

16.       55        Ryan Doucette

Wells River Chevrolet Flying Tigers Feature

1          55NH   Tanner Woodard         Waterbury Ctr., VT

2          23VT    Matthew Potter          Marshfield, VT

3          4NH     Shane Sicard               Barton, VT

4          68VT    Jason Woodard           Waterbury Ctr., VT

5          15NH   Joey Laquerre             E. Montpelier, VT

6          18VT    #Kaiden Fisher             Shelburne, VT

7          49NH   Jody Sicard                  Gilmanton, NH

8          37NH   Kaleb Rogers               Glover, VT

9          22NH   #Chandler Potter         Plainfield, VT

10        2VT      Michael Clark              Littleton, NH

11        60NH   #Thomas Smithers VI  Gilmanton, NH

12        4ME     Cooper French             Northfield, VT

13        22VT    Travis Patnoe              Wolcott, VT

14        37VT    Kyle Streeter               Waterbury Ctr., VT

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stocks Minis
1.         15        Chris Moulton             Pepperal, MA

2.         51        Tyler Thompson          Lincoln, NH

3.         4          Donnie Baumgardner N. Woodstock, NH

4.         09        Jack Hayes                   Littleton, NH

5.         1          Scott Senecal              Lisbon, NH

6.         22        Brendan Clark             Dalton, NH

7.         57        Todd Derrington         Littleton, NH

8.         16NH   Kristian Switser           Waterford, VT

9.         16        Adam Sicard                Barton, VT

10.       92        Jason Goodboul, Jr.     Lincoln, NH

11.       14        Jillian Baumgardner    N. Woodstock, NH

12.       19        Dave Driscoll               N. Woodstock, NH

13.       17        Les Washburn             Bethlehem, NH

Dads 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Division

1.         6          Connor Charbonneau  Groveton, NH

2.         99        McKenna Merchant    Waterford, VT

3.         22        Logan Farnsworth       St.Johnsbury, VT

4.         01        Austin Sicard               Gilmanton, NH

5.         90        Kyle Goodbout             Lincoln, NH

6.         32        Kylee Potter                Marshfield, VT

7.         4          Bentley Robbin            Bradford, VT

8.         18x      Walker Fitch                Marshfield, VT


  1. Oh man what a blood bath that Late Model race was but when they weren’t wrecking there was some pretty good side by side racing and a big field. Gluchacki… name to say, easy to remember and usually fast.
    Will never get used to those little children climbing out of the Strictly Stock Mini’s. Bless their little souls they can barely rub two words together except when it’s time to thank their sponsors when they recite what they’ve practiced. The heck with Kart’s up north they put the kids in real cars and make them part of the show.
    Kirk Alexander. How long have we heard his name called, the announcer inevitably mentions his stellar record of long ago then he comes in way down the finishing order? That was kind of a big deal seeing him at the front and so dominant was it not compliments of LFR. Combining that with the 5th at Thunder Road against stiffer competition 2022 looks to be a break out year for the 76.
    Nice race all in all. The MRS came to be as a northern tier modified series. They branched out, now are retreating because things change but they’re still relevant. Thanks to streaming they get the exposure they richly deserve and we all get to know them better.
    Really like the new announcer. More energy and a snappy delivery.

  2. Rafter fan says

    I don’t think the Casella 25 ran the MRS race? That car has been loyal to MRS in recent years.

  3. wmass01013 says

    Rafter, Russ Hersey ran the Casella 25 at White Mountain

  4. Rafter fan says

    amass 01013 – thanks for the info. Willams and Swanson were not available?

  5. Suitcase Jake says

    WOW ….Gluchacki is on a ROLL ..!!! The Northeast is seeing what Southeastern Ma fans already KNEW ,…. This kid is FAST in everything HE sits in …. Wins at Thompson .. Wins at Beautiful White Mountain… The Backdrop of the Mountains is just incredible… with talented Lessard as the Crew Chief there is no telling how many WINS he will have in the 22 season. . Leading the ACT points for a MA driver is unheard of in these parts….Steady , smart with… just the right amount of aggression … perfect formula for a Race Car Driver. His BIG WIN at NHIS he showed all his skills…. The Kid from Dartmouth Ma is really turning heads….Legends to Late Models & some Super Late Model & Pro Stock races in the 48 Lindblad Car he is getting plenty of laps under his belt at a young age… Keep an eye on this one…. Big things in his future… Sky’s the Limit….Bullrings to Big Tracks he seems to excel at each venue ….He joins Ryan Kuhn, Jake Johnson & Mike Christopher & Ronnie Williams as ones to watch if they can find there way from the Northeast to the big time down South …

  6. Suitcase- a lot of good talent in SE Mass, the question is that Giovanni Ruggerio from Seekonk is choosing to run a Pro Late Model down south and yet no races in NE!?!? People realize the 2020 Snow Flake 100 champ is a SE kid and Seekonk runner? Do these people think that there is no talent here in New England???

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