RaceDayCT Poll: Do You Think Sean Foster Would Make A Good GM At The Speedbowl?

Multiple sources have confirmed that former racer Sean Foster is a candidate to fill the vacant general manager’s position at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

So what would you think of that? Do you think Sean Foster would be a good general manager at the Speedbowl? Give your answer below.

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Do You Think Sean Foster Would Be A Good General Manager At The Speedbowl?
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  1. James Scott says

    I do think Foster would make A good GM however I don’t think he would put up with it to long. Whoever does that job has to be in total charge with the day to day.

  2. You all seem to forget… the General Manager is a fake position, it is a puppet position. The owner can’t show his face around his own track anymore, so he has to use a proxy, or stool pigeon.

    There should be a poll on how long this tool will last.

  3. He can only be as good as how much money he can spend.

    Why do you think there are so many PAST General Managers in just a couple years????

  4. Don super says

    Anybody who can put up with being micro managed would work

  5. At this point, a bottle cap would be an excellent General Manager.

  6. Viva race fan says

    candidate ? Anything Confirmed ?

  7. Viva,
    You’ve been coming on this site literally for years continually questioning the reporting that is published here. If you don’t believe the validity of this story – or so many other stories you’ve questioned the validity of that ultimately proved to be factual – why do you keep coming here and reading? Wait, I know the answer to that question. It’s because you want to be the troll continually seeding doubt about what’s published here even though you can never point to anything you question as ultimately being untrue. Yes, I understand your goal here is to keep coming here over and over and over and over again and keep creating the perception that what I’m reporting is false as your own little personal crusade of gaslighting all of my work. And you know what, for years I’ve given you your little stage here as the king of the Speedbowl trolls to regularly spin your little weaves of doubt of everything I publish. I’ve been covering motorsports in Connecticut for 28 years and quite honestly, it’s people like you who make me question way too often lately how long I really want to continue doing this. People like you make this sport miserable. People like you are ruining short track racing. People like you are why every year for the last five years there have been fewer and fewer competitors at the Speedbowl and fewer and fewer fans at the Speedbowl. It’s people like you who will come on here and say 600 people in the grandstands was a “packed house”, because you live in some strange alternate universe where you believe acting like the problems that exist aren’t really there somehow will make the problems go away. Keep on living in your little fantasy land. It’s a sad existance that you live.

  8. Viva race fan is wondering who his next boss will be.

  9. Longtimefan says

    As long as he remembers the GM is General manager, NOT race director… Promoters, and track GM’s do not make any calls on the race… as long as he remembers that, and concentrates on managing the facility, promoting the place, and communication, and advertising, he will do Great!

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