RaceDayCT Poll: Where Will Ryan Newman Finish Friday At Stafford Speedway?

Before competing in the SRX Series event Saturday at Stafford Speedway, former NASCAR Cup Series regular Ryan Newman will run in the GAF Open Modified 80 Friday at Stafford.

Today’s poll question asks, where will Ryan Newman finish in Friday’s event? Vote below.

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Where Will Ryan Newman Finish At Stafford Speedway Friday?
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  1. Stafford 80 Open Modified Forum Pick 6 says

    Stafford 80 Open Modified Forum Pick 6

    Forum Pick 6 Rules
    First Place………0 points
    Second Place….2 points
    Third Place……..3 points
    Fourth through the final finisher assigned points equal to their finishing position.
    “Mulligan”-Worst finish (aka highest score) dropped from scoring leaving your 5 best counting toward your final score.
    Any car that doesn’t show, has an equipment failure or otherwise doesn’t make the feature to be assigned a score equal to the number of feature starters plus one and can be dropped via the mulligan.
    Lowest point total wins.
    Tie breaker- All six picks scored.

    Entry List

    01 Artie Pederson
    02 Jimmy Blewett
    1 Patrick Emerling
    4ma Jeff Gallup
    4nh Tommy Barrett
    5ct Chris Pasteryak
    6 Matt Galko
    9ct Chase Dowling
    11 Cory DiMatteo
    11ct Dillon Izzo
    19 Anthony Bello
    21 Tyler Barry
    33 Austin Bassette
    34 Dave Etheridge
    35 Andrew Moeller
    40 Ryan Preece
    48 Marcello Rufrano
    50 Ronnie Williams
    52 Mark Bakaj
    53 Ryan Newman
    55b Robert Bloxsom
    76 Jacob Perry
    57 Keith Rocco
    58 Eric Goodale
    77 Matt Gallo
    81 Todd Owen
    81ma Dave Salzarulo
    88 Woody Pitkat
    93 Sal Accardi

    Doug….57- 50-88-40-58-02

  2. Paulrose says

    Well if he dose not cheat like he did in the WMT a few years ago. He shuld finish behind Ryan Preece. lol

  3. Fast Eddie says

    88, 9ct, 50, 40, 5ct, 53

  4. Suitcase Jake says

    Stafford Springs Open 80 >>>>> HAVE FUN = BE HAPPY >>>>>>>>>>>
    1. Ryan Preece 40
    2. Chase Dowling 9ct
    3. Woody Pickat 88
    4. Eric Goodale 58
    5. Ronnie Williams 50
    6. Jimmy Blewett 02

  5. 40, 9ct, 50,53,88, 57

  6. Here are my picks


  7. Stafford 80 Open Modified Forum Picks Update says

    Stafford 80 Open Modified Forum Pick 6

    Doug….57- 50-88-40-58-02
    Eddie…88, 9ct, 50, 40, 5ct, 53
    B city…40, 9ct, 50,53,88, 57
    Ken L…40-9ct-50-57-88-81

  8. Carl … 9-40-88-57-50-58

  9. Bobf picks;


    Thanks Doug!

  10. 58 9ct 50 88 57 40

  11. 🍸🍸🍸 Liz Cherokee 🍸🍸🍸 says

    40, 9, 53, 50, 81, 5ct

    Bottoms up boys! 🍹🥃🍺🍸🍻 🧨🧨🧨

  12. wmass01013 says

    58 9ct 88 50 57 40

  13. Stafford 80 Open Modified Forum Pick 6 Update says

    Stafford 80 Open Modified Forum Pick 6

    Doug….57- 50-88-40-58-02
    Eddie…88, 9ct, 50, 40, 5ct, 53
    B city…40, 9ct, 50,53,88, 57
    Ken L…40-9ct-50-57-88-81
    Carl … 9-40-88-57-50-58
    AIJ….58 9ct 50 88 57 40
    Liz C..40, 9, 53, 50, 81, 5ct
    wmass..58 9ct 88 50 57 40

    Notable last minute.
    – Nocella 92, Dana DiMatteo, Teddy Hodgdon
    -Coby is practicing in the 33ct

  14. Rafter fan says

    9, 88, 50, 57, 40, 58

    Where’s the 7ny and Casella’s 25?

  15. Doug;
    As i always pick nocella to show, i think bad karma to change picks.
    But, i did want to ask you, coby. Who is he practicing for in the 33? Thank you.

  16. I can do “what if”.
    If you Bobf had picked Nocella in a last minute bid in place of the 1 your score would have tied you with Fast Eddie for third at 23 since Blewett would have been dropped as the Mulligan instead of the 1. Fast Eddie stays on the podium however since his Mulligan beats yours.
    I was concerned with this Pick 6 seeing so many entrants looking a lot alike. The system worked however as Suitcase Jake’s clinker of Blewett just barely beats the other 4 tied for first who picked the no show Rocco.
    Fast Eddie, the only one to pick the winner and had the best score by far including all 6 picks is the podium winner that lost the most coming in third based on the “Mulligan” he contributed to the Pick 6 rule. A critical rule by the way so chalk it up the “that’s racing”.
    The 33ct was a throwback car honoring Wade Cole, apparently practiced by Doug Coby but driven by Austin Bessette.


    A certain symmetry between Cole and Bessette for sure. Cole the guy whose main claim to fame in the NWMT was showing up for races over many years and beating Fifield at the end. Bessette near as I can figure not ready at all for the tour modified level with his time not remotely close to the level Coby got the car to and the worst in the feature by far.
    Tell you what I learned as a participant in picking races. Pay attention. Leaving out Dowling at Stafford was a blunder but the biggest was picking both Rocco and Blewett and here’s the reason why. Rocco’s participation has been sketchy in Stafford opens and Blewett can be fast but it not the most reliable guy in finishing races. It’s better to pick drivers with a history of showing up and finishing. Trying to pick a rabbit out of a hat is hard enough. When you try to pick two out more times then not gets you low score so lesson learned.

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