RaceDayCT Poll: Your Opinion On Penalty To Ron Silk In Bud Light Open 80 At Stafford?

Friday at Stafford Speedway during the Bud Light Open 80 second place running Ron Silk was penalized on lap 68 for an incident between himself and leader Ronnie Williams. Woody Pitkat went on to win the event.

So what did you think of the call? Check the video above (at about the 20 second mark) and tell us, was it a good call or a bad call to penalize Ron Silk? Vote below.

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Your Opinion On Penalty To Ron Silk In Bud Light Open 80 At Stafford?
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  1. Those who say it’s a bad call would’ve been outraged by a no call….

  2. I Am Not Even Sure If He Hit Him.

  3. He must of agreed with the call he didn’t stop at start finish line get out of car and flip everyone off, even if he didn’t agree your not going to see Ron Silk do anything close to that , he has way more class than that

  4. It must be discouraging for Mr. Courchesne to get specific information on a topic that was a little hazy after the race and it gets ignored.
    Twice contributors have questioned contact between the 16 and 50.

    Ron Silk:
    “I definitely did make contact with the back of him. It was unavoidable. I cost myself winning the race bumping into him. It wasn’t intentional.”

    How can you make it any ore crystal clear then that?
    The poll results even more baffling.

  5. I Guess He Did Hit Him (My Mistake) I Can’t Believe He Did It Intentionally.

  6. C’mon, TC used to do that all the time… ALL THE TIME. What’s the problem now???? TC’s fans used to go wild when he did that move. TC moved cars out of the way ALL THE TIME. You all remember the three-tap rule? Why can’t anybody else do that?

  7. rule is in place to support a cleaner more caution free race.. with this i agree.. Silk has stated that call of officials was “consistent”.. that’s racing..

  8. Fast Eddie says

    Williams was aleady starting to spin before silk hit him. Wiliams ran out of tire a few laps before and was sliding a littke in the corners . When he started to spin, of course the car slowed and silk had no room or time to avoid him. It was a racing deal, too bad the officials did not see it that way

  9. Rafter fan says

    It would be interesting to see a replay from the turn 1 camera position. I don’t believe Stafford has shown a replay from that angle. Perhaps that camera was focused elsewhere(?).

  10. Capt. Mike Qbvious says

    It was 100% the right call. Maybe Silk didn’t mean to hit Williams, but he still hit him. (And he admitted as such afterwards.) Trying to make decisions based on “intent” or another judgement-related reason is a dangerously slippery slope for race officials, which is why so many tracks and series have black-and-white rules about these situations. Once in a while it might seem like a driver gets a raw deal because of said black-and-white rule, but overall, it’s far better than a race official having to try and interpret every single incident on the fly.

  11. It’s a tough one. Make the call, and you piss people off. Don’t make the call and you piss people off. It’s a no win situation. Silk, himself, took blame, which tells me they made the right call. In years past the officials were called out for showing favoritism, and there were some drivers who could do no wrong. They also had no consistently in their calls. It’s refreshing to see that they stay consistent and it appears there is no favoritism.

  12. Stuart A Fearn says

    Silk owned up to it, stand up guy. Didn’t see that until just now. Too bad for both Williams and Silk, especially 50 car because he got spun out of the lead.
    Tapley has been proven right apparently

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