Ronnie Williams Tops SK Mods At Stafford; Bryan Narducci Rebounds From DQ With Second Place Run

Ronnie Williams celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – The 2021 season at Stafford Speedway went far in proving the depth of talent and level of balanced competition that exists in the track’s premier SK Modified division.

The SK Modified division featured 10 different winners over 20 events in 2021.

And 2022 is looking like a season that will keep trending forward with those kind of numbers.

Ronnie Williams held Bryan Narducci at bay over the closing laps to win the 40-lap SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford.

It was the first SK Modified victory of the season at Stafford for the two-time division champion.

“In practice I kind of knew we had something,” Williams said. “Obviously it showed. [Narducci] has been one of the fastest cars all season and to I think pull away from him in the last 10 laps was pretty cool. Hopefully we can keep this up. Usually we start getting good in the summer months. It’s definitely good to be back in the SK [Modified] winning.”

Williams became the sixth different winner in seven SK Modified events this year at Stafford. Stephen Kopcik is the only driver with two victories. Other winners include Narducci, Todd Owen, Cory DiMatteo and David Arute.

Narducci, of Colchester, had a redemptive second place finish. Narducci has been the most consistent driver of the season at Stafford. After last Friday he had a win, three second place finishes, a third and a fifth in the first six events of the season. But last Friday’s second place finish ended up scratched from Narducci’s record after his team was disqualified for an illegal transmission.

The penalty didn’t slow Narducci though as he fought to a second place finish.

“It was really good to bring home a podium and show everybody that it wasn’t the transmission that made us fast,” Narducci said. “It’s all the hard work in the shop. Thanks to [crew chief] JJ Vece and everybody that makes this happen.”

Michael Gervais Jr. of Southbury was third.

The race struggled to get going with at least 10 cars involved in a crash in turn one on the first lap.

On the second attempt to start the race, leader Tyler Hines wrecked to bring out the second caution on lap two. The next attempt at a restart was slowed by another wreck at the back of the field.

The fourth caution of the event flew on lap five.

On the lap five restart it was Gervais getting by Dan Wesson for the top spot off turn two, but Wesson fought back to the lead through turns three and four.

On lap eight Gervais got by Wesson to go back to the front of off turn turn four. Behind the battle for the lead Narducci had moved up to fourth.

On lap 9 Wesson once again moved to the front, taking Willliams to third. A lap later it was Williams moving past Wesson for the lead while Narducci moved to third.

On lap 14 Narducci found a way under Wesson off of turn four to take over second. By then Williams had opened about a half second lead over the field.


  1. Congrats to Ronnie, Adam, Les and the whole #50 team. Great job, predict more wins to come.

  2. Maybe starting 29 cars was a little too much. I must say, they kept the show moving. They got through 14 heat races in a little over an hour. Features moving along at a good pace. Just the SK demo derby at the beginning delayed a few things. Surprised that there were no consi’s in the SK’s with 14 “non” qualified cars

  3. wmass01013 says

    If your Starting alllllllllllllll cars, why do you need a consi???????????

  4. Who passed the most cars? While that would be Cory DiMatteo, 13 to be exact to come in a stealthy but impressive 7th. The camera doing a banner job showing the Rocco/DiMatteo battle that was spirited yet well driven. What must Rocco be thinking. Starts 5th, normally win territory for him and fades to 8th. He in his new TA4 with the new paint scheme getting passed by the familiar looking 11 car. The old Raceworks deal that in the past was normally a speed bump for him. Cruel mistress this sport of motorsport’s is it not?
    The second most cars passed would be Narducci, no surprise there. Or was it given the transmission dust up? I checked it. Uncle Jeff not mentioned at all in victory land this year as some of us thought. That is up until last night when he was mentioned for supplying a flawlessly performing legal replacement. He builds those masterpieces in the back of the simple Pearl shop where Alexander’s SK Light calls home and Grandpa Jerry still works on his projects as well.
    I’d say act one post DQ goes to Petty Cash. The team that despite an inspection setback, that in a time of having to budget a tire inventory never seems to have worn tires. Or do they?. Last night couldn’t make headway on the 50 so maybe their tires were fading. Or could the change in transmission have had an affect after all? Let’s put a pin in that one as we get to see the car twice next weekend in two nights where big time drivers and network TV comes to town.
    Can’t say the crew chief, emerging as a story of his own identified by Dodge simply as JJ, has the car on rails because Narducci is darting all over like a water bug. Is there such a thing as a water bug on rails? Oh well opportunity post funked up tranny goes unquestionably to Petty Cash. I’m visualizing TickMike striking a Nick Anglace like pose giving all we naysayer’s a simple gesture expressing his feelings post race.

  5. Hillary 2024 says

    Oh look, 2nd place for Narducci. Never seen that coming…..

  6. Fast Eddie says

    To paraphrase from the Blazing Saddles movie, “Illegal transmission? We don’t need no stinking illegal transmission!” Great job by Narducci and team!!

  7. Rob P. That’s my point. Hold 2 consi’s and send 3 or 5 guy’s home.

  8. Stuart A Fearn says

    Just to pass along a little inside info, JJ Vece did share with me last night that last week he lost one pound and got a harsh penalty so he’s all done with losing weight!
    JJ definitely a good sport about the ribbing all week I’m sure and last night at the track. Looks like the Tick Mike team has put that behind them

  9. Stuart A Fearn says

    The issue with the consi’s is that the SK heats were last in the order. They always finish all qualifying, including the consi’s, then start features. This left zero space between the SK heats and when the last chance hooligan race (consi) would be. Perhaps the order could have been swapped to run the Street Stock heat last and afford a little time there in between but that’s fine.
    Starting all the guys that showed up is not a bad thing either.

  10. wmass01013 says

    OK hold 2 consi’s and send 3-5 guys home?
    1st i know all love heats and consi’s but they only matter when something at stake or you get guys just riding around, see 58 in last open show, 2nd when in 2022 all series and tracks are struggling to get full fields, now you want to send guys home without running the feature? So they go to another track? whats the point??

  11. All Seeing says

    Ronnie’s this Narducci that. Waiting if rufrano to slap everyone in the face with a win, i betcha the crowd will cheer loud and proud over those two clowns.

  12. Doug…. Speed bump….? Thanks a lot pal !!

  13. So the John Hummel owned, Hummel Brothers Hot Dogs, Island Cove Yacht Sales #11 gets an impressive win a week ago Friday. After looking closer to the results made a point to mention another banner effort by the 11 passing the most cars and what got noticed? The speedbump metaphor you’d need a microscope to pick out. A metaphor based on fact by the way.
    Hmmm, just looking at the marketing partners and I’m thinking something is missing. Something that goes with beer. RaceDayCt has the beer but you know what it doesn’t have? That’s right the great American hot dog and what is more American then Hummel Brothers Hot Dogs.
    Sure would be nice to have Hummel Brothers Hot Dogs over in the margin preferably right next to Broadbrook Brewery. Break out year for the 11 and a premium hot dog on our minds when reading RaceDayCt to break out…..
    Give it some thought.

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