Sources: Sean Foster A Candidate For GM Role At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Sean Foster

Multiple sources close to the New London-Waterford Speedbowl have confirmed that longtime local racer Sean Foster is a candidate to fill the vacant general manager’s position at the shoreline oval.

Foster was not immediately available for comment on Sunday morning.

Foster was in attendance roaming the pit area on Saturday night at the track. Foster has long indicated to many that he has a desire to serve in an operational management capacity with a short track facility.

Foster won 10 races over two seasons from 2006 to 2008 in the Limited Late Model division at Stafford Speedway. He was the 2007 Limited Late Model champion at Stafford. He also has one SK Modified victory at Stafford, coming in 2012.

Away from competition, Foster has built a strong following locally through video production efforts and his former Short Track Racer website.

Mike Marfeo, who was named general manager of the Speedbowl prior to the 2020 season, quit the position during a driver’s meeting at the Speedbowl on June 18.


  1. Mark Andrews says

    Now I’m truly confused.Since purchasing the Track Mr Beamer has been through a Number of “General Managers”There is obviously a pattern here which no one wishes to being up.Mr Beamer bought the Track so he could own a Race Track.Its an Asset,A thing that he wanted like a Helicopter or a Classic Car.After seeing the goings on over the past years it’s apparent to me that as long as the Track is self supporting,There is no desire at all to Move forward with Scoring Tower,Concessions or Any more improvements.He,Beamer,Appears to be happy with His Track exactly as is.Is this unfortunate? Maybe,Does anyone out there in internet world realize or truly want to admit how we arrived here?If Terry Eames had not gone into Foreclosure this conversation would not be happening.The reasons for that no longer matter.At the Auction there were only I belive,Three registered bidders.It was clear from the start that Beamer was going to buy the place that day no matter what the cost.And of course he bought it.Then Quickly Announced it would remain a Race Track.Just by reading,Watching and Listening to Past Employees of the place,It’s clear that any Fresh Ideas,Money Generating Events, Improvements,Virtually any actions ,Well intended or not,To bring the track forward or to improve chances of it flourishing long term have fallen on deaf ears(Beamers).Yet still the Competitors,Fans keep coming.I wish I could explain this man’s logic.I cannot.It saddens me that even with the improvements being done,That it appears until there is new ownership,The revolving door of Promotors,Managers will continue.My understanding is that if you look at the List of Previous People in these positions were asked to work for virtually Minimum wage and took the Job simply for the love of the place and the hope that it would flourish and grow.Again,it would not matter who you plug in the position,They are Set up for failure from the start.Mr Beamer has several successful businesses.He inherited the Propane Business from Family.Perhaps he’s stuck in a mode of,Well,We are doing ok here,Paying the bills and everyone is paid and in making X amount a year and he’s content with that and that’s his mentality.That mentality will not work in a Racing,Entertainment Genre.The dynamics,Competition,etc are constantly changing.And without the ability to spend some money to get a True General Manager Promotor in there and Finish the Improvements that were started,We will have to settle for the status quo.JMO

  2. Thisa Isafouru says

    Sometimes I believe this RaceDayCT guy should by a fishing hauler……..ya’al know that this minor commentary buys him his milk and bread…right? Nothing personnal on the Foster front but….do you really think the resume fits the open position? Think about it.

  3. Thisa Isafouru,
    You seem to be inferring that what I publish isn’t true, or just fishing expeditions. So I’ll throw a little challenge out to you. Everything ever published on this site is archived and available to you and everyone else. So here’s my challenge to you, you go get links to all the other things I’ve published on here that have turned out to be untrue or were not factual. Ok, go … Also, I don’t drink milk or eat bread.

  4. Hillary 2024 says

    Didn’t Foster work with Tom Fox at the speedbowl a few years ago? Makes perfect sense he’d be interested in running the place. Don’t know who’s in charge currently but from a fans perspective, the show ran smoothly Saturday.

  5. Gerry Moses says

    Mark Andrew you make good points but I hardly see where fans or competitors are flocking to the place. They have been getting less than 15 cars in pretty much every division and last night I see they had 13 modifieds. Not good. They charge more to get in to a regular show than Stafford with less than half the cars in the pits. From what I hear the stands are pretty much empty. Sean Foster is an intelligent guy but I hope he doesn’t jump at the chance just because the opportunity exists. Perception is reality to many and there may be other and much better opportunities somewhere else in the future and I wouldn’t want to see his name clouded because of his involvement with the Speedbowl. Y’all miss Eames yet? I would if I were you.

  6. Sean Foster, he’s a good guy isn’t he? Did the extensive work on the state of racing several years ago and suggestions to help save it. It was groundbreaking at the time.
    Web site turned into a bust as far as I could see but it only proved why we need to appreciate RaceDayCt. It’s hard, really hard creating and managing a racing site.
    That said isn’t Sean Foster a guy looking for a niche in local racing? Kind of groping around you could say to find a thing to get himself established as a player in the local racing scene.
    What better place then the Speedbowl. Pretty clear no qualified person will do the job and there are the trail of failures kicked to the curb. What’s to lose with a light resume and experience to be had. Well except the stigma of Bemer plus failure but lets think positive.
    It’s Bemer, not Beamer. Big yellow sign…….”Bemer’s”.
    A couple weeks ago a contributor here was talking about how the Speedbowl offered the best racing in Connecticut. I agree all things being equal. But good management and commitment to the racers and fans counts so in the end it’s not even a fair fight. Thinking outside the box counts. There’s a reason Stafford had 100 cars plus and the Speedbowl mid 60’s and it wasn’t the fireworks or Street Stock big event.
    Have you heard? Somehow the ownership of Stafford got SRX and CBS to some to their track. Not once but twice. Could have been Waterford with the right owner.
    It’s the millstone, albatross whatever you want to call him owning the shoreline oval.
    Good luck Sean Foster you’re going to need it.

  7. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  8. The good news is we ct car owners, drivers and fans have a place to race, practice and watch other than Friday night… I wish Sean and the rest of the Waterford crew great success.

  9. I love the bowl, been going regularly for about 22 years now. I know I am still a rookie compared to most fans. Saturday was hot and the car count was maybe the worst I have ever seen? SRX and Sailfest next 2 Saturdays. Maybe take a few weeks off after that. Hope car count improve. Most folks in stands seemed to be with a team, or family.
    Vintage Mods 3
    Legends 8
    SK’s 13 (1 car had no business starting)
    Trucks 13
    Late Model 12
    Street Stock 10
    Mini 10

  10. You can not count vintage mods as a division when you are discussing car counts. (even these retired guys have decided that racing a vintage mod is too expensive today) Current economic issues have a lot to do with lower car counts – ask Mike Christopher Jr why they don’t race twice a week anymore…each competitor and fan spend too much money on Friday or other things to afford another night out. Hopefully the economy turns around soon and 2023 is better for all of us.

  11. polish NOT poland says

    LOL yeah the three vintage mods put them over the top on car counts !! perhaps they are saving a little money on the purse??? losing at the gate… easy pickings with a low car count …waterford is here to stay or so it seems … car counts and attendance be damned.. a racer might fix what ails the competitors but WONT fix the front of the house OR the stain that present ownership brings …no matter how much they polish up the beloved bowl….still a better show than Thompson that’s on life support. Stafford continues to set the standard except when it comes to racing with the exception being how they treat long term employees!!

  12. Good luck Mr. Foster. i seem to remember he thought he had some good ideas on how to fix short track racing a few years back. It will be nice to see them implemented at the Bowl. Personally, I would like to see the bowl successful. You just don’t see too many new tracks being opened these days. It is a shame to see a racetrack close. We lost Beechrigde recently and this economy is probably going to take a few more down this year or next. I hope that prediction is wrong.

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