Andrew Molleur Tops SK Modifieds At New London-Waterford Speedbowl 

Andrew Molleur celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Saturday at the New London-Wateford Speedbowl (Photo: Mitch Bombard/TK Race Photos)

Andrew Molleur Tops SK Modifieds At New London-Waterford Speedbowl 

Going to victory lane on a regular basis is a treat for any driver. 

Getting to visit victory lane multiple times with different types of cars just make it that much sweeter. 

Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl Andrew Molleur got that chance to get a taste of that sweetness. 

Molleur, who already has two Late Model victories at the Speedbowl this year, was victorious in the 35-lap SK Modified feature Saturday at the shoreline oval. 

It was the sixth career SK Modified victory at the Speedbowl for Molleur, of Shelton. He had one win in 2020 and four last season. 

Todd Owen of Somers was second and Anthony Flannery third. 

Jason Palmer scored victory in the 30-lap Late Model feature. 

Ray Christian III of Uncasville was second and Molleur third. 

Isaiah Newcomb topped the field in the 25-lap SK Light Modified feature.

Nick Hovey of Chaplin was second and Matt Brewer of Norwich third. 

Aaron Plemons of Uncasville won the 25-lap Street Stock feature. 

Shawn Gaedeke of Groton was second and Al Stone III of Durham third. 

Charles Canfield of East Haven led the way in the 25-lap Mini Stock feature. 

Chris Garside of Groton was second and Jesse Oloski of Salem third. 

Newcomb (20 lapper), Brody Monahan (20 lapper) of Waterford and Zachary Martinez (10 lapper) of North Kingstown, R.I. each won Legends features. 


  1. Bring the dam car to Stafford

  2. I Wanna Play says

    Went last night. Smaller car counts but very good racing with the cars there. No wasted yellows on back markers messing up a goof battle for lead ect.
    The 17 , 93 and 35 late model was hard not pulling for both drivers.
    The 35 and 81 in SK’s l was waiting for Owen to get up on 35 and get his chance and when it did it was clean and fun to see 35 win. Not sure who won the the 20,20,10 over all ?
    Talking up the Tri Track on PA.
    100% Beer Cart was talked about.
    Good job Sean on moving track fwd.
    I’ll have to go back for that race in 2 weeks

  3. @I Wanna Play says — I agree 100%, I took a few weeks off due to the overall low cars count and suck factor, Enjoyed Sailfest, But I was pleasantly surprised last night, good racing and the crowd was into it. Cant wait for the Tri-Track

  4. Longtimefan says

    Due to the terrible economy, and recession, there are ALOT of teams running only part time schedules, in Every division. So during the mid summer heatwaves, it’s fully expected to have lower car counts, across the board. Ironically sailfest weekend was one of the largest crowds at the bowl this year (racing is more popular than fireworks, cover bands, and fried dough…) Despite the heat, and expected car counts, last night’s show had great racing, as always Waterford has the best passing, and most competitive racing in New England.

  5. Got me again. It’s pretty clear there’s a lot of self serving messaging going on here that one would guess is predictable but I can’t help myself when misinformation is afoot.
    Are we in a recession? Technically would could be by definition but that will be determined later on. What is true is the the US unemployment rate is sub 4%, Connecticut at about 4% and New London County a little higher at 4.3%. Pretty obvious that inflation is pressuring working class households especially but let’s not pretend that this is 2008 when the economy crashed for real with a lot of people out of work.
    Stafford 26 SK’s, Waterford 10. Stafford 18 Street Stocks, Waterford 8. Seekonk about 14 Late Models and Pro Stock roughly the same number they had last season in July.
    In order for the hard times theme to have real punch with regard to car counts it has to be universal across local tracks and as of now that’s obviously not the case.
    So who does have the best racing of the three track in Connecticut? I’d surely agree the Speedbowl is the best all things being equal. If somehow in an alternate universe Waterford could be like Stafford. With ownership dedicated to improving the track over generations. Professional, team oriented management with a family friendly atmosphere. Finding ways like FloRacing to provide extra money to the teams and exposure to sponsors of teams. Wide variety of food with all kinds of adult beverages to partake in and clean restrooms. And no creepy Bruce that’s a big one. Sure if Waterford could be all that they would be the best place to view racing in Connecticut for sure. But that’s not the case and that is in part why they get 10 SK’s and 8 Street Stocks on a beautiful night in mid summer. And no matter how good the 10 SK’s compete it’s just not the same as having between 25 and thirty every week with a fierce points battle raging.
    By all means enjoy the racing at your home track. Maybe consider dialing back the excuses for anemic car counts and the need to make the track the best in New England from a competitive standpoint. Taint so McGee.

  6. Awesome job Andrew. Looking forward to watching you race the Old Blue 3 in the tri track race. Keep up the good work.

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