Front Runner: Justin Bonsignore Scores Pole In Whelen Modified Tour Qualifying At NHMS 

Justin Bonsignore (Photo: Bryan Bennett/NASCAR)

The reigning champion will take the field to green on the division’s biggest stage Saturday. 

Three-time series champion Justin Bonsignore scored the pole in qualifying Friday for Saturday’s Whelen Manufactured in America 100 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. 

Bonsignore, of Holtsville, N.Y., toured the 1.058-mile oval with a fast lap of 29.125 seconds. 

Bonsignore’s lone career win at New Hampshire Motor Speedway came on Sept. 24, 2016. He’s finished second in the last two events for the series at the track and has top-seven finishes in his last seven starts in Loudon. 

Jon McKennedy of Chelmsford, Mass. was second fastest in qualifying at 29.306 seconds. Kyle Bonsignore of Bay Shore, N.Y. will start third after putting up a qualifying laps of 29.449 seconds. 

Doug Coby (29.466 seconds) of Milford and Anthony Nocella (29.503 seconds) of Woburn, Mass. rounded out the top-five respectively in qualifying. 

Eric Goodale, Ron Silk, Corey Lajoie, Austin Beers and Tyler Rypkeme rouned out sixth through 10th qualifying respectively for the 25-car field.

The Whelen Manufactured in America 100 is scheduled for 6 pm on Saturday. 

Full Qualifying Results From NHMS


  1. 25 cars? … ouch..

  2. wmass01013 says

    So Goldy, why is 25 cars OUCH? Have u not seen fuel prices? Supply shortages/Engine parts?, The Tri track series which used to always get 40 plus cars has had 25 ish all races this year, so again Why Ouch?

  3. I never understood peoples obsession over car counts. When people talk about great races it’s usually about battles for the lead not battles for 30th. Quality over quantity any day. I remember one of the first SBM 125s had a small car count and was considered a race of a year with a bunch of potential winners. If you don’t personally know or root for a driver; who is watching anything behind the top 10?

  4. Have I seen gas prices? Come on, we’re all friends here aren’t we?

    … so maybe because it’s Loudon.. and it’s still the big stage for the series.. and because there were 31 cars way the flip down in FLA to start the year and this is in the northeast – the heart of modified country.. traditionally NHMS has gotten 30+ cars and I’m used to seeing a full field of cars there.. just eye opening, that’s all.. and yes, I understand the car counts this year due to a variety of things, I would just think the bigger race brings out a larger field.. and if this is just a sign o the times, ok… competing series, teams can’t get the motor refreshed, need full crews… gas, what have you, but an overall healthy modified crop in this region resulting in 25 cars for a premier race on a cup weekend, just surprising..

    Shawn’s rant on the NHMS schedule (spot on btw), brings to light a few assumptions and expectations I totally get … and realities I get, even more. Fans aren’t coming out like they once were up there, seems the same can be said for the car counts..

  5. wmass01013 says

    So Goldy you dont think a trip to FLA in Feb. is a attraction to some teams?
    What makes this a bigger rave than Richmond? Martinsville? Thompson?
    between all series so far i would guess 20 plus mod races run so far and 30 more to go, again this is not 1985 where Evans, Kent, Cook, Spencer, Magic shoes, Hevereon, Worley and other run 50 plus races a yr

  6. Lia, Preece, Silk, Coby, Bonsignor, Santos, LaJoie plus a lot of other really good drivers in well funded cars. Clearly no prohibitive favorite. What’s it take to make everyone happy?
    Open the Unmuffled Rants at your own risk. You may have been thinking one thing and get a bucket of cold water splashed on it.
    What’s the big deal about a race at NHMS if it can’t draw flies? Races with well stocked bleachers like New Smyrna and Wall seem more in tune with what the sport is for in the first place. Apparently the drivers love a race at the big track so hopefully it can continue to find it’s way onto the schedule. It does get tedious every year hearing the same hyperbolic raves about the modifieds racing there vs the skepticism from the naysayers at the same time. All culminating in a great race in front of what looks to be very few humans.

  7. .. an “attraction”, no I don’t, unless you have planned a Speedweeks vacation and have a budget for that. I personally never liked the idea of New Smyrna on the tour schedule due to years of observation that money is tight for these teams and a haul like that to start the year is not in their best interest. Needless to say, I was equally surprised with that car count in FLA, given the historical noise about schedule, logistics and what is reasonable and fair to ask of teams. (I.e., financial burden)… let’s not forget your captain obvious point around gas prices…

    I’m well aware this isn’t ‘85 and more to my point; if your running a selective schedule and your a northeast based team, I would think that NHMS is on your schedule.

    .. for the record I’m not obsessed with car counts and I am happy with the quality of field, if there were 5 more cars I wouldn’t have even taken note..

    So wmass, you can go on, but I’m kinda done making my point…

  8. wmass01013 says

    Goldy, THE WMT teams run the WMT, the MRS teams run the MRS, the Tri track teams run Tri Track, the Roc teams run ROC, the Open teams are a combo of all series in selected ways, Stafford has the most because sk guys step Up, we all wish 40 plus teams showed up for alll races, just not gonna happen in 2022 for MOST races no matter the Track!!

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