Home Cooking: Jimmy Blewett Wins Whelen Mod Tour Jersey Shore 150 At Wall Stadium

Jimmy Blewett celebrates victory in the Whelen Modified Tour Jersey Shore 150 Saturday at Wall Stadium (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

It used to be when it came to action on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour it was a rarity to a driver who didn’t run the series full-time win an event.

In 2022 the tables have turned.

This year it’s a rarity to see a full-time competitor with the series win.

Coming into Saturday’s Jersey Shore 150 at Wall Stadium, five of the first seven events on the Whelen Modified Tour in 2022 had been won by drivers not competing full-time with the series.

And that trend continued Saturday at Wall Stadium.

Jimmy Blewett went to the lead on a late restart and drove away to win the Whelen Modifed Tour Jersey Shore 150 at Wall Stadium Saturday.

It was the fourth victory of the season for team owner Tommy Baldwin Jr. The Baldwin Racing team also had wins with Doug Coby at Riverhead (N.Y.) Raceway and Lee USA Speedway in Lee, N.H. and a win with Mike Christopher Jr. at Jennerstown (Pa.) Speedway.

“Tommy and his guys prepare such a great car,” said Blewett, who was making his third series start of the season. “He makes all the drivers that drive this thing look so good. It was just ride, bide our time, watching these guys burn it up so we had some stuff there at the end.”

It was the seventh career Whelen Modified Tour victory for Blewett, of Howell, N.J. His last series victory came on Aug. 5, 2016 at Stafford Speedway.

Blewett, a longtime competitor at Wall Stadium, smiled when he heard a mix of cheers and boos while from the crowd while he was in victory lane.

“Love it or hate it, we’re sitting here,” Blewett said.

Matt Hirschman of Northampton, Pa. was second and Patrick Emerling of Orchard Park, N.Y. was third.

Blewett dedicated the win to his grandfather.

“He always is my biggest supporter,” Blewett said. “He never ever doubts me. He just knows I need the right opportunity to get it done. … All the angels upstairs, I know you were watching over me tonight. This is going to be some celebration.”

Blewett became the fifth part-time competitor to win this year with the series joining Coby, Christopher, Hirschman and Kyle Soper on that list. Hirschman won the season opening event at New Smyrna (Fla.) Speedway on Feb. 12. Soper won in the division’s event at Riverhead on June 25.

Reigning series champion Justin Bonsignore is the only driver competing full-time with the series this year to win an event. Bonsignore won April 1 at Richmond (Va.) Raceway and at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. on June 19.

Andrew Krause and Ron Silk dominated at the front of the field for most of the event.

Blewet went from fourth to second on a lap 132 restart and the caution flew a lap later. On the ensuing restart on lap 138, Blewett was able to power by Krause from the low lane and then quickly leave the field behind.

Hirschman got by Krause for second on lap 143, with Emerling following to third, but Blewett was already long gone out front.

“It’s a great summer night,” Hirschman said. “The crowd was awesome tonight. This wasn’t on our schedule. I just knew there was going to be a great crowd here tonight. These fans have always been great to me at the Turkey Derby through the years. Glad to come race in front of this tonight.

“We had a good run. No surprise at the end, Jimmy’s first and I’m second. Congrats to them. I would have liked to have won it, but they were going to be tough tonight, no doubt about it.”


  1. Stuart A Fearn says

    I’m not a big tour guy but I do know there are not many full time tour drivers so that would be a big reason why only 2 out of 7 races have been won by tour regulars. SIgn of the times I guess.
    How about the 7NY? They are onto what makes the car work that is for sure. Homework paying off

  2. wmass01013 says

    WOW a huge crowd like it was at New Smyrna for a dying 38 yr old series nobody wants anymore!

  3. It’s 8 NWMT races. There’s another way to look at it. TBR is a tour regular and is leading the owners points by a lot with half the wins so far. Combined with Ken Massa two NWMT backbone teams have won three quarters of the races.
    So one might wonders if Baldwin regrets the decision he made early to have rotating drivers. Were he to have one driver the greatest likelihood would be they’d be leading the drivers points as well. Then again he has proven a point. It’s always about the car first and foremost. TBR is the star so far this year.

  4. Jimmy King says

    TBR is much more than a just a Tour regular. They race all over the place, sometimes multiple times on the same weekend. They are fast everywhere they go. The Hirschman’s are the same. See the correlation? Tour, SMART, Tri-Track, open shows…it doesn’t matter.

  5. Nerfbarsmurf says

    Great crowd last night. If you didn’t like the race here in 2019 then maybe last night was more your speed. I enjoyed being at both. Happy to see another hometown winner. Who’d be a hometown winner at NHMS? I’mean besides Missy. The Legends cars put down faster laps. Someone get that girl some power under the hood. She’s got the experience. A few cars in time trials didn’t sound up to stuff.

  6. Suitcase Jake says

    Excellent Race …. Great Crowd… Full Field of Cars is great to see …!!!!! Congratulations to Jimmy and His Family …. You all deserve a Smile after all you have been through….That race was a 180 from the last race…. Tons of banking and several different line to get around the track….Gotta put this on my list of Tracks to Visit…..That 7NY has hit on something great and so far the secret is safe…. PSR/ Troyer/ LFR combo…. ??? maybe it’s a Hybrid of the three…. I do remember Tommy jr and Steve Park where as HOT as HOT could be Winning Big before they took the Talents to CUP….. TBR has been Winning Big and all different Series so Tommy has figured it all out again and is on a ROLL …. Owner’s Championship clearly in His sites…… Boy McKennedy probably wishes he was still with TBR racking up WINS….The # 79 is just not up where many of US thought they would be at this point of the Year… Hopefully Jon can right the ship soon…

  7. Suitcase Jake says

    Thanks in Advance Doug, Link for Wall Pick’em … ?? Results …… Thank you Doug ….

  8. I love the word correlation but don’t see any at all between Hirschman and TBR.
    They both raced at New Smyrna and the early SMART races but only because they were the only tracks available that early. Back home Hirschman spends a lot of time at Evergreen, Spencer, Mahoning and Lancaster. The one series he’s committed to would be the MMTTS but that’s only 7 races. With the exception of the Sizzler, a special situation for obvious reasons, he does not enter Thompson or Stafford Opens. Dabbles in NWMT races but on a very limited basis.
    Baldwin appears to be committed to all 16 NWMT events. They take in most but not all of the opens at Stafford and Thompson and do not race in the MMTTS series.
    Baldwin is an owner with his own stable of cars and has put 4 or 5 different drivers in the seats he owns for different races. Hirschman is one driver, driving for two teams. PeeDee for New Smyrna, Smart and NWMT events. His own car for everything else.
    Hirschman Turkey Derby, 7ny Islip 300.
    Other then racing tour modifieds don’t see much of a correlation at all.

  9. Just Me - The Original says

    @Suitcase Jake, All TBR wins this year were with a Troyer Chassis

  10. Jersey Shore 150 Forum Pick 6 Results says

    A link was posted in this thread for the Pick 6 results but it apparently did not survive Word Press moderation. For Suitcase Jake or anyone else that missed this mornings full post a recap.

    Jersey Shore 150 Forum Pick 6 Results

    AIJ….16 60 51 7 (54) 24………….5+2+6+1+4=18
    Eddy… 7ny, 60, 24, 16, 51, (79)…0+2+4+5+6=17
    Liz C…60, 16, (51), 7, 24, 07…….2+5+1+4+3=15
    Lap Traf..79-60-16-51-7ny-(58)….8+2+5+6+1=22
    Ken L…60-7-(51)-16-07-24……….2+1+5+3+4=15
    csg…..60 7 16 51 58 (19)…………2+1+5+6+15=29
    Earl….7ny, 60, 14, 16, 51, (22)….0+2+9+5+6=22
    wmass..16, 7 24 51, (54), 22……5+1+4+6+10=26
    Mike H…7, 60, 16, 51, 24, (36)…0+2+5+6+4=17
    B city….60-7ny-51-16-24-(79)….2+1+6+5+4=18

    Bobf (14)
    Liz Cherokee, Ken L (15)
    Fast Eddie, Mike H (17)

    AIJ, Doug, Big City (18)
    Suitcase Jake, Lapped Traffic, Earl (22)
    wmass (26)
    Csg (29)


    Fast Eddie……2
    Get serious……1
    Viva race fan…1
    Rafter fan……1
    Big city………..1
    Suitcase Jake……1

    Suitcase Jake…5
    Fast Eddie………5
    Bigcity ……..…..3
    Lapped traffic ….2
    Rafter fan……….2
    Viva race fan…….1
    Get serious……1
    Liz Cherokee…..1
    Ken L………….1
    Mike H………..1

    *an impressive win by Bobf. Not only a perfect score with the Mulligan exclusion but perfect when all 6 picks are scored. That’s a first under the revised scoring format.
    *That now makes 10 different winners in the 12 Pick 6’s to date.
    *4 new additions to the list of podium finishers expanding that list to 17 different Pick 6 participants.

  11. This is all very troublesome for we tech geeks.
    Mike Christopher specifically mentioned PSR in his podium finish at New Smyrna. We see a clear jump in performance from TBR so it seems logical that the PSR relationship has something to do with it. Thought TBR was a PSR distributor but doesn’t appear so now from the PSR web site.
    So what’s the deal is there a Rob Fuller back story here. Putting the full weight of LFR/Troyer behind TBR to push PSR out?
    I know, dot connecting and conspiracy theories but would it kill anyone to elaborate a little. It’s not like the TBR 7ny is not on fans minds this year.

  12. Jimmy King says


    TBR and the Hirschman’s run all different types of races. NASCAR spec motor races and open tour type. They are not beholden to one series or type of modified. They race a lot…way more than other teams. Whelen, Monaco, ROC, SMART, open modified events like the Sizzler, Turkey Derby, and Racing Guys. Local open modified racing like Stafford, Thompson, Mahoning, and Evergreen. PeeDee and the red 60 may have different owners but the “team” is mostly the same. Baldwin uses different drivers but the team is mostly the same. This willingness to race as often as they do is what they have in common and a reason why they are both so successful. IE “correlation.”

  13. In VL yesterday, Blewitt referred to the car as a PSR.

  14. Just Me - The Original says

    PSR chassis has not won a tour race, if they did, you’d see all kinds of posts about it. If you look closely at the car, there is no manufacturer sticker on it. Tommy doesn’t acknowledge Fuller/Troyer/LFR because Fuller won’t give him free chassis. Tommy is all about the $$$$$,

  15. Just Me - The Original says

    Troyer Race Cars/ TFR Manufacturing
    It was a Troyer 🥇🥈🥉🧹 at the Wall Stadium tonight with hometown boy Jimmy Blewett taking his turn in the TBR Troyer chassis and showing just how strong that team is with their 4️⃣th win this season!! 💪 Matt Hirschman and Patrick Emerling wrapped up the TR podium!!

  16. Skip McDonald says

    Blewett outsmarted everyone in this race, the fact whether it was the 7 or not was moot. His strategy worked out perfect and it would of worked in his own car he runs at wall, Tommy’s 7 or a shopping cart from shop rite

  17. Suitcase Jake says

    WOW >>>>> BOBF….. PERFECT SCORE >>>>>> Congratulations on that ……..
    we all know how hard it is to get 5 cars in the top 10. Great Job ………
    there is only one way to go now >>>> down ….. LOL ….Tommy has been Loyal
    to Troyer for many years… When i said Hybrid … I mean a Troyer Car with some
    parts or Ideas from PSR/ LFR incorporated into it…. They have hit on SOMETHING to
    have 4 WINS , with 3 different Drivers… So their Car is Superior on long RUNS ….
    so far that is very clear….Winning Races with no pit stops is just Amazing on the set
    up side …. No adjustments …. WOW … WIN x 4 ….. WOW

  18. Thx suitcase. Yeah. Its gonna be real hard for me to follow that one up!
    Hope i did not use all my luck up at once!
    As for the McKennedy topic, I’m not sure what to think. He is a great shoe. But maybe his feedback in modifieds to the crew chiefs is a tic off? I dont know. Wish he could get some better results though. Im a fan.

  19. Fast Eddie says

    NIce job Bobf, hope that new target fits well on your back! 🙂 Impressive with Emerling not doing great overall lately you and Liz picked him and he had a good run.

  20. Hmmm, driver strategy was the key you say and not so much the car? A shopping cart….he didn’t mean it literally Mr Baldwin. Nope not buying that theory either. In order to implement of strategy of tire conservation you first need the car handling to perfection to reduce tire wear to the absolute minimum and in this case over a very long haul. I attribute the win in equal parts to a great car prepared by a master at the top of his game and driver that knows the track as well as anyone executing the strategy to perfection.
    OK so we know that the chassis provider has not changed substantially so no new PSR pipes magic although they do use some of the PSR components. The reference to “finding something” a continuous theme in the comments section. Dubious at best since in racing there are few magic bullets that can completely change the performance level in such a dramatic fashion.
    As distasteful as it may be at some point you may have to entertain the idea that the driver changes from last year to this year may just be playing a role as well as the silver bullet theory.
    “Hi Yo Silver, away!”

  21. Doug;
    I was trying to tiptoe in a soft shoe around that very topic, with my McKennedy comment previously.
    So hats off to you, for putting that out there. I did not know if the Baldwin magic came after McKennedy’s departure from TBR, or because of it. You know though, sometimes a change of scenery is good for all involved. Still think Jon is a great shoe.

  22. Lapped Traffic says

    The 7ny set up and car are different from the previous 2-3 seasons with JM behind the wheel. The 79 has had chassis issues the last few races and are working there buts off to keep the season going. If they find the right recipe watchout! Some rough luck with JM, but there is still half of the season to go, things will get better for them hopefully!

  23. Sorry but the two entries implying first hand knowledge sounded a little too vague so with a little more digging I found this.

    “Tommy Baldwin Racing
    May 31
    Gotta thank my boys at PSR !!! Ever since they put this front clip on in the middle of the night last year and then they took this thing and completely rebuilt it with new interior sheet metal , new body and all new PSR chassis components over the winter this car has been so consistent and responsive. PSR is quietly on thier 20th chassis build since we joined forces late last year. Make sure you give them a call for all your needs they can do anything !!!!”

    Well there you have it race fans right out of the horses mouth. The statement that it was a new chassis mostly incorrect. The statement that no PSR has won a NWMT race technically correct but no attribution to PSR a missed critical point.

  24. Suitcase Jake says

    Just Saying: Jon McKennedy is still my pre-season Pick to WIN the TITLE ….
    Don’t look now but He is 2ND in Points on the TOUR…. He is smooth and doesn’t
    tear up equipment often … Usually is there at the Finish… Even with some recent
    struggles….. They are a NEW TEAM….with few bugs have been decent most races
    I am Looking for a STRONG run at NHIS where Jon runs well to propel Him to closer
    to the Leader.. Thompson is also a strong track for Jon…. Looking for His first TOUR
    Win at the High Banks after so many races he dominated only to run out of gas …
    and pit road mistakes cost him several wins.. Came in the Leader and came out back
    in the pack…Well anyway He is my pick to Win the Championship …

  25. Well suitcase, seeing Jon win a championship would be great. But my halfway pick for that is silk. Even though no wins, he is very consistent this year, and just a tic off. Im confident Phil will find that tic. And then, even if they dont beat tbr, due to rotating drivers in that car, silk should come out on top. While not dismissing the 51, the 51 cant afford any bad finishes the rest of the way, to be there at the end. Jmo.

  26. When I think of the best active drivers in modifieds these days Bonsignor, Coby, Silk are right at the top. All have at least one NWMT championship, been around a while and have won a lot of races. Hirschman is in that group as well few would challenge that. Preece and Santos spend most of their time elsewhere but still spend enough time racing and winning in modifieds and have NWMT champion credentials so they make the list.
    There’s nothing wrong with being a quality journeyman or second tier driver if you will. In fact considering the competition its noteworthy. Goodale, Lutz, Emerling, Pitkat and McKennedy are all in that group. The first four with multiple NWMT wins McKennedy just the one. Rocco and Nocella are in this group, perhaps Ronnie Williams and Chase Dowling too. Win their share of tour modified races, the last two not really young guns anymore.
    For some reason that completely escapes me a lot of fans by implication put McKennedy in the top tier I’m defining here but generally goes undefined. Shoulda-woulda-coulda doesn’t count in racing it’s excuse making. You either win or you don’t. If McKennedy is your buddy or a favorite, dominates the Thompson 300 then whiffs at crunch time that may count to you personally but to anyone else and the record books it’s not even a footnote.
    If the 79’s team got their first win in early 2021 does that still put them in the Dunleavy 88 category that have 2 wins in a handful of races? Perhaps this is McKennedy’s year. My view it will be Silk going away but we’ll see. McKennedy is the one making decisions now so much of everything that happens as far as car performance he is a critical part of. Goodale and Catalano are all in that tight window with McKennedy separated buy 4 points with Beers and Bonsignor only 12 points out of second. Suffice it to say every race counts.
    If McKennedy runs true to form the 79 will continue to have some success this year. However when it counts the most with a win or the championship hunt in the balance something you can define as bad luck, bad timing, exigent circumstances or gremlins will crop up.
    There’s nothing wrong with being in the company of guys like Goodale, Lutz, Pitkat and Nocella it’s exactly where McKennedy belongs as of today. So why is it he so often spoken of as if his accomplishment with regard to tour modifieds warrant inclusion among the elite current drivers in my first paragraph?

  27. Suitcase Jake says

    You are leaving out key stats,,, Champion of MRS… Champ of North South Shootout ..Champ of Supers with what 8 or 9 Wins in a row in SUPER MODS…Wins from Maine to Florida ….. YES HE IS A TOP TIER DRIVER … like Santos …. Wins in every type of MODS….Jon McKennedy is a Top Tier Driver…

  28. Nothing was left out. Santos is in my top tier as a NWMT champion and a recent history with two Musket wins.
    McKennedy for the last two or three years has been virtually unbeatable in the Super Modifieds but it has nothing to do with the ability to draft and the NHMS or navigate a clogged shorty like Riverhead. Woody Pitkat’s Late Model wins are irrelevant and McKennedy’s Super Modified wins as well.
    McKennedy had four MRS championships from 2009 to 2016. Other winners still racing in the same era include Nocella, Pitkat and even Chris Pasteryak with a couple. Eric Goodale won the Modified Touring Series championship. It’s all part of the equation but being so far in the past and the fact the MRS wasn’t even close to the competitive level of the NWMT at the time MRS brass rings don’t stand out as top tier defining accomplishments.
    As far as the North South Shootout it’s relevant but again is not career defining by itself. Like it or not the NWMT is the premier tour modified racing series and thus any discussion of the top tier has to begin with success there first Hirschman being the one exception. His overwhelming number of accomplishments in tour modifieds over a long period of time more then warrant the exception.
    For the NFL fans out their Nick Wright does tier systems all the time that other panelists get to debate and argue over. It’s just good fun for fans. This is my tier system and has some pretty solid logic to each placement. Anyone can agree or disagree or work up their own tier system for that matter it’s not like any of it has any real meaning.
    In the two tiers I’ve only mentioned like 15 drivers with only 6 in the top tier. McKennedy is somewhere between 7 an 15. Considering there are well over 100 drivers competing in tour modifieds on the east coast that’s pretty good company.

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