Homecoming: Ron Silk To Compete In Monaco Modified Tri-Track Event At Speedbowl 

Ron Silk (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

Ron Silk will take a break from chasing a championship on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour with Haydt-Yannone Racing to do some moonlighting with the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series next week. 

Silk will drive an entry for team owner Bob Horn in the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Belltown Motors/Fowler’s Auto Wrecking 100 presented by CBYD 811 scheduled for Aug. 6 at the Speedbowl. 

Silk said it will be his first race at the Speedbowl since running with the Tri-Track Series at the shoreline oval in 2016. 

“I’m really looking forward to it,” Silk told RaceDayCT. “I do like the race track so I’m excited to get back there. … I’ve won some races there. And it’s so close to home. That’s a part of it too. You don’t want to miss a big race that’s within an hour of home.” 

Silk won the first Tri-Track Series event at the Speedbowl on Sept. 13, 2015 driving for Horn. One of Silk’s 17 career Whelen Modified Tour events came at the Speedbowl in 2016. Silk won the Whelen Modified Tour New England Cycle Center 161 on May 14, 2016 at Waterford. It was the first series victory for team owner Danny Watts Jr. 

The 39-year old Silk got his start in SK Modified racing at the Speedbowl in 1999. 

“That’s the first place I ever started racing so I was excited when I saw this race back on the schedule,” Silk said. “1999 in an SK Modified. A long time ago. I can’t believe I’m that old.” 

Nine races into the 16-race season, Silk leads the Whelen Modified Tour driver standings. Silk, who won his first Whelen Modified Tour title in 2011, holds a 10-point lead over Jon McKennedy in the standings. Eric Goodale sits third in the standings, 11 points behind Silk. 

Silk has made one Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series start this year, finishing 16th in the Open Wheel Wednesday show at Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway on June 29. 

“I go to every race hoping that we can win and feeling like we have a shot to do that,” Silk said. “I feel that way about Waterford too.” 


  1. Geez I thought somebody said tri track car count was dwindling. Two days to big names added to the entry list. It looks like the fix is in for this race too. 😛😛

  2. This is turning into quite the event. I havent been to the bowl since they closed for a season and I am thinking about going to this one. No prices on the website anyone know what they are getting for this show?

  3. Am I the only one torn here? Enjoying seeing the organic excitement growing at a track that has held some epic modified races in the past. That a number of drivers entered here were in and remember. Geographic location accessible to a whole lot of tour modified teams and near a larger population center at vacation time. In spite of the Hirschman/Star blowback the MMTTS bringing their considerable reputation to the shoreline oval. This year a bit more special blazing new trails at Thunder Road, the Speedbowl and Stafford. Racing American streaming the race the first I believe in the new era of local short track racing accessibility.
    Then there’s creepy Bruce something that’s hard to forget completely. The adversarial relationship with this publication that hopefully the MMTTS will change for this one event with on site reporting. Plus the other issues that hold the track back best represented by the high turnover and lack of experience in the general manager position.
    It’s hard not to ponder what if. What if there was a different, more professional management without the baggage and bunker mentality. A lot of the hardest work done on the track, what if some of the remaining work could be chipped away at on a regular basis? Is this a brief glimpse into a future where the track realizes it’s full potential? New home of the Icebreaker and World Series once the track at Thompson is unsuitable for oval track racing.

  4. wmass01013 says

    The New London Waterford Speedbowl has always been a favorite for fans and drivers, just the Financial Issues Terry Eames had and the Legal Issues Bruce Bemer has combined with needed Track Updates has made the last dozen yrs tough but obviously Drivers love to race there.

  5. Thanks Shawn. This is shaping up to be one of the better modified fields of the year. I think the end of year Stafford and Seekonk tri track shows will be good as well. Been a while since I could honestly say I am looking forward to a race at the bowl. Please be good weather.

  6. GetSerious says

    I haven’t been to Waterford in maybe four years, but I’m looking forward to going back for this one. Is there a better track layout for a race? And for whatever reason, the most competitive racers, the biggest names, the best racers, however you want to define them; they all show up.

  7. Suitcase Jake says

    Doug, that is Blasphemy ,… The Icebreaker & World Series leaving the HIGH BANKS …. That will not HAPPEN .. Those are ICONIC RACES … The Traditional start of the Season in New England . Also the Traditional end of the season WORLD SERIES ,,, These Races are and always have been CASH COWS !!! I have witnessed other track promoters openly state this place is a GOLD MINE with over 200 cars in the pits , along with track concessions & Clubhouse breakfasts & Prime Rib dinners .. The Stands are packed…
    the Hoeings would Run these races themselves if they had too… The Track is no worse than many of those in New England . New tar sections in the corners are fine on both ends . As long as they keep sealing up the cracks of the old surface it will be fine for years to Come .. The corners are where the g-forces and Static loads are applied and those are fine with the new tar sections that most drivers cruise right around both ends
    the straight aways are fine with minimal load applied…The Races STAY at the High Banks
    that is Blasphemy to even ponder such Thinking , May the Racing Gods forgive you ….

  8. Oh my, the Racing Gods? What was I thinking?

  9. chicken coop says

    Doug you seem to be obsessed with Bruce Bemer…. he occupies alot of space in your head. Infatuation is a dangerous thing, you should seriously seek counseling… I have attended every saturday night race, every wednesday race, and every practice. i only saw Bruce make ONE appearance this year, for about 15 minutes, to refill a propane tank, and then he LEFT, as he works for his gas company 7 days a week. But in your imaginary world Doug, there must be all kinds of nefarious ongoings?? Not even close. farthest thing from the truth. Fact is, you won’t see Bruce at the races, because he’s busy working at his profitable businesses, to be able to fund the track, which does NOT generate a profit…. I sincerely hope you get the help you need Doug.

  10. Each reader can judge for themselves what constitutes “obsessed”. I prefer to think my occasional references to the behavior of the owner of the Speedbowl as the perfect balance of remembrance in relationship to current events. Since you’d like to explore the topic further I offer these observations.

    From the STATE OF CONNECTICUTv.BRUCE JOHN BEMER (SC 20429) appeal verdict.

    “At trial, four of the men who had engaged in sexual conduct with the defendant in return for a fee testified. First was Brian I. Brian testified that King approached him while he was employed at a local garden center and asked him to come to King’s house to plant a tree.Once at King’s house, and for days thereafter, King attempted to entice Brian into using drugs. Prior to that, Brian had been an addict but was sober for a couple of months. Brian eventually succumbed and began using drugs, and began living and sleeping in King’s trailer. After a while, King informed Brian that he had incurred a debt with King for hundreds of dollars for the drugs King had supplied.
    Thereafter, King made an arrangement with Brian that he could repay the debt by engaging in sexual conduct with the defendant for a fee.”

    Four men testified at trial basically to the same sort of tactics used by the pimp King all of which would name the owner of the Speedbowl as a customer. In addition the appeal sights 4 to 6 other young men that in total account for “ more than 100 sexual encounters”.
    The fact that all this happened was never challenged by Bemer’s attorneys. What was challenged heavily involved the word “infer”. That in order to put someone in jail for along time the jury does not have the right to “infer” knowledge that was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Knowledge of Kings tactics and the fact the young men were trafficked not proven and thus the initial verdict reversed.
    At Riverhead Raceway they just unveiled a memorial to Eddie Partridge and elevated 6ny I would assume last driven by Ryan Preece. It helps us remember the man’s legacy, not just in short track racing but his accomplishments as a successful business owner and long time wife and partner Connie.
    The appeal verdict is part of Bruce Bemer’s legacy. It set him free from jail time but confirmed behavior over a very long time that by any standard was beyond the pale.
    It’s not disappointing to see the track having a big event and I hope they do well I’ll sure be tuned in. What is disappointing is seeing inane references like being at the track “to refill a propane tank” or “ working at his profitable businesses” implying some kind of normalcy with the guy. Completely dismissing the disreputable behavior of a wealthy individual that has taken advantage of disadvantaged young men on many occasions over a long period of time funneled to him through a now convicted felon. Knowledgeable of coercion or not.

  11. chicken coop says

    Doug, on behalf of literally Everyone, NO ONE CARES…. move on, take up a hobby, seek counseling.

  12. Hillary 2024 says

    Thanks for the info Doug. I and probably many other faithful readers of racedayct had forgotten all about Bemers troubles. Currently 44 entries on the list which is now the biggest car count of any modified event around. Three regular Waterford sk guys on that last. Owen, Buzel and Janovik. Getting into the show is going to be as hard as winning it.

  13. I see that thread bare bit about seeking counseling frequently in political forums referring to TDS. Not very imaginative is it I know you can do better.
    Anyway I just want to thank you for opening the door for a more extensive look at the owners history. With all due respect I don’t think you are qualified to speak for “everyone” although I have no doubt with the exception of your creepy Bruce blind spot you’re a prince of a fellow?
    Enjoy the show this weekend I know I will.
    Zoom, zoom!

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