RaceDayCT Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Speedbowl Pick ‘Em Contest 

The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series returns to the New London-Waterford Speedbowl Saturday for the first time since 2016 for the running of the Belltown Motors/Fowler’s Auto Wrecking 100 presented by CBYD 811.

And here’s your chance to win some loot and swag on the event.

We’ll host the RaceDayCT Pick ‘Em contest for the event, with the winner earning a $25 gift card and a RaceDayCT t-shirt.

Here’s how it works:

— Listed below are six driver listing groups. Each entrant must pick one driver from each group to make up a six-driver team.

— The finishing position of your drivers in the main event will represent the points your driver will earn for your team. If your driver finishes first it represents one point for your team. If your driver finishes second, it’s two points, and so on. If a driver you choose does not make the main event they will be credited with 30 points. The entrant with the least amount of points in total from their six driver team wins.

— Each entrant must submit a tie-breaker choice. For the tiebreaker you must choose who will finish closest to 10th place in the event. If there is more than one team with the same point total determining the winner will be based on the tiebreaker. The entrant who has a the tiebreaker choice closest to finishing 10th place will be declared the winner.

— Deadline for entry is Saturday Aug. 6 at 8 am

— Must be an active RaceDayCT Insider subscriber to enter.

Submit your picks via message through your Patreon account or email to [email protected] with TRI-TRACK PICKS in the subject line. Email must include your Patreon subscriber name and email must correspond to the email account on your RaceDayCT Insider Patreon account.



  1. There should be a seventh group cause tri track website has 42 cars???

  2. Driver x,
    Not for nothing, but you’re more than welcome to operate your own personal Pick ‘Em contest with your own set of rules and parameters.


    bet the house ! Rocco in a triumphant return to the bowl will get his mojo back and start racking up the wins . Bernt for second, Owen will run third.. what do I get for a trifecta . can I get a helicopter ride with the owner of the speed bowl?

  4. Hillary 2024 says

    Medium, if you’re talking about the sk race, who knows if Rocco is even bringing his sk mod.

  5. monica lewinsky low says

    Hey Hillary !!! I was told Bernt will be in a open ride as well . so NO play my lotto numbers next you old slob . go trip on a curb at Thompson !

  6. Hillary 2024 says

    Makes sense for Bernt to run the open race. He’s not on the entry list yet though. Neither is Johnson, the last winner. 45 and 46th entries? Can we get an award for best screen name? Monica Lewinsky Low has my vote. Had a couple good runs in the late model at the bowl Saturday. Good to see.

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