RaceDayCT Rant: Shaking The Hirschman Hornet’s Nest

In today’s RaceDayCT Rant we examine The Hirschman Hornet’s Nest, that rabid group of devoted fans that are ready to take on anyone who dares even look sideways at Matt Hirschman. Click here or on the image below to listen to today’s rant.


  1. Scott Kenniston says

    Shawn, love your coverage with modified racing and really mean it. But it really seems like your in BED with thr Monaco series And that’s fine if you think it’s good. But it’s obvious to Ray Charles that if there is a caution the field is frozen. AND the scuff needs to be gone. It’s luck of the draw and heat races with winner’s starting up front. All the BS would be gone then. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. It is human nature to have a guy from the team to be pissed. And it’s ABSOLUTELY NOT Matt’s responsibility to ask his crew or fans to stop having there Opinion. THATS THE PROBLEM NOW. When you throw it out. People will respond. But you seriously do a great job. You can’t run Izzo in the pit. I honestly respect what you say

  2. If a house is being painted, there’s a hornet’s nest in an attic vent presenting an impediment to progress, shaking it with the goal of getting the pesky bugs to move on has a purpose. At the end of the day the fresh paint around the vent will look great. If a hornets nest is being shaken in the woods just to see what the hornets will do that’s another matter entirely.
    As the majority of readers are observing we can see the difference. In either case there is no scenario where the hornets are going to discern the difference. They’re just going to swarm and look to sting their tormenter it’s just in their nature.
    In this case I do believe the house got painted and looks pretty good. My only question is why continue to swat the few remaining hornets on social media that will never be deterred from trying to sting you no matter what how you to reason with them individually.

  3. Roger Brenton says

    Be careful what you say here. This guy will ban you from seeing the site. Thin skinned

  4. Scott,
    I agree it’s human nature to have crew members mad after a penalty. But, publicly saying multiple posts that the series is fixing events goes far beyond just saying you got a bad call and didn’t like it.

  5. Roger,
    Really? Tell me who’s been baneed from seeing the site? Come on, post the list, dare ya.

  6. Roger Brenton posted, “Be careful what you say here. This guy will ban you from seeing the site.”

    Thou shalt not bear false witness.

    My goodness… this whole hullabaloo is all about a Hirschman team member shooting off and accusing a sanctioning body of having it out against MH and conducting a vast conspiracy to stick it to MH. Another example of bearing false witness.

    I do hope that the Racing with Jesus Ministry addresses this intentional, deliberate, planned, craven, depraved and vicious violation of one of the precious Ten Commandments. Sinners, straight up sinners. I hope you all think of this during the invocation, and then all other times, not just during the invocation.

    A bunch of loser crybabies playing the victim card. And all the lemmings and ankle-biters.

  7. Shawn.. you are correct in saying that Hirschman is very good at what he does,, but lets give credit where credit is due,, you are also very good at what you do.. You keep Matt’s name circulating,, protect your partners and generate many hits on your sight by “shacking hornet nests”.. nothing wrong with any of this (we all have to eat).. like the rants format,, believe it gives you a good way to keep your opinion out of news format,, keep up the good work + thanks for hanging in with racedayct…

  8. Roger Brenton says

    I’ve been blocked at my house….by you. Same as Facebook…like I said before, be careful what you post

  9. Roger Brenton,
    So you’ve been blocked, but you’re leaving comments here that are being approved and posted? Yup, that makes TONS of sense.

  10. This is why people should not use their real names in public forums.

  11. Just a thought. If you’re being blocked in a couple places and have to bypass the block by using other IP addresses the problem may not be with the places blocking you.
    What’s wrong with blocking people? There have been people told they are done in this forum. They were warned, persisted and Bob’s your uncle were gone. If you get blocked from Facebook now that says a lot.
    So what’s the big deal? You’re in someone else’s house and are asked to follow some basic rules that I have to say on the whole are pretty liberal.
    If you’re willing to kiss a few frogs you’ll eventually get to the prince or princess that is going to say something really interesting or informative in the good old RaceDayCt forum. One of those is just north of a frog in this thread complaining. I’m guessing far more feel like him then the frog.

  12. Patrick Tetreault says

    I’m blocked on facebook as well but not here!

  13. Patrick,
    Yes, you indeed did got blocked on Facebook after you spent hours trolling and harassing people on that page. You were warned and you just kept on doing it. You want to criticize me on there, that’s fine, plenty of people doing that as I’m sure you can see. But if you want to just go on there to harass other people like a troll and keep doing it after being warned not to, you get blocked.

  14. Patrick Tetreault says

    Stating my opinion on what you call an opinion page is trolling no I think not most of my opinions were directed at you for showing bias you obviously dislike the 60 team but whatever either way read up I’m not the only one who disagrees with your articles more than 50% tell you as well! Trust me buddy you blocking me from seeing your “OPINIONS” doesn’t hurt my feelings I’m cool with it!

  15. Patrick,
    You are literally the definition of troll. You went on my Facebook page and endlessly badgered and harassed anyone that didn’t agree with your opinion. And when I warned you to stop doing it you told me you would do whatever you wanted as long as you wanted. And then you got blocked, and came here crying about getting blocked. And you came in this comments section and literally told me what you had decided that I could or could not write about on this website. I don’t know who you think you are, but apparently you have a very high opinion of yourself and believe everyone else should bow down to your superior brain power.
    Just go away. I don’t care what you think of who agrees with me or who doesn’t agree with me. I don’t care what your definition of “bias” is. You don’t have a clue what it means. And it’s beyond hilarious when you say it doesn’t bother you that you got blocked, but yet here you are complaining about it for 24 hours. All you people are the same. You cry about how bad what I do is. You cry that it’s all awful. You tell everyone you don’t read it and don’t care to look at it. Then you cry and whine and have a tantrum when you get blocked from seeing what you’ve told the world is all garbage. Do you see how ridiculous it all is? Go away troll, please. We’re now on six days of your little fanboy tantrum here. Just go away. You’re annoying and you bring nothing to the table but whining and crying.

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