All Fixed: Doug Coby Dominates In Whelen Mod Tour Return To Langley Speedway 

Doug Coby celebrates his third Whelen Modified Tour victory of the season Saturday at Langley Speedway (Image: FloRacing)

On Aug. 18 at Thompson Speedway the Tommy Baldwin Racing entry in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Phoenix Communications 150 at Thompson Speedway ended up a tattered mess after driver Jimmy Blewett crashed following contact with Doug Coby. 

Blewett and Coby are two of the three drivers that have been part of the Tommy Baldwin Racing stable this year on the Whelen Modified Tour. 

Saturday at Langley Speedway in Hampton, Va. Coby got the chance to make things better for team owner Tommy Baldwin Jr. 

Coby put on a whooping on the field on the way to victory in the 150 at Langley Speedway. Coby won the pole and led every lap in the event. 

“Racing is an interesting sport right?,” Coby said. “A week ago things didn’t go so well between me and his car. And here I am driving it to victory lane at Langley. This is just all about Tommy and his team and the hard work they put into making this car fast at every type of track with every driver that’s in it.” 

It was Coby’s third series victory of the season, all coming while driving for Baldwin. Coby also won at Riverhead Raceway on May 14 and Lee USA Speedway in Lee, N.H. on May 21. It was the fifth victory in 12 series events this year for Tommy Baldwin Racing. Blewett (Wall Stadium) and Mike Christopher Jr. (Jennerstown Speedway) also have victories for the team. 

It was the 34th career Whelen Modified Tour victory for Coby, of Milford, a six-time series champion who was making his eighth series start of the 2022 season.

It was the third Whelen Modified Tour event at Langley Speedway and first since 2018.

Ron Silk of Norwalk was second. 

“They were just a little bit better than we were,” Silk said. “I could stay with him there for a few laps after that last restart [on lap 128]. I know we were both running pretty hard at that point. He could just kind of inch and inch and inch away. I slipped up one time getting into [turn] one and lost a good bit of ground on one shot and that was about it for me.” 

Rookie Austin Beers of Northampton, Pa. had a career series best finish of third. 

“It feels great,” Beers said. “It’s been a dream of mine to run on this tour so to get a top-five, a top-three especially, how we’re coming on, this feels amazing.” 

Series points leader Jon McKennedy of Chelmsford, Mass. was fourth and reigning series champion Justin Bonsignore of Holtsville, N.Y. was fifth in the 19-car field.

Coming into the event McKennedy led second place Silk by five points in the driver’s championship standings with Eric Goodale in third in the standings, 16 points off the lead. Justin Bonsignore came into the race fourth in the standings, 25 points behind McKennedy. 

Silk cut McKennedy’s lead in the driver’s championship to three points with four events remaining. With a 12th place finish, Eric Goodale fell to 24 points off the lead in third place. Bonsignore, looking for his third consecutive series title and fourth overall, sits two points behind Goodale in fourth, 26 points behind McKennedy. 


  1. 150 at Langley Speedway Pick 6 Results says 150 at Langley Speedway

    ^csg…7ny 3 16 79 (58) 51 *******0+8+2+4+5+(-1)=18+(12)=30
    Wanna..7ny , 51 ,58 ,(07) ,22 , 82 ****0+5+12+13+9=39
    Eddie…….7ny, (07), 16, 51 79, 3 ****0+2+5+4+8=19+(20)=39
    Ken L….. 7ny-51-79-16-(07)-58. *****0+5+4+2+12=23
    AlJ ….. ….16 7ny (22) 51 58 79 *****2+1+5+12+4=24
    Just Me…16, 7ny, 22, 58, 79,(07)****2+1+13+12+4=32
    Liz C…..16, 51, 7ny, 82, (07), 3***** 2+5+1+9+8=25
    ^Jake….7NY- 79- 3- 51- 16-( 22)***+0+4+8+5+2+(-1)=18+(13)=31
    Earl………7ny, 51, 16, (22), 58, 79***0+5+2+12+4=23
    Wmass….… 58 (22) 51 82 54 5******12 +5+9+6+7=39
    Lapped……79-16-51-7ny-5-(82)******4 +2+5+1+7=19+(9)=28
    Bobf……7NY, 16, 3, 51,58, (22),*****0 +2+8+5+12=27
    ^ Pole pick correct

    18 csg (tie breaker all six picks…30)
    18 Suitcase Jake (tie breaker all six picks 31)
    19 Lapped Traffic (tie breaker all six picks 28)

    Remainder of the Field
    19 Fast Eddie (Tie breaker all six picks 39)
    21 Doug
    23 Ken L
    23 Earl
    24 AIJ
    25 Liz C
    27 Bobf
    32 Just Me-The Original
    39 I Wanna Play
    39 wmass06013

    2-Fast Eddie
    2-Suitcase Jake
    2-Get serious
    1-Viva race fan
    1-Rafter fan
    1-Big city
    1-I wanna play
    1-Lapped Traffic
    1-Just Me- The Original

    9-Suitcase Jake
    6-Fast Eddie
    4-Ken L
    3-Lapped traffic
    2-Rafter fan
    2-Liz Cherokee
    2- Just Me-The Original
    1-Viva race fan
    1-Get serious
    1-Mike H
    1-I wanna play

  2. Doug;
    Given my recent track record of flawed picks on pick 6 involvement, is it too late to downgrade my 11-6 season pick for pats? I know preseason, and they are just trying stuff, but geez Louise!
    Hated to see Montgomery go down Friday night.
    Well, at least there is Daytona today.

  3. Let me fix that…

    All Fixed: 7NY Dominates In Whelen Mod Tour Return To Langley Speedway

  4. Suitcase Jake says

    That was a good race to watch from a new Track on the 2022 Schedule ..That track really is run well with two good announcers.. The grounds look really clean along with Aluminium Grandstands… Gotta and this Track to my Bucket list Camper Trips…… Coby is SUPER TALENTED DRIVER that can not be DENIED… Love or Hate Him … He is Super smooth and fast …. He sets a Pace and is in TOTAL CONTROL of the Race … Well I guess with 6 Championships we should’t be SURPRISED he totally dominated that race with the TRIFECTA ,,!!! FASTEST in Practice… Won the Pole.. Won the Race ….Also for the SUPERFECTA LED EVERY LAP … WOW now thats hard to do … Baldwin really has it figured out this YEAR !!!! HOW MANY FEATURES WILL BALDWIN WIN THIS YEAR ????? good poll question for Shawn ..???
    This KID BEERS is a good little driver… Much like His Father Eric… He has quietly creep up the standings and with a Car that has not performed well in the past… I am sure Sly has big input and a-lot to do with the Performance of the #64 !!!! The 22 had a fast car all night but too many skirmishes to gain the lap back , But Cam McDermott has that car going Fast and near the top 5 in the standings also , Future looks Bright with Jake Johnson , Austin Beers, Kyle Bonsignore getting their feet wet in Tour Racing …!!! Thank you Doug for Running the Pick’em !! Great Job !!!! I have alot of ties for Wins but Tiebreaker leaves me the Bridesmaid again .. CSG .. a couple of times and Fast Ed… Boy it makes the Race so much more FUN for those of us who are in the Pick”ems … It’s open to all .. So jump in… Now I SEE why Fantasy Football is so Popular … !!!! I GET IT NOW ….!!!! This Championship is a Great One… It will be HIGH DRAMA the rest of the Way.. I was at Martinsville for the last Race there.. Goodale definitely has the set up already in His back pocket…, But I expect the #79 & #16 too figure it out Quickly.. Ryan Newman was very fast at the paperclip,.. But had issues… Ryan Preece will probably be a BIG FACTOR also at Martinsville with Cup Knowledge on Brakes filtering down …. Long Straights and short short short CORNERS put a PREMIUM on getting your brakes cool and making them last the whole race… Many many races have been lost at the Paperclip due to brake FAILURE… Trust & Believe that… Ryan will have the best Brakes I Believe…

  5. By all means feel free to change your prediction on the Pats anytime Bobf. Hey how about this idea. A lot of chatter about how the Pat’s will make out in the first 4 games that will be pretty tough. How about you pick what they’ll end up with after the first four then we adjust our season predictions based on what they showed or didn’t as the case may be.
    Sound Good?
    I’m thinking 1-3.

  6. Suitcase Jake says

    Without Brady ….. 0 – 4 ….. Worst decision in NFL History letting Brady walk out that door…… 2nd worse decision… Pete Carroll throwing a pass down near the goal line when the Beast was eating them alive running the ball down the field….Pats really owe that Super Bowl to Pete…. I don’t know who will have a worse record this year … Seahawks or Patriots …. One thing is for sure …. Their Super Bowls are years in the rearview……Both Coaches are out of date in the new NFL….. JMHO

  7. Lap 109 driver error, Eric Goodale. The high side was used in this race by lapped cars. Fifield high to allow a low Putnam to pass and Coby as well who went from high to low seeing what the 01 was doing. Goodale stuck behind the 01 banging her like that was going to help her go faster. He should have dipped low at the first opportunity, taken his lumps and instead opts to wreck. Meanwhile Putnam just like Fifield goes high to allow Coby to pass after clearing the 01 and 58.
    McDonald has had issues the last couple races and he, Sutcliffe and Heagy are all way off the pace. Tomaino makes an abrupt move messing up the 22’s front end who unlike Tomaino was in the proper lane entering the pits. Yet once again it’s not the slow old MEN that take the abuse it’s Fifield as Facebook has to end replies to stop the lynch mob.
    No danglers, no respect.

  8. Those new Musco LED lights courtesy of a grant from the Hampton city government. Freakin southern socialist BS. Is that where southern tracks are now looking for hand outs. Didn’t Stafford pay for their own lights way way back? The Hampton money funding a high end package that lit the place up like daylight and had the capability of doing that multi color, intermittent razzle dazzle that was nice but really. What I miss is disco coming back?
    OK Langley neat-O but ideally that should be Stafford’s race if it can be worked out. The absolute best part of the year in New England and they send the teams way the hell and gone. Got it there were reasons. 2023 new start so lets put our thinking caps on, forget the grudges and do what makes sense.
    Well praise be we’ve found that mean streak in the perpetually upbeat Suitcase Jake. Apparently a New England Brady’s fan and there are still a lot of them. Agree completely on Carrol and Belichick. They’ve aged out and now all Bill wants to do is coach with guys that he enjoys being with and sons and not have to deal with any pesky up and comers with good offensive minds. A piece of advice for Pats fans. If you get together with family and friends to watch the games with beer and goodies you’re going to need more beer this year.
    Maybe it’s because I’m dealing with all the picks but I have to say these Pick 6 deals double my enjoyment of races. Makes you pay attention to the whole field. Tomaino cuts down on K Bonsignor who was pretty fast and I start looking for who’s got the 22.
    Suitcase Jake no doubt the king of the podiums and has been edged out by the thinnest of margins way more then anyone else. It’s a silly little deal that’s fun but if we’re being honest we all want to do well. Super annoying when some crazy thing happens that takes our 5th pick out of a top finish that looked in his grasp.
    Never trust Emerling for a NWMT event he’s got other priorities. Second time he’s burned us by not showing up.

  9. I may be slow but I'm ahead of you says

    these drivers have spotters.. ON THIS TRACK being lapped shouldn’t be an issue for anyone …

  10. Doug;
    Will do. I’d like a day or two to think about those first 4, as my inclination was a 1-3 like you! But crap, that would be no fun now would it!
    If those musco lights have a burr up your behind, then I guess you dont want to start a discussion about N Wilksboro then. Hey, I’m all for revitalizing and saving tracks. Its probably just me, but I’d like to think that there are enough race fans left in this world to keep things viable for tracks that are left. Particularly with new revenue of streaming. To your point, Stafford has gotten it right all these years on there own. Two weeks ago when I was there (for admittedly the biggest sk snoozer of them all) I Still had to admire how nice a facility that place is. On the flip side Doug, I’d rather see a grant for lighting at a track, than lets just say, a bridge to nowhere, right? Jmo…

  11. Hmmm, the bridge to nowhere. What exactly is that? A reference to the low interest loan Thompson Speedway got to renovate making road racing it’s priority?
    I was being facetious. Just thought it happening in a rural part of the south, in a demographic that you’d think would fight public money for any other private project tooth and nail had no issues with it going to a race track.
    Don’t shy away from your 1-3 if your analysis says that’s the number. We’ll have a tie breaker… picking.
    Miami-for some reason the Pat’s are always thought of as a better team then the Dolphins but lately can’t seem to beat them. Dolphins win but not by much.
    Steelers-Pat’s offense sucks so far, Steelers defense pretty good. Pats 0-2
    Ravens-finally back home. Pat’s sick of losing, out hustle Baltimore in this one and pull off the upset. 1-2
    Packers- Pat’s play surprisingly well considering Green Bay the prohibitive favorite going in. Packer’s young receivers still not on the same page with what’s his name. Getting real it’s Lambeau, atmosphere is electric, Pat’s out gunned and that’s how they get to 1-3.

  12. So good to see the 7NY finally performing consistently well. Remember when the 7NY was reborn and you all were gaga excited, then nothing happened????? Finally, a good car. And I said before, you can put any monkey in a good car and expect good results.

  13. Bummer to see Goodale get into trouble. He’s been staying out of trouble and it shows in the standings. Hope he does well.

  14. Yes Dadope you have said a lot of things like Coby is nothing without Phil Moran and he couldn’t win at Riverhead , that’s only a couple ,Welding Wonder has a long list of stupid things you said

  15. Elect, you idiot, you haven’t noticed that Dug Kobe isn’t running his own car with who ever he had for the Crew Chief. That combo wasn’t producing results. Dug Kobe is what he is this season because of the rides he’s had in Tom Baldwin Jr. cars, and TBJr is a replacement for Phil Moran.

  16. Hey Dadope I’m just repeating what you said , I’m not making it up

  17. Pretty sure your also the idiot who said Coby couldn’t get a ride that’s why he had to run his own car. You and #45 sound so much alike

  18. Elect, Dug Kobe is back to being a journeyman… a rental at best.

    And at the time, he was joined at the hip with Phil Moran, so let me clarify that for you… he’s nothing without a top notch Crew Chief, and top funded ride. Which explains why his car doesn’t run… his team does not have a top crew chief or competitive equipment. Think (I know it hurts for you) for a second… you own your own team, yet don’t run it and drive as temp for another owner.

    The 7NY was outstanding.

  19. Ok Doug.
    1-3 it is. But where I defer is this.
    Miami beats them, but pats manage to eek out a win over steelers.
    Lamar jackson runs all over pats ol, ( if jackson fully healed from last year and contract settled) and pats dont get close enough to make it out with a win. ( almost went 2-2 here cause i dont know what lamar to expect early on, but based on past history..) Ravens on top. Packers? Well, we all know how that will end.
    As for racing, as this is a racing site after all, I’d like to ask you this. While consistent, does Silk win one this year? They are so close, but just that tic off. Silk, great driver, and I thought with moran, they would have certainly have had one by now. But then again, I never though I’d ever see the 7ny this dominant this year, from previous body of work….,
    And while all this is fun, (i love it) the only sure prediction I have, is my beloved Red Sox should start their golf playing now. Good luck Yankees fans, but may I add, you can keep Judge. Not interested. Too much money for somebody too injury prone. (But man he is powerful) Spend it on pitching, thank you. Is this a great sports area or what!!

  20. Ok, psr chassis showed the car on stands in their shop. Did they clip it with a left clip or is this a full psr chassis???

  21. Bob g., per the PSR website, “PSR put a new front clip on this car Monday after it crashed at Thompson. Today it’s P1 in qualifying!”

  22. Thanks Bobf for making what should be a tough first four games for the Pats a little more fun to have to endure.
    Red Sox are actually the 6th worse team in the American League are they not so it could be worse. You want misery be glad you’re not a Uconn football fan. They are 4 points down in the forth quarter before losing 31-20 and the coach is ticked because he got so many congratulations for the “morale victory”.
    Silk vs McKennedy. Both at the top of their games, both with exceptional equipment and both smart enough to take only the right risk at the right time (Thompson excepted).
    Glad they are finishing up at two longer tracks where they can do more chess playing then having to react. At Thompson the whole field raced like they were on a short track and like Wall they’re learn from it and level out the next time. Then Martinsville for all the marbles.
    Great year for spectating.

  23. Suitcase Jake says

    HAVE FUN = BE HAPPY >>>>>>……….>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    8 Wins 9 Losses
    is my Picks, Bill is let go at the end of the Season …..
    It was TOM BRADY that WON SUPER BOWLS not Bill and his Cronies

  24. Great Doug.
    Of course, I’m old, so I wrote it down in my notes as to what we both though as far as “bet goes”.
    Thx for making it fun. B

  25. Man that’s harsh. I’d say that all those Super Bowl appearances were the result of a symbiotic relationship between Belichick and Brady with each playing a greater or lesser roll over time. Belichick’s has been so bizarre this year this should be a make or break year. He turns in a stinker like the Cam Newton experiment and come on man….time for a change.
    Can’t really do a final record Pick-em because there aren’t much more then 4 possible outcomes 7 to 10 wins unless I’m missing something.
    If anyone is interested I’d be willing to do the book keeping on a game by game Pick. Pat’s games only. Maybe Jets and/or Giants if there are any of their fans looking to play. I suggest we do two picks. The winner of the game and the winner using the spread. First game is Miami -3. In that case my picks would probably be Miami for the win and the Pats with the three points. At first there would be a lot of ties but over time the differences in success could be dramatic.
    Might be some fun over the winter months.
    Give it some thought, make suggestions.

  26. For the record I checked with management and the big guy says he has no objective to a football Pick so no worries on that score.

  27. Hadn’t seen that point spread. A little surprised.
    Sean, very generous of you to ok. Ty.
    Suitcase; while I too have my issues sometimes with how bill handles things, I always think back to this one fact. When Bledsoe was “ready” to be activated back from injury way back when, it was Bill who had the moxie, particularly with a disgruntled fan base, to tell Drew, you are on the bench. The rest is history. And while not dismissing Brady in any way whatsoever, I think Bill saw something extra, and went over the line to develop him. Of course, over time, Tom became who he is. I just think, because of the way it ended, Bill became a vilified. To add to his legendary arrogance imo.
    That being said, I’m a firm believer, if they kept and paid Tom at the end, then the pats had nothing left under the cap to sign anybody decent around him. Tom spent most of his last year with Pats, on his ass, hit after hit, because of a crappy OL. Not a good way to end an illustrious career.
    In my opinion, Tom gets a second chance, cause Pats would not sign him whatever the rea$$on.
    Bill did him a favor at the end, even though his bedside manor sucks. More concerning to me now, is the lack of offensive leadership coaching with McDanials gone. Don’t have an issue with Patricia and Judge if they are left to do what they do best. Defensive side of the ball. To your point Suitcase, yeah, thats on Bill. Gonna be a loooong season if u are a Pats fan I’m afraid. My apologies to the race fans.

  28. And my apologies Mr Courchesne, for the misspelling of your first name, in my previous post.

  29. Bobf,
    No worries or apology needed.

  30. Thanks Shawn.
    And I’m sure you noticed I misspelled my screen name as well on that post. 2 for 2!
    It’s just been one of those days……

  31. As bad as the Pats have looked in preseason and the mismatch of coaches they have assembled. I still think they find 7 maybe 8 wins this season. Even as a die hard with the rosiest of rose-colored glasses I can’t see them doing better than that. I think Vegas has them at 9.5 wins for the over under. I hope Vegas is right. That city wasn’t built on being wrong on a regular basis.

  32. Suitcase Jake says

    Tom Brady in another Uniform is Blasphemy …..Oh the Buc’s Won a Super Bowl with Bruce Arians ,,… We BOOZE win or Lose…. Yes he HAD BRADY…
    Coachs can only put you in a POSITION….. The PLAYERS WIN & LOSE THE GAMES….. Bill’s Record without TOM is not too good to say the least….Tom is the BEST EVER to play QB….. Patriots Nation now KNOWS it was TOM .. Not Bill…. The way he acts in press conferences is just totally disrespectful to everyone present or watching … Big Baby when he loses …
    Big EGO … What a turn off…. Press has been putting up with his BS for many years … Don’t think they will be kind to him when the losses pile up .. Karma is big … Bill , retire to Nantucket before your winning percentage keeps spiraling downward….

  33. That summary on Belichick’s demeanor in presser’s and his interaction with the media and fans as a whole couldn’t have been said better. It’s one thing being arrogant and condescending when you’re winning all the time over a twenty year period. Quite another when you’re mediocre and look to be that for the foreseeable future. Ownership was bold in hiring Belichick. Time to be bold again if this year turns out to be a big step back as many have predicted.

  34. NFL Pick 4-Week 1 says

    Could be a tough winter. Most of us will be paying more to heat our homes, the Fed can’t raise interest rates fast enough to slow the economy in an attempt to tame inflation and they’ll be no Pick 6 to take our minds off it all.

    Enter the NFL Pick 4. Each week four games will be posted. The Patriots, Jets and Giants every week and one wild card game that anyone can suggest. Just list four teams you think will win using the points spread and you’re in. Win/Lose/Tie, no over/under points or tie breakers. Game results and cumulative results posted weekly. Fresh start every week. Change picks any time for any reason right up to the first game.

    Week 1

    Bills -2.5 @ the Rams (Thursday Night Game)
    Dolphins -2.5 at home vs the Patriots
    Ravens -7 at the Jets
    Titans -5.5 at home vs the Giants
    (Odds via Yahoo Sports)


    I’ll post this several times leading up to week 1 of NFL action to see if there is any interest. No entries and it will disappear as quickly as this post appeared.
    If it’s a concern, I checked with Mr. Courchesne and he has no objection to a non- racing deal like this appearing in his comment section.
    I’ll be looking to Suitcase Jake, the podium king and spiritual leader of the Forum Pick 6 to join in as well as all the other Pick 6 elders.
    Consider linking the Forum Pick 6 from the end of race season to the openers at New Smyrna by playing a little football to help pass the time.

  35. Lapped Traffic says

    If a slightly above average athlete started to dominate a sport like the 7NY car has this year what would be the 1st thing that comes to mind???

  36. Well Lapped.
    You can draw blood in the case of an athlete, if thats what you are suggesting, to test for illegal or banned substances.
    If the suggestion here is (and I’m not saying it is) that Mr Baldwin is, lets just say, “pushing the envelope”, and I’m not suggesting he is, it would be up to the regulating bodies to do what they deem necessary.
    But isn’t possible that they have just hit on something that is not illegal?
    Everyone pushes that line. But I’m hopeful the line is as close as it can be for all competitors. Sometimes, its just the way it is. For a while, very tough to beat Smerliglio and co. Then Massa. Our, Partridge. On and on. Some teams just have great years. This year, maybe it’s just the 7ny’s turn to dominate. Next year, maybe someone else. I’m not naive, but I would hope thats all it is. And like they always say, it’s not illegal, whatever that is, until you get caught…..
    I’m still gonna go with out original side pick of 1-4 with Pats, but they beat steelers, and lose at home to Ravens. Taking a leap on Ravens, if Lamar back to full strength. Considering pick 4 though. Interesting!
    Suitcase, while I agree with your assessment of “Bill”, my point was, in the early years, they were Lennon and McCartney. Better together than apart. In recent years, then yeah, not so much. Tom was still Tom, but the pieces around him were not great. Not Tom’s fault. That was the “Patriot way’s” fault in my opinion. Pick up scrap heap veterans on the cheap and see if they pan. (The chance on Randy Moss was one of the few that worked, when Moss had all his bridges burnt and no one else would really touch him) And look at what Moss brought to Brady’s game. And no doubt, while Tom is a legend, it takes a team. Or, you end up on your ass, more often than not.

  37. Suitcase Jake says

    NFL PICK’EM IS GREAT.. HOT STOVE NFL…. While we wait for Racing to start up again…… If there is a tie on points i would suggest a Win for both players because they would both be Right…..OK Here goes my PICK 4…..
    Suitcase Jake.. Bills- Dolphins- Ravens- Titans..

  38. Doug;
    Week 1, Ill take Miami over pats,
    Tennessee over giants
    Ravens over jets
    Wild card,
    Eagles (-4) over Detroit
    What do you want to do if we manage to get to bye weeks on either of the three mainstay teams on the pick 4?

  39. NFL Pick 4-Week 1 says

    Thanks fella’s for joining in. If it’s a dud we’ll know pretty fast and drop it but on the other hand it could have legs.

    Suitcase Jake.. Bills- Dolphins- Ravens- Titans..
    Bobf…Eagles (-4) over Detroit, Miami, Ravens, Titans

    “If there is a tie on points i would suggest a Win for both players because they would both be Right” Confirmed, no ties. That’s even better.

    It was my intent to have one wild card game named in advance and for upcoming weekend, players could suggest a game. Bobf may be on to something. Pick any game you like for the wild card and make a pick using the published points spread in Yahoo sports. Adds another dimension to the game. I’ll still put a forth game in the summary in addition to the Pats, Giants and Jets along with the spread to make in convenient but state you can pick your own game if you like. Unless there are any objections I’ll put that in the next rules write up.
    Thoughts and suggestions appreciated.

  40. if you want to do a NFL pickem type league Yahoo has them for free. Well you might need a yahoo login. They do all the scoring for you, save Doug or whoever is scoring it some time.

  41. Sorry Doug. I mis interpreted your listings post with the “wild card”.
    I’ll take the Bills as well, and drop the eagles lions game!

  42. There is a picture on the PSR Facebook page showing the 7ny with it’s front clip removed after the Thompson wreck. Apparently they shipped it right down south after the race. It had to go south anyway for Langley so it worked out on that score. Putting the clip on is pretty standard stuff. The amazing part is that PSR can get the chassis so right it’s back to business as usual for TBR. Burt Meyers just took possession of a new PSR chassied car. Wonder how long it will be until it’s back at PSR for a new clip.

    Didn’t know that Yahoo pickem existed so thanks. Apparently forming your own group is an option.
    I’ll continue to post the Pick 4 here in any event. The amount of effort is minimal and it may prove to be a way for some of us that frequent these pages to stay connected during the cold winter months. If it’s a fail then oh well we gave it the old college try. As the weeks click off and the results accumulate it may prove to be more fun comparing notes in our little RaceDayCt community then one might have first thought.
    Four names csg that’s all you need to provide and you’re in. So far we have the 2022 Pick 6 podium dominator on board and the 2021 Pick-em unofficial champion so you’d be in good company.
    Give it some thought.

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