Andy Hill Sweeps Wayne’s Market Dwarf Car Segment Special At White Mountain

(Press release from White Mountain Motorsports Park)

Wall Scores 1st Late Model Win, Derrington & Woodard Earn First Gold of the Year

After a lasting rain pounded the White Mountain Motorsports Park pavement early Saturday evening, the Wayne’s Market Saturday Special went off without a hitch with some of the fastest racing of the season so far! In the end the second first time Foley Oil & Propane Late Model winner stood in victory lane and a former champion swept the Dwarf Car Segment Specials!

The annual Wayne’s Market Dwarf Car Special was split into two 25-lap segments with the finish from segment one completely inverted to set the field for the final round. In both cases it was Andy Hill and point leader Jason Wyman moving up from the back to the front at lightning speed. In the final segment, Wyman was a sure challenge for Hill, racing hard side-by-side until on the final circuit. Under the white flag, Wyman’s 88 machine got loose on the high side coming out of two and allowed Hill the full car-length advantage needed to earn the overall. Miraculously, the field finished in the exact same order for both segments giving Andy Hill the perfect sweep followed by Jason Wyman and Dave Gyger.

Wayne’s Market Saturday Special brought out the best in Foley Oil & Propane Late Model competition. Led to green by young-guns Bryan Wall Jr. and Kasey Beattie, Wall took the lead early and watched the others scramble in his rearview mirror. As Wall led Beattie and Jesse Switser in line at the front, point leaders Quinny Welch and Stacy Cahoon found themselves stuck in side-by-side traffic out back. The first caution came out on lap 30 for the spinning Brock Davis machine, trampling Wall’s multi-car-length lead. On the restart calamity would strike again as Davis and Mark Patten got spun up in turn two bringing out the second and final caution.

Once again lined up for the restart, Wall chose the outside of Beattie and the race was on. The field was tight, nose-to-tail and side-by-side for multiple laps after taking the green, with Wall and Beattie just edging each other at the line again and again. Finally, Wall took the outside advantage and powered down the backstretch to take the lead and never looked back. Bryan Wall Jr. took down his first Foley Oil & Propane Late Model victory followed by Kasey Beattie and Ryan Ware to round out the youth movement podium. Jesse Switser and Quinny Welch would round out the top-5, a solid points day for both teams.

The Wells River Chevrolet Flying Tigers had some of the most spirted racing of the Wayne’s Market evening events. Outside pole sitter Jason Woodard took a strong 68VT machine to the track on Saturday and quickly powered to the lead in the 35-lap feature. As his son Tanner Woodard and Mike Clark followed and stalked the elder Woodard’s machine, the real battle was for fourth. As Joey Laquerre tried to hold on for another top-5 finish in 2022, he faced tough competition. Kyle Streeter, rookie Kaiden Fisher, point leader Shane Sicard and Colin Cornell all gaggled up in a bunch in the fight for fourth around Laquerre. Beating and banging, fighting tooth and nail these four switched lanes, dive bombed and dug deep around each other for every inch of real estate until the checkers flew. Jason Woodard earned his first win of the season followed by Tanner Woodard and Mike Clark. Kyle Streeter won the fight for fourth with Kaiden Fisher rounding out the top-5.

Just as spirited and respectful were the Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stock Minis. Led at the onset by Gavin McGinnis and Jason Goodbout Jr., the four-cylinder division took off for their quick 25-lapper. As the two leaders duked it out for the top spot, fellow youngster Kristian Switser drove hard on the outside looking for third. Soon, the young leaders began to give way to the wily veterans of the popular White Mountain division. Last week’s winner Les Washburn drove up through following the #57 of Todd Derrington. Derrington patiently made his way up through to take the lead with Washburn getting closer and closer with every lap and point leader Chris Moulton waiting in the wings for any misstep from the top two. At the line Todd Derrington took his first Strictly Mini win of the season followed by Les Washburn and Chris Moulton. Tyler Thompson drove all the way from dead-last to finish fourth while Kristian Switser recovered for fifth. 

Lastly, the Dads 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Division started off a little wet in the line-up shoot with rains that delayed the opening of the Wayne’s Market program. As the early leaders Austin Sicard and Bentley Robbin waned, Connor Charbonneau quickly nabbed the lead in their 15-lap feature event. Although taking a confident lead, Charbonneau had a rearview mirror full of McKenna Merchant. Merchant stalked the #6 machine of Charbonneau while she herself had Logan Farnsworth edging ever closer to her back bumper. Running low on laps, Conner Charbonneau took down his second win of the season followed by a disappointed McKenna Merchant and Logan Farnsworth.

Up next at White Mountain Motorsports Park is the Championship Event for the J.P. Sicard Flying Tiger Triple Crown Series! After taking the first two events, can Shane Sicard hold on to take another J.P. Sicard Triple Crown Championship or can someone else beat him to it? Joining the 75-lap main event for the Wells River Chevrolet Flying Tigers will be the Foley Oil & Propane Late Models, Ammonoosuc Asphalt Mini Late Models, Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stock Minis and Dads 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Division. Post Time is set for 6:00pm with full race day schedule and pricing available soon.

For more information, contact the White Mountain Motorsports Park offices at (802) 244-6963, [email protected], or visit You can also follow us on Facebook at @WhiteMtnMotorsports.

White Mountain Motorsports Park – N. Woodstock, NH

Wayne’s Market Dwarf Car Special

Saturday, August 6, 2022


Wayne’s Market Dwarf Cars – Twin 25 Segments

1.         8          Andy Hill         Waterford, VT             2 pts.

2.         88        Jason Wyman  Easton, NH                  4 pts.

3.         93        Dave Gyger     Campton, NH              6 pts.

4.         41        Jeff Ainsworth Bethlehem, NH           8 pts.

5.         52        Chad Dufour    Littleton, NH                10 pts.

6.         11        Joey Deguio     Plaistow, NH                12 pts.

7.         4          Ken Wright                                          14 pts.

DNS     23        Ethan Tyrrell   Worcester, VT

Foley Oil & Propane Late Models – 50 Laps

1.         77NH   #Bryan Wall Jr.            E. Kingston, NH

2.         45NH   Kasey Beattie              St. Johnsbury, VT

3.         32VT    #Ryan Ware                E. Burke, VT

4.         25NH   Jesse Switser               West Burke, VT

5.         78NH   Quinten Welch            Groveton, NH

6.         42NH   Mike Jurkowski            Claremont, NH

7.         22VT    Peyton Lanphear         Waterbury, VT

8.         07NH   Mark Patten                Belmont, NH

9.         47NH   Brockton Davis            Whitefield, NH

10.       83VT    Stacy Cahoon              St. Johnsbury, VT

11.       17NH   Tyler Jones                  N. Woodstock, NH

12.       57NH   David Labreque           Thornton, NH

Wells River Chevrolet Flying Tigers – 35 Laps

1          68VT    Jason Woodard           Waterbury Ctr., VT

2          55NH   Tanner Woodard         Waterbury Ctr., VT

3          2NH     Michael Clark              Littleton, NH

4          37VT    Kyle Streeter               Waterbury Ctr., VT

5          18VT    #Kaiden Fisher             Shelburne, VT

6          4NH     Shane Sicard               Barton, VT

7          35DG   Colin Cornell               E. Burke, VT

8          49NH   Jody Sicard                  Gilmanton, NH

9          60NH   #Thomas Smithers VI  Gilmanton, NH

10        23VT    Matthew Potter          Marshfield, VT

11        15NH   Joey Laquerre             E. Montpelier, VT

12        22NH   #Chandler Potter         Plainfield, VT

DNS     82NH   Frank Sweeney            Belmont, NH

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stock Minis – 25 Laps

1.         57        Todd Derrington         Littleton, NH

2.         17        Les Washburn             Bethlehem, NH

3.         15        Chris Moulton             Pepperell, MA

4.         51        Tyler Thompson          Lincoln, NH

5.         16NH   Kristian Switser           Waterford, VT

6.         4          Donnie Baumgardner N. Woodstock, NH

7.         16        Adam Sicard                Barton, VT

8.         10        Gavin McGinnis           St. Johnsbury, VT

9.         1          Scott Senecal              Lisbon, NH

10.       09        James Knights              Littleton, NH

11.       22        Brendan Clark             Dalton, NH

12.       87        Don Judd                     Franklin, NH

13.       92        Jason Goodbout, Jr.    Lincoln, NH

14.       14        Jillian Baumgardner    N. Woodstock, NH

DNS     19        Dave Driscoll               N. Woodstock, NH

Dads 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Division – 15 Laps

1.         6          Connor Charbonneau  Groveton, NH

2.         99        McKenna Merchant    Waterford, VT

3.         22        Logan Farnsworth       St. Johnsbury, VT

4.         90        Kyle Goodbout             Lincoln, NH

5.         4          Bentley Robbin            Bradford, VT

6.         01        Austin Sicard               Gilmanton, NH

7.         32        Kylee Potter                Marshfield, VT

8.         18x      Walker Fitch                Marshfield, VT

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