Digging Deep With Denise: Visiting With Anthony Bello

“Digging Deep With Denise” is a semi-regular question and answer feature with local racers and racing personalities produced by RaceDayCT’s Denise DuPont

Anthony Bello (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

Anthony Bello – I would race every single day of the week!

Anthony Bello’s interest in racing began with his father’s passion for racing. Bello, of Newtown, started his career in Go-Karts and is currently living his dream competing weekly at Stafford Speedway in an SK Modified.  With 16 starts in 2022, Bello has scored four top-five’s and 10 top-10 finishes. Bello is also leading the competition for Stafford Speedway’s Rookie of the Year Award. 

What got you interested in racing?

“From a real young age, probably one years old, I started watching NASCAR with my dad. From there my dad started working me into it because he liked it. So I wanted to carry on his tradition. When I was about seven I wanted to go Go-Kart racing. So we went to our local Go-Kart track and raced there for a few years. Then we went to Bandolaro, and then Legend cars and then finally the Modifieds. Currently, I am in my third year of Modifieds and it is going well.

“We went to the [New London-Waterford] Speedbowl with that shortened season in 2020. We ran my rookie season in an SK Modified and we actually finished sixth in points and won Rookie of the Year there at 14 years old. That was definitely an accomplishment of mine.

“We also have gone down to New Smyrna Speedway for the last two years. We won the 602 modified championship in 2021 there. And we ran the No. 19 [Tour Type Modified] car there in 2022. New Smyrna is a unique track with a tough five days of racing. One full week of racing every day is awesome, If I had my way, I would race every single day of the week.”

What type of racing to you like the best?

“I am going to be a little bias here but the SK Modifieds. We just run so hard week in and week out here. The competition and the guys that you race with are great. It is just a blast to run a 40 lap feature here [at Stafford Speedway] every Friday night.”

Is racing your hobby, your passion or your life?

“Racing is all three of those things to me I think. Racing is well into my blood and I hope to do it for many more years to come.” 

Do you work on your own car?

“The No. 19 car [Tour Type Modified] is owned by John Jensen and his son Glenn Jensen who [is the crewi chief]. But the No. 51 SK [Modified] is my family owned race car that I work on myself in our shop.” 

What is your most memorable racing experience?

“Probably winning the Thompson SK Light [Modified] championship [in 2021]. That was big. We had a short season but a championship is a championship. We actually did not finish worse than second. So last year was a cool year for us with [car owner] Paul French in the SK Light. That was a very special moment. It was my first championship up north and I am hoping to get some more.”

What do you find unique at Stafford Speedway?

“You definitely have two different turns at Stafford. Usually if you are good in one, you are not good in the other one. It is really how you prepare your car to come here and setup your car to make sure that it is right. Because this place will definitely put a hurting on you if it is not right and you are not prepared.

“In turn one you almost drive it in the grass actually to make the turn and come off turn two really strong. Turn three you have your turn three dive bomb down on the apron where you can do that to pass people. Then coming out of turn four that wall comes up pretty quick. So you have to be ready for it.” 

What challenges do drivers have at Stafford Speedway?

“There is a lot of pressure. People try to get into your head so you have to listen to yourself and maybe one other person. Racing at Stafford is definitely a challenge. You have a lot of competition, a lot of good cars and a stacked field. “

What are your 2022 Goals?

“We are currently edging fifth in points and what I would like to do is finish the year in the top five and the Rookie of the Year title. I think that those two are very achievable this year. We could stay there in the top five.” [Bello is currently leading the 2022 rookie candidate points in SK Modified Division at Stafford Speedway.]

If you had to do it all over again would you?

“Yes we would do it all over again to have fun. Having my family and girlfriend here at the track is great. I love them all and they all support me. My family has put me in a really good position to carry on this racing career of mine. I am hoping to be in the sport as long as I can.

“I am a first generation driver in my family. My father always wanted to drive but never got the chance to unfortunately. But he is making that dream happen for me. I bet he has as much fun watching me out there as he would want to do it himself.”


  1. Thanks Shawn and Denise. This is one of the best features on racedayct! Gives us some insights and behind the scene coverage of the people involved in CT racing.

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