More Laps, More Cash On Tap For Epic Thompson Speedway Mid-Week Doubleheader

(Press Release from American-Canadian Tour)

 ­Officials from the American-Canadian Tour (ACT) and Pro All Stars Series (PASS) have announced the full schedule of events for the epic Thompson Speedway mid-week Doubleheader on Tuesday, August 16th and Wednesday August 17th. Twisted Tea Tuesday will feature twin-50 lap special events for the Sunoco Modifieds and a Street Stock/Limited Sportsman Open along with Night #1 of the new SK Lite Modified Double Down Showdown, a $300-to-Win Mini Stock feature and Fireworks to cap the night! Wednesday brings the return of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour for the Phoenix Communications 150 along with Night #2 of the SK Lite Double Down Showdown with ACT-type Late Models and Limited Sportsman.

The Twisted Tea Tuesday Night Special is headlined by the $3,000-to-Win Sunoco Modified 50 Lap barnburner with Sunoco Modified Masters Keith Rocco, Todd Owen and Stephen Kopcik expected to bring down the house in the extra distance, extra money extravaganza. The Sunoco Modified 50-lap purse also features a $1,500 prize for the second-place finisher, $1,200 to third and $400 to start. Also on the docket will be a $1,500-to-Win, 50-lap Street Stock Open Competition event as the local Limited Sportsman defend their home turf from New England Street Stock invaders for the long-distance cash prize. 

As if two specials weren’t enough, the SK Lites are on schedule with an all-new Double Down Showdown – 30-Lap feature events on both Tuesday and Wednesday of the Midweek Doubleheader, each paying $750-to-Win, double the normal weekly purse for the SK Lites! The fast and furious Thompson Mini Stocks will also be featured on the Twisted Tea Tuesday schedule with a $300-to-Win, 25-lap feature as Kevin Moore leads the war over defending champion Jared Roy. An epic Fireworks presentation will round out Night #1! Pit Gates will open at 3:00pm with Grandstands Open and Practice Starting at 5:00pm Tuesday. Post Time is set for 7:00pm with General Admission set at $25 for adults, $10 for kids 6-12 and kids 5 and under are free. 

Wednesday, August 17th brings the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour back to Northeast Connecticut for the Phoenix Communications 150! Alongside the Touring Modified stars will be the Championship event for the SK Lite Modified Double Down Showdown with another $750 at stake for the winner. There is also a $1,000 Point Fund for the top three SK Lites who total the most points in the two 30-Lap events with $500 going to the Double Down Showdown Champion, $300 to the runner up and $200 to the third-place finisher in final points.

Wednesday will also feature the ACT-type Late Models and Thompson Limited Sportsman as they continue their 2022 Track Championship battles for the large crowd expected to witness the return of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour! Full race day schedule will be released upon confirmation from NASCAR. General Admission is set at $40 for adults, $15 for kids 6-12 and kids 5 and under are free! 

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park returns in a big way on Tuesday, August 16th and Wednesday, August 17th for an epic midweek doubleheader. Twisted Tea Tuesday sees four special events with a $3,000-to-Win 50-lap event for the Sunoco Modifieds, $1,500-to-Win 50-lap Street Stock Open, Night #1 of the $750-to-Win SK Lite Double Down Showdown, $300-to-Win 25-lapper for the Thompson Mini Stocks and Fireworks! Wednesday brings the return of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Phoenix Communications 150 along with Championship Night for the SK Lite Double Down Showdown, with $500 going to the champion, ACT-type Late Models and Limited Sportsman. 

Pit Gates open on Tuesday at 3:00pm with Pit Passes set at $45 for adults and $20 for kids 12 and under. Practice begins at 5:00pm with Post Time set for 7:00pm. Tuesday General Admission is $25 for adults, $10 for kids 6-12 with kids 5 and under free! Grandstands will open at 5:00pm. While Wednesday’s schedule will be announced after confirmation from NASCAR, Pit Passes will be $50 for adults and $25 for kids 12 and under. Wednesday General Admission is set at $40 for adults, $15 for kids 6-12 with kids 5 and under free!

For more information about the American-Canadian Tour, contact the ACT offices at (802) 244-6963, [email protected], or visit  You can also get updates on Facebook and Twitter at @ACTTour.

For technical information concerning all PASS divisions, and for media or marketing questions, please contact [email protected] or visit Don’t forget to “Like” the Pro All Stars Series on Facebook or follow on Twitter @PASSSLM14 to keep up with breaking news as it happens.

For general Thompson Speedway inquiries, call (860) 923-2280, email [email protected], or visit You can follow Thompson Speedway on Facebook and Instagram at @ThompsonSpeedway or on Twitter at @ThompsonSpdwy.


  1. reading through this it looks like they really gutted the July 13 Tuesday make up. no tour type modifieds or late models. Then on Wednesday Whelen show no SK’s. I guess they are really concerned about the guys going back-to-back nights. At first, I was thinking Tuesday would be a great show then realized what they did here. Hopefully this new schedule works out well for them.

  2. Sharpie Fan says

    Please confirm.

    The original post back on July 11, 2022 stated “With the Twisted Tea Midsummer 75 virtually wedged between NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour events at New Jersey’s Wall Stadium on July 9th and the upcoming event at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, officials felt the third Outlaw Open Modified event of 2022 would lack a strong, quality car count with teams preparing for the big stage in Loudon.”

    This would lead one to believe that this rescheduled date would be the third Outlaw Open Modified event of 2022 and yet from this press release it appears otherwise.

  3. Sharpie Fan,
    You are correct. The schedule has been changed in a lot of ways.

  4. A few things here:
    1. It is nice they’re putting money out to the Sunoco Modifieds but, they are taking away an Open modified show AND Sunoco Modified from the NASCAR show the next day.
    2.Why couldn’t they have just combined everything with the the September Open race and have it be say 100 laps for Open mods with both purses combined?
    3. I noticed the August calendar on Thompson’s website has nothing listed for Sunday August 28th why couldn’t they have used that weekend date as a rain date? After all it’s a weekend.

  5. So far Racing America has Tuesday as a PPV at about $30. A tough sell I should think without a tour mod race.
    Wednesday they list as well but no details. Support divisions? The Tour race will be on FloRacing.

  6. Tyler,
    There’s a little race called the Oxford 250 on Aug. 28. I wouldn’t want to schedule any racing card in New England against that. And also, ACT is running the night before at Oxford so that would put a heck of a burden on the show operators to do a show on Saturday in Oxford, Maine and Sunday in Thompson, CT.


    sorry this event will be a flop. the oval is done, unsafe racing surface. uneducated promotion with good intentions who got taken advantage of by the owners. saw them coming a mile away . in the heat of August ..lots of cars , teams , drivers ailing from a season of racing, tire rations and short fuse, tempers and pocketbooks. a suitcase full of money wont draw them for this event ..even tow money wont do it anymore ! go ahead da real put the frosting and sugar coating on what will be a farce ! .

  8. Hillary 2024 says

    This is one of those schedules that you have to read carefully to figure out what’s going on. I’ll go to the tour race Wednesday but two days of after work travel midweek just doesn’t make sense.

  9. Suitcase Jake says

    the TRUTH IS ; the racing surface is SAFE.. If it wasn’t we would not put $150,000 race cars on it and travel 120mph on it .. The surface in the Corners was repaved in large Sections and took out the BIG bump that was coming out of turn 2… Each end of the Track was done at this time . Where the Cars run in the Corners is mostly in the newer sections., Some guys put their left side tires in the newer pavement and outside tires on the older tar on entry to run the higher line through the turns .. The static load is applied mostly in the Corners.. The straightaways have been crack sealed every year . Most tracks in New England are around the same age surfaces. Lee, Star, Hudson, Seekonk all have older surfaces that they maintain every year. If the track wasn’t safe do you think the Insurance Company would issue a Policy ??? Ask any Driver ??? they will tell you it’s fine to Race on the HIGH BANKS… saying it’s unsafe is just not TRUE… If it was unsafe the Owners and drivers wouldn’t put their big money machines out there , The shocks and Chassis travel the High Banks just fine thank you .. Hopefully this ends the unsafe topic once and for all … It has been cared for every year . plowing in Winter . etc. crack sealing every year to maintain a good base … at a Cost…. The Track is Fine to Race on …..AMEN

  10. I’m confused why so many on here have to bash Thompson, ACT and PASS about everything they try to do?

    We are all very lucky to have another venue like this to go to. If people knew how much better off the Hoenigs are running the road course rain or shine, the three golf courses or the always packed ice cream stand then putting up with us perhaps we would all feel great full.

    I’m greatful for being able to go all these racing facilities as well as for ACT and PASS for making Thompson happen.

    Happy Birthday to the legend Don Hoenig Sr! He’s 91 today!

  11. Fast Eddie says

    I think PASS and ACT are doing the best they can to keep the Thompson oval open within the tight confines of what the Hoenings will allow. The promoters don’t get much in the way of alternate dates if there are weather or other issues. I think they might need 6 dates to have NASCAR sanctioning as well. NASCAR is on now more on board with two WMT dates. The fan turnouts seem to have been ok. They need more racers, and I know that’s incredibly easy for me to type when racers and helpers need mid-week time from work to make the event, not easy for a lot of people I’m sure.

  12. You guys are all scared that the Hoenings are gonna close the Oval, it is a Bluff folks!!! They make more money with the Ice Breaker and World Series 2 date’s than the Road Course does in the entire season. ACT/PASS if go away the Race Track will still be run like it is now with just somebody else’s promotion

  13. Fast Eddie says

    Rich, they were trying to shut it down before pass and act cut a lease deal. Rich people playing with their expensive cars on their road course weekly is all the hoenings are interested in. Why do you think they can’t get a weekend date for the summer oval races? Because the road course is open!!

  14. Suitcase Jake says

    That place is a Gold Mine . . I agree Rich . Especially Those 2 Events . The World Series even More so .. 200 cars in the pits.. Clubhouse Breakfasts & Prime Rib Dinners.. Concessions with food & Beer and other drinks …The Hoenig’s would Run those Shows themselves if no Promoter … Hands down the Best Place to WATCH MODs …..
    Happy Birthday Don Sr. !!!!! the ACT & PASS guys gotta be Promoter’s of the Year !
    Running races down south at Hickory , NHIS , Thompson , Oxford, Seekonk , & all
    over New England .. Thank you for Saving Thompson !!!!

  15. Fast Eddie says

    RIch and Suitcase, you’re right, those two events probably make some good $$. However, I’m sure it requires a tremndous amount of work to make it happen as well. The latest generation of Hoenings seem to only be interested in collecting driving fees and rent money. Thankfully Mr.’s Mayberry and Michaud are keeping the Thompson Speedway legacy created by the Hoenings’ father and grandfather alive!

  16. Hillary 2024 says

    Hey suitcase, who was it that stated the oval will soon be unsafe to race on? I’ll give you a hint. Wasn’t any of the commenters on this site.

  17. Suitcase;
    Thanks for calling it as you see it. It gives me hope as I love Thompson, and since Norwood Arenas demise many years ago, I’ve been calling Thompson my home track, even though I’m only 50 minutes from Seekonk. (Not a diss to Seekonk in any way, but, for years no mods as Pro Stocks were their mainstay)
    I, like you Fast Eddie, have praised the Michaud-Mayberry effort for quite a while.
    I must pause and think though. Before that, Thompson wanted all divisions to take a big pay cut in payouts. Talk of shutting down, talk of owner drivers coming up with contingency sponsors if they could, to augment.
    So, these guys step in, and here we are now debating the viability of a midweek double header. I get it, I probably wont make both, and I think thats valid for any ticket buying race fan, if thats their situation, as it is mine.
    But my point is, 3 years ago, I dont think we could have foreseen anybody stepping up to the plate like these guys have, to give all us race fans and teams such choices. And for their efforts, I hope they are supported. Ill make 1, and I’m trying like hell to make 2. Gotta. Like I said. My home track. Glad I still have one to call a home track. Dont like the alternative to that…

  18. I can see being enthusiastic as circle track fans but it’s hard to believe you actually believe the Hoenig’s care very much about circle track racing. My lord they have all that money invested in road racing. Look at the schedule, the road racing track scheduled for 14 events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in July alone. The road course used on 16 different days in August. The mighty NWMT for Pete’s sake has been reduced to a red headed step child having their event mid week.
    Who knows how much the IceBreaker and World Series make? If it was such a gold mine they wouldn’t be farming it out to promoters. Promoters by the way that have a lot of other interests and could move on at any time.
    You have to be realistic in my view. Appreciate the scheduled events for the season we’re in. Simply because the future of Thompson is road racing and nothing is assured for the oval going forward with perhaps the exception of repaving the part the road course uses.

  19. ACT and PASS guys absolutely stepped up to keep the Oval going. Gotta love that. But they gotta do better for the regular division teams that are ok with racing once a month and calling that a season. they cancelled July for to many no show outlaw teams just two days before. Now the rescheduled race doesn’t have outlaws. And the regular scheduled Wednesday show doesn’t have the full five regular divisions. So one would think they could have ran the July show without outlaws and juiced up the pay outs then. The add one here, take away one here, last minute thing is getting a little ridiculous really.

  20. Didn’t the hoenigs say that the racing surface would need to be replaced within a few years when they announced the purse cuts? It almost sounded like an excuse for the purse cuts. Maybe I am misremembering but I thought the surface issue originally came from someone affiliated with the track. The fans here on this forum certainly latched onto the issue and mention it frequently though.

    My initial comment was an immediate reaction to reading the presser and seeing what they did with that July makeup. A couple days prior to the July show they announced that event being postponed to Tuesday Aug 16 even stating the twisted tea 75 lap open tour type would be made up at that time with all weekly divisions. Then the release Tuesday schedule and it doesn’t include tour types modifieds, late models and limited sportsman on the program. Do they give back the Twisted Tea money as they are no longer running the event? It’s completely different show. I think the only item from the originally scheduled July show on the August Tuesday makeup is the fireworks. If I had purchased tickets in advance for the July show and the makeup is substantially different, I wouldn’t be happy.

    At the end of the day, you are correct, we should support whatever shows they have on the oval. They are on the endangered species list. Thankfully ACT and PASS has stepped in to keep the circle track open. Hopefully the extra money entices a few more SK’s to come out and play. I really hope it works out well for them. It can’t be easy being a race promoter these days with inflation and supply chain issues. A late model race scheduled for tonight was cancelled because there was a shortage of tires. It’s tough out there.

  21. The Wmt has been running mid week shows at Thompson for over 10 yrs so nothing new on that, the big shows have never been in jeopardy, it was the normal weekly type events that are not worth the effort for a dwindling return.

  22. I find it interesting that Thompson promoters are featuring the SK and SKL divisions and not the Open mods. These two divisions were created by Stafford that has a full field of both divisions but Stafford still pays the Open mod division bigger purses….

  23. long island mod medium says

    bloviate all you want track is a patched up mess. I wouldn’t race on it or risk my investment. the guys trying to save the oval will lose their shirts and fall on their jack handles and this event or these events will be a failure ..sorry that’s reality . everybody on this site thinks they can run a race track or a promotion even with all the hurdles since COVID. you are wrong let me know when you are ready to eat crow…

  24. Wow, 10 sk’s! And one 40 lap feature. Wow! I feel like I lucked out by going to Waterford and losing 30 laps with more sk’s! Just heard the fireworks about 15 minutes ago from my porch. I guess things change. Spent less for Waterford but way more for gas. Hope the rain stays away for tomorrow!

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