RaceDayCT Poll: Have You Watched The Movie Days Of Thunder

Rumor has it that some people who enjoy motorsports have never watched the movie Days of Thunder.

Today’s poll question asks, have you watched Days of Thunder? Vote below. 


  1. I’m in a crowd scene can you see me?
    Watched it because we were all very excited to have this movie produced at the time thinking it would interpret our love of CUP racing for those unfamiliar with the sport.
    All you need to know is how Robert Duval felt about race cars. He preferred horses and not of the HP variety.
    Doesn’t hold up over time in my view and comes in second to Talladega Nights, The Ballad of Rickey Bobby for being a comedic parody. Unfortunately it was not intended.
    Redeeming quality…Nicole Kidman.

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