RaceDayCT Poll: Your Thoughts On Infield Pitting For Whelen Mod Tour At Riverhead Raceway

NASCAR is expected to announced that there will be an infield pitting configuration for the Sept. 17 Whelen Modified Tour event at Riverhead Raceway. 

What are your thoughts on the decision to add infield pitting for the Whelen Modified Tour at Riverhead? Vote below. 


  1. going to be tight,, sounds to me like they would have to limit the number of cars pitting,, or,, provide “emergency only” services,, hard to control and extend time of race,, not to mention safety..

  2. Crazy… I’ve been to Islip when they ran the big races with a packed infield… it was insane. Disaster waiting to happen. No protection, equipment piled all over the place, stacks of tires, people all over with cars flying by. As rare as a spin to the infield is, it would be a disaster. Then all we have to do is recall when TC hit the pace car as it was parked in the infield at Riverhead.

    It all depends on how it is executed. Clearly only a maximum number of cars car be serviced at one time, only let’s say maybe 4-6 at a time, perhaps limit the time or laps per caution allowed, or caution laps for each wave of pit stops. Let’s say 4 cars at a time, give them two laps under caution then the next 4 cars, and so on. Cars that don’t complete the pit stop under the two caution laps go to the back of the field. It’s gonna be a crowded infield, close quarters, and ripe for infield fighting.

    A circus with one ring.

    LET’S DO IT!!!!!!

  3. Fast Eddie says

    Somhow this makes no sense to me. How on earth are they going to pit 24-28 cars in that tiny infield? three straight lanes in the middle? when they’re line up on pace laps they cover almost 1/2 the track. Double that length and fit it below the inside lane. Large shoe horns anyone? Good luck!

  4. Apparently they were able to fit 26 pit stalls, 13 on the front and 13 on the back. And the stalls themselves are as big, if not bigger, than the ones at Stafford. Crews will be behind 2 sets of barriers while racing is going on.

    I don’t think they will have any major issue with the layout of pit road itself.

    I am curious to see how they handle timing and scoring and what not. I can’t see how anyone could pit and not lose a lap to someone that stays out.

    People are way too quick in writing this experiment off. Could be a great way to differentiate the river head tour races a bit.

  5. Dan DePetris says

    Not a great idea

  6. Disaster did happen at islip speedway back in the late 70s or early 80s a member of Fred harbachs crew was hit and killed during infield pit stops. That’s when they stopped infield pits on long island

  7. make sure those liability wavers are signed and notarized. This has all the makings of a tragically bad idea.

  8. And this idea came about because?

  9. First impression…..insane. Second impression…..OK I guess you know best.
    Interesting conversation. Many have expressed the need to consider the safety of these amateurs putting themselves in harms way participating in hot pits stops, dangerous under the best of conditions.
    Why the change at Riverhead? What was wrong with the first two events, were they not entertaining enough? In the two events 9 total cautions of which 5 were for spins. In the first Coby wins from starting 3rd but with so many green flag laps navigating lapped traffic was huge. Plus there were massive moves up from other cars to the front in the race led by Emerling 15th to second. Second race also some huge moves to the front from cars and the exciting finish with a Riverhead regular beating the 51 at the end. Weren’t those races exciting enough?
    A great post in this thread explaining the structure and safety element that was good to read. Bonsignor of all people is wagging his finger at the critics saying this is a good move, safe and that naysayers don’t know what they are talking about. Also good to read but is he the most authoritative voice on the issue? After all he is pretty safe in the car in pits stops and has a pretty good pit crew. What about the teams like Sutcliffe’s and McDonalds that may include some duffers like me that may not be as aware of their surroundings all the time?
    So what is the single most intriguing thing to watch in Riverhead events? For me it’s the track regulars. Is this move good or bad for them?
    Anyway I’m sure it will be fine and may end up providing some memorable drama especially if the points leaders are involved in some miscue or dramatic move during pits stops. I just don’t get it though when the trend is to look harder at crew safety, a lot of fans are sympathetic and the two races at the track were top notch why are NASCAR and Riverhead going in the opposite direction?

  10. Safety always the number one concern. So just a suggestion is it possible where the pits are tight to let the first ten cars come in and pit go out. Whoever gets out 1st so be it. Bring in the next ten have it and whatever order they come out so be it. Sounds more than fair and DEFINITLY SAFE just a suggestion

  11. not a bad idea but Whelen counts caution laps. Splitting the field for pit stops is going to probably add another 2 laps under caution each caution. Depending on track size they already have about 4 to 6 laps under caution for simple spins where the car can get himself going without assistance. You split the field in the interest of safety you are going to do more caution laps. You also give that 11th place car no chance of gaining spots only losing spots on pit row which probably isn’t fair. Also, what if no cars pit under caution but you only gave the first 10 cars the opportunity to pit. You are going to waste another lap letting the second half of the field to pit when they might not be interested. Honestly if they didn’t count caution laps I would be on board, but you have a wreck filled race like Wall a few years ago and you could easily complete more caution laps than green laps when its said and done.

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