RaceDayCT Poll: Your Thoughts On The Stafford Penalties For Fight During SK 5K

On Monday Stafford Speedway management announced suspensions for 18 individiauls, including drivers Dan Wesson and Stephen Kopcik, stemming from a fight Friday during the NAPA SK 5K.

Wesson was suspended indefinitely with possible review for reinstatement in January. Kopcik was suspended for the next four events. There are seven SK Modified events left this season.

Today’s poll question asks your opinion on the penalties. Vote below.


  1. This stupidity has to be stopped.

    That said, it does sell tickets at Bowman Gray.

    But then, up here in the New England, we don’t do that sort of thing. We’re more sophisticated.

  2. in my opinion,, you set “so called” offenders down,, or,, you let them race.. that’s what Stafford did,, length of suspension is their business.. that’s raceing…

  3. The suspension should have been equal for both drivers. That being said it is what it is, it’s done, it’s over. Time to move on.

  4. Kenneth Clark says

    The Show

  5. Hey Shawn
    How about doing a piece on the violence in racing at Connecticut race tracks.

  6. Stuart A Fearn says

    Rob P,
    is there really a story beyond this? violence as a sub topic of CT race tracks seems a bit of a far reach to me

  7. Stafford putting up the Street Stock flip on Facebook, not the mussel tussle. Suppose that makes sense but it did happen, people enjoy watching train wrecks so why not use it? Seems like more energy regarding the dust up then the race at the Speedbowl on Saturday which is a little sad to see but not surprising.
    Strict mandatory safety requirements, no donuts, no entering the paddock under race conditions. In the old days we could zip in and out of the turn one gate for repairs while the race was going on. Dave Dickman did it in the Streets in the early 80’s came back and won the race. In retrospect that was a dangerous practice and well ended for sure.
    Stafford is nothing if not about loss prevention. Fights are insurance nightmares and you can see this penalty had insurance rates in mind. Stafford is the only track I know of in New England that only allows purpose built race cars to compete, no predominately stock platforms allowed. Loss prevention. Correct me if I’m wrong on that.

  8. I always wondered about police presence at the tracks. At Thompson, there was always one or two trooper cars parked right at the egress of the track surface.

    I never see a regular presence of troopers in the pits (not infield) at Stafford.

  9. Police are at pit back gate every week , selectman thought it was best to remove all police markings from cruisers we’re so lucky to have such a smart selectman

  10. Stuart A Fearn says

    I’m pretty sure there is a Blue presence at SMS every week

  11. Hillary 2024 says

    Rob P: It’s done it’s over time to move on. Also Rob P: How about a piece on violence in racing?

  12. Stuart, I asked him to do that so people will see how little violence there is in racing

  13. There have been fights before and there will be fights again.. there have been drivers and crew members thrown out for the year and have been back the following year.

  14. Mike oberstadt says

    I believe emotion is what makes short track racing as popular as it is. 2 young aggressive racers doing what they love. I say both had a part in the crash (racing incident).what I don’t agree with is the penalties . If you are going to SPIT in a man’s face you better expect to get your ass kicked. I think most people would do the same. Go kopcik .

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