Burt Myers Files Entry For Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series NAPA Fall Final At Stafford 

Burt Myers (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

The south is coming back to fight at Stafford. 

Eleven-time Bowman Gray Stadium Modified division champion Burt Myers has filed entry for the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series NAPA Fall Final on Sept. 24 at Stafford Speedway. 

Myers is the 46th entry for the NAPA Fall Final.

Myers finished 10th when the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series last competed at Stafford Speedway on Oct. 24, 2020. 

In addition to his 11 championships at Bowman Gray in Winston-Salem, N.C, Myers had 19 victories over 139 starts with the former NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour from 2005-2016. He has 24 career Whelen Modified Tour starts, including two at Stafford in 2018. He finished 10th in the NAPA Fall Final 150 in 2018 at Stafford. 


  1. good news,, like to see Burt Meyers up north,, usually finishes in top 10 (in north).. expected to see number 4 (brother’s car) as entry..

  2. Suitcase Jake says

    Excellent ….I am thinking 45 or 50 Modifieds for this one …..

  3. Stuart A Fearn says

    heard tuesday there are 46 entered already. Don’t know if that is fact but that is a lot of cars.
    80 laps $10,000 is a pretty good payday for someone.

  4. NFL Pick 4-one and done says

    Are you ready for some football race fans? Apparently not it would appear. I corralled two of the forum good guys for the NFL Football Pick 4 but otherwise interest nil so it looks like it’s a one and done.
    For the one and done we’ll have the three entries with everything on the line. I’d ask the owner of the dance hall to throw an old dog a bone with an entry to make it a RaceDayCt scrap book moment. I threw you a little extra sugar and am hoping the one request in return, a one time appearance might be favorably considered.

    NFL Pick 4- One and done


    Pretty simple just pick four teams, one from each game shown below. No ties, no over/under if there is a tie score with the points you get credit for the win.

    Like in the Pick 6 change your picks any time for any reason up to game time. That means the Rams/Bills playing tonight, the rest you can change up to game time Sunday.

    Week 1 Games

    Bills -2.5 @ the Rams (Thursday Night Game)
    Dolphins -3.5 at home vs the Patriots
    Ravens -7 at the Jets
    Titans -5.5 at home vs the Giants
    (Odds via Yahoo Sports)


    Suitcase Jake.. Bills- Dolphins- Ravens- Titans..
    Bobf…Bills, Miami, Ravens, Titans

  5. Doug,
    Rams, Dolphins, Ravens, Titans
    Disclaimer: My gut is the Bills, but I don’t want to repeat the picks of two other people.

  6. I believe the payday is $15k. Not to shabby for 80 laps

  7. The roster of cars entered on the Stafford web site is rarely spot on but a good indicator. 46 cars listed and top heavy enough for the most hard to please fan.
    Bert Myers may prove to be big considering all the fans of Bowman Gray that may choose to tune in on FloRacing. The 60 a MMTTS regular expected but fans looking to see if he can repeat his Sizzler success a unique point of interest.. Not so expected is Silk in the NWMT points fight apparently entered in the 16. In the blast from the past category Todd Szegedy will be there. Who knows how good he’ll do but it’s a good bet he’ll be the fittest driver in the field from a physical standpoint. No big Stafford event is complete without Ryan Preece so that box can be checked according to the entry list. The 7ny is not a MMTTS regular but is on the roster for this event regularly supporting Stafford opens. The Cassella 25 not a surprise as a MMTTS supporter. What may be interesting is with the regular MMTTS driver Williams in the Skowyra 50 and Swanson in his own 89 the driver is in question. Coby would be a nice addition. Jimmy Paige’s 00, a winner at Stafford in the past takes a second bite of the apple this year at Stafford doing well coming in 8th in the last open. The 3 that came in second at the Sizzler and is in the MMTTS owners points hunt will have Moeller taking his second turn at the wheel looking to be as successful as Preece was in April. The not quite full time MMTTS teams of Pitkat, the dominator in Stafford opens and Nocella on the list.
    Shaping up to be a good-un. All in all moving away from the Tour for the Fall Final looking to be very smart at least a couple weeks out.

  8. Doug,

    This roster is usually spot-on: Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Fall Final Entry List

  9. NFL Pick 4-one and done says

    Thank you Mr. Courchesne!
    Perhaps one of the other two entrants in our small but spirited group could consider changes increasing the likelihood of a clear winner in this one and done.

  10. csg nfl picks. I will go all the underdogs. Rams pats jets(wait what did I just do) giants I believe we are picking against the spread so the Jets can still lose and cover.

    I plan on attending Stafford tomorrow night assuming nothing comes up. Might drag a neighbor there if he can get permission and his kid can go. Pray for a good night. I saw the SKs are not running last…. well kind of. The TC extra race is last. So, if it does go late we can leave before the end having seen the main division run. Hopefully it’s not an issue and we can make the entire show. Is Kopcik off suspension this week? I think the disrespectful loogie rumble in the infield was the first race in August and he was suspended a month, though they may have rained out a show. Was is it a calendar month or 4 race events?. Anyone know if he is out of jail and if he plans on coming back for the end of the season?

    This is the best time of year. Football big races at the local short tracks, cooler weather and meaningful baseball for some teams.

  11. AlJ… Bills Pats Ravens Titans

  12. I’m notgreat at picking football but here goes: rams, pats, ravens, titans

  13. Suitcase Jake says

    Doug, keep Positive on the Football Pick’em… Remember when the Modified Pick’em was started.. We only had a few players… then it grew and got better each week after players saw it and jumped in… Same with the Football Pick’em it will take a little time to get the word out and in the WINTER it will really catch on when people are bored and no Racing ….Keep the FAITH !!!
    I suggest a Total points for the Bills vs Rams game … Closest to final Score Total Wins . That will eliminate the ties ….
    OK Bills vs Rams – Total Points Scored– 45pts

  14. NFL Pick 4-Week 1 says

    NFL Pick 4-week 1

    See this is why you don’t put book keepers in charge of sales and why Suitcase Jake is the spiritual leader of forum pick-ems.

    Game back on.

    What SJ said if it’s not too late. Total points for the Bills/Rams game. If players don’t get their numbers in we’ll get it in for future weeks.


    Suitcase Jake.. Bills(45)- Dolphins- Ravens- Titans..
    Bobf…Bills, Miami, Ravens, Titans
    SC….Rams, Dolphins, Ravens, Titans
    csg….Rams pats jets(wait what did I just do) giants
    AlJ… Bills Pats Ravens Titans
    Fast Eddie…. rams, pats, ravens, titans

  15. Bills vs. Rams total points = 47

  16. Doug,
    Give me 52 total for tonight.

  17. NFL Pick 4-ATTN: Bobf, csg & AIJ says


    Suitcase Jake.. Bills(45)- Dolphins- Ravens- Titans..
    Bobf…Bills, Miami, Ravens, Titans
    SC….Rams(52), Dolphins, Ravens, Titans
    csg….Rams pats jets(wait what did I just do) giants
    AlJ… Bills Pats Ravens Titans
    Fast Eddie…. rams(47), pats, ravens, titans

  18. Doug;
    If not too late here, 51 points total on bills and rams.

  19. I will take 51 points

  20. AlJ bills/rams points= 36

  21. NFL Pick 4-Week 1-1st game results says


    Suitcase Jake.. Bills[45{+4)- Dolphins- Ravens- Titans..
    Bobf…Bills[51{+10)], Miami, Ravens, Titans
    SC….Rams[52], Dolphins, Ravens, Titans
    csg….Rams[51] pats jets giants
    AlJ… Bills[36{-5)] Pats Ravens Titans
    Fast Eddie…. rams[47], pats, ravens, titans

    Final Scores
    Bills 31-Rams10

    Suitcase Jake goes into Sundays games a leg up having won the tie breaker.

    Last minute total points provided by everyone impressive. Thanks SJ for the suggestion and to everyone for getting their point totals in.

  22. Well that was interesting. The Bills win not surprising but the final score a bit of a surprise.
    I don’t want to drag anyone else into my misery but have to say for the two of us that picked the Pats, Giants and Jets it’s like we’re trying to lose.
    Pats go to Miami 4 days early to practice at some college few have ever heard of that don’t even have a football team. Desperation it’s been said and the Dolphins by many people that get paid for knowing about football and picking games are making Miami their “best bet” of all the games they’ve picked. It’s embarrassing for the once mighty Pats.
    The Giants at Tennessee -5 and the high powered Ravens -7 against the Jets with aging backup Joe Flacco not much better they’re saying. I’m prepared to go down with the ship but remember csg you can change your picks at any time up to kick-off.

    Lets play the first month and see how it goes. At the beginning there will be a lot of ties. After a month, to whomever sticks with it you’ll have picked 16 games and then the cumulative totals get real interesting like in the Pick-6.
    In the end since not every player will play every week we’ll use winning percentage to determine who’s best at picking games.
    That’s how I see it but if you have any suggestions on how to fine tune it by all mean please weigh in. Like SJ said it worked before.

  23. Suitcase Jake says

    Absolutely , tweak it as we go .. you can also just do a weekly winner and not worry about keeping stats… unless it will keep you warm and brain function firing on all cylinders when it gets below freezing … LOL …

  24. Doug;
    Nice work!
    As for our little side bet on pats total record for season, i know i have to finalize before the first snap Sunday.
    I think i have to revise. I forget what you picked, (and what I did for that matter) so good time to revisit, and I’d like to go with a final of 9-8. And thats only because I’d like to see them have a winning season. I dont know though. They are borderline with middle of the pack teams right now from what I’ve seen. New coaching schemes, and once the injury bug starts which it always does (i know, same for every team).
    So I’ll be somewhat optimistic here and pull for a hometown (mine anyway) winning season.

  25. For sure cold weather or not. Adding a bunch of numbers on a regular basis and keeping things straight sure doesn’t hurt if you’re an oldy and I’m all of that.
    That’s disappointing, I thought the attraction of the whole thing was what people do over time. Kinda thought players liked the idea of showing their cumulative record in the Pick 6’s for bragging rights. That said I’m all ears and follow instructions pretty well. You have a way to make in interesting on a weekly basis with minimal ties I’ll keep the records.

    For Bobf-my picks, reasons and yours.

    Doug says
    August 29, 2022 at 9:32 am
    Miami-for some reason the Pat’s are always thought of as a better team then the Dolphins but lately can’t seem to beat them. Dolphins win but not by much.
    Steelers-Pat’s offense sucks so far, Steelers defense pretty good. Pats 0-2
    Ravens-finally back home. Pat’s sick of losing, out hustle Baltimore in this one and pull off the upset. 1-2
    Packers- Pat’s play surprisingly well considering Green Bay the prohibitive favorite going in. Packer’s young receivers still not on the same page with what’s his name. Getting real it’s Lambeau, atmosphere is electric, Pat’s out gunned and that’s how they get to 1-3.

    1. Bobf says
    August 29, 2022 at 11:03 pm
    Ok Doug.
    1-3 it is. But where I defer is this.
    Miami beats them, but pats manage to eek out a win over steelers.
    Lamar jackson runs all over pats ol, ( if jackson fully healed from last year and contract settled) and pats dont get close enough to make it out with a win. ( almost went 2-2 here cause i dont know what lamar to expect early on, but based on past history..) Ravens on top. Packers? Well, we all know how that will end.

    Change anything you like Bobf. Don’t forget Suitcase Jake is in this too saying the Pat’s go 0-4. He doesn’t get to change because he’s been very mean to Belichick. Correct but mean. OK he can change as well but I don’t think he will.

  26. Suitcase Jake says

    0-4 Bills in trouble with the ship of fools he’s hired and his kids….
    I love the stats on modified pick’ems Wins & Podiums ..
    Totals would be cool on Football too… Just didn’t want to make you
    work too hard in the Winter… It is good for Brain Function…..
    Football Pick’em should be fun….

  27. Wheres Max McGlaughlin? That wheel man needs a ride in a good series. Mike says hes better then him. Mike put the 1st tear off on a Nascar cars windshield ever, his Busch car.

  28. NFL Pick 4 - Week 1 Results says

    NFL Pick 4 – Week 1 Results

    Giants 21 , Titans 20
    Ravens 24 – Jets 9
    Patriots 7 – Dolphins 20
    Bills 31 – Rams 10

    Suitcase Jake.. Bills[45{+4)- Dolphins- Ravens- Titans..3-1
    Bobf…Bills[51{+10)], Miami, Ravens, Titans……………..3-1
    SC….Rams[52], Dolphins, Ravens, Titans………………2-2
    csg….Rams[51] pats jets giants…………………………..1-3
    AlJ… Bills[36{-5)] Pats Ravens Titans……………………2-2
    Fast Eddie…. rams[47], pats, ravens, titans……………2-2

    Winner Take All
    1-Suitcase Jake

    Winner Take All shows a tie between Bobf and Suitcase Jake with the win going to Suitcase Jake predicting the closest total score of the Bill/Rams game.

    Each week we’ll have a Winner Take All winner using the Suitcase Jake tie breaker. That being the total score prediction of the “Wild Card” game like we did this week.

    Standings above are our raw scores. I’m asking you all to stick with it for three more weeks to see how it goes. We’ll have the weekly Winner Take All. In addition we’ll see how we stand compared to every other players based on our raw pick scores as the weeks progress.

    Suggestions for next weeks Wild Card game appreciated.

  29. NFL Pick 4 - Week 1 Correction says

    Fast Eddie…. rams[47], pats, ravens, titans……………1-3

  30. Suitcase Jake says

    Thank you Doug, That is gonna be a-lot of FUN this Winter when the Racing Pick’em ends.. Everyone can play with the ” Weekly Winner ” and the Overall pick’em if they would like to get in on that their is plenty of weeks in a 18 week season and even could pick Playoff games to end the season …

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