Express Check Out: Ryan Preece Scores Outlaw Modified Victory At Thompson Speedway 

Ryan Preece celebrates victory in the Thompson Outlaw Modified feature Wednesday at Thompson Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

The combination of Mike Christopher Jr. and car owner Tommy Baldwin Jr. had been the dominant force in Outlaw Modified division racing in 2022 at Thompson Speedway. 

Wednesday night Ryan Preece brought that stranglehold of domination to an end. 

Preece checked out from the field in the closing stages to win the 75-lap Thompson Outlaw Modified feature Wednesday at Thompson Speedway. 

Preece, Christopher, Ronnie Williams and Tommy Barrett Jr. spent the first 40 laps of the event putting on a show up front battling for the lead. 

But when Preece decided it was go-time, the fun up front came to end. 

Preece went by Barrett for the lead on lap 54 and went unchallenged the rest of the way. 

“It was definitely interesting there for the first 35, 40 laps,” Preece said. “We were kind of saving, but at the same time we were moving around a lot. We had a really good car. Around lap 40, the track took so much rubber and everyone was losing so much grip, it was going to be tough and become a track position race, so I wanted to be the guy that started to set the pace. We had a really fast car.” 

Williams, of Tolland, was second and Christopher, of Wolcott, third.

Williams got by Barrett for second on lap 59, but couldn’t find a way to close in on Preece. 

“Preece got out there a little bit too much and I just had to battle with Barrett a little longer than I wanted to,” Williams said. “It was a good car. We know we need to work on it for the World Series, just one spot better.” 

Christopher won the Icebreaker event on April 9 and the only other Outlaw Modified division event this season on June 15. 

“Just didn’t have the car tonight,” Christopher said. “I’ve got to thank the crowd and [the promoters] for putting this show on. We tried to put a show on in the beginning of the race and give something for the fans to watch. Thanks for everyone coming out. I appreciate [the promoters] for putting this show on and supporting the Modified drivers no matter how many cars there are.” 


  1. Jerry Duclos says

    Thanks for the coverage Shawn.

  2. Cool beans, Preece gets his first in the family 40. Now back to the shop to get it fine tuned to do battle with Hirschman, Silk and goodness knows who else in the Fall Final.
    Watching Brent Gleason on his Youtube pod it becomes crystal clear the amount of time and money he spends on his Limited Late Model. Only 5 events after everything shakes out and the time expenditure alone for the five races simply off the charts.
    So what’s the consensus on the return of mid week shows next year it is nearing decision time? Each race has a vibe you can pick up on here and social media. This event in particular seemed like of dearth of energy leading up to it. Three top notch cars at the front but 9 cars?
    Mid week NWMT show definitely a horse of a different color. Great energy on that one.
    So any predictions on next year? The schedule going into the season for tour mod events seemed nutty it was so crowded but for virtually every show there were ample cars participating plus a few in the outstanding class. Up to this one. No heats, yikes!
    I’d be thinking three shows, the massive bookend shows and one mid week NWMT event. I know that will be wrong because the Pass/Act group are always thinking outside the box so buckle up the the announcements to come.

  3. mid week shows are interesting if you can catch drivers on the way north for weekend races,, with the increased number of promotions that might be feasible.. long night for fans so start early.. maybe once a month if you can plan it right.. i would go with 4-5 races including Closed Fenders, NWMT ,NHSTRA, NHMS+ MMTTS.. pray for good economy..

  4. Suitcase Jake says

    Well you always had 4, the Ice Breaker , Then a June Race Then the Budweiser August Race and The World Series … Probably go with 4 Shows and then you only have to fill in 2 shows to get your six shows in … Kinda sad .. We used to have like 22 shows at the High Banks. when they cut it to 14 we were all shocked . then 12 then 10 then 9 to satisfy nascar … then 6 Wow the times have changed…..The Modified Tour really brings the fanny’s to the seats…Where is the Football Pick’em ….?

  5. As suggested by other commenters, the big events (Icebreaker, NWMT and World Series) do well at Thompson. The lesser midweek events, not so much. Any chance to add a midweek TriTrack event to bolster the schedule? Another midweek NWMT show?


    For the Football Pick 4 threat is:
    “Pit Box: Whelen Modified Tour, Riverhead Raceway To Honor Eddie Partridge With Special Race Format”

    On the right side of the home page, scrolling down you’ll see Recent Comments. I’ve had “NFL PICK 4- WEEK 2” on the board for the last couple days to click on. Also in the same thread is the Riverhead Pick 6.
    Help me out Suitcase Jake. If you’re having a hard time finding it we’re in trouble you’re needed. What else can I do?

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