Numbers Game: Looking At Tour Type Modified Cars Counts Across The Board In 2022 

The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series heads to Stafford Speedway Saturday for the running of the NAPA Fall Final 80. 

The current entry list for the event includes 53 cars, which would set the high mark for entries for any Tour Type Modified event in 2022. 

Thus far in 2022 the highest number of entries for a Tour Type Modified event was 44 in the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Belltown Motors/Fowler’s Auto Wrecking 100 on Aug. 6 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. 

Check out some statistics below on Tour Type Modified car counts for the 2022 season. 


  1. I am surprised Bonsignore, Coby, and McKennedy haven’t submitted entries yet. I guess they’re not going to race.

  2. Tyler,
    Why are you surprised? Outside of special events at Riverhead, the team Bonsignore races for rarely runs anything away from the Whelen Modified Tour and he really hasn’t done much this year away from that team. Outside of running Whelen Modified Tour events for Tommy Baldwin Racing in 2022, Coby has stuck to a very limited amount of events this year with his own personally owned team. And McKennedy has been focused this year on running the Whelen Modified Tour full-time with a first year team. I don’t think any of them are choosing not to run because of a lack of prize money, competition or prestige for the event.

  3. Shawn,
    Jon McKennedy raced at the Sizzler. And maybe because, from a fans’ point of view- I wanna see the big names in the big shows (not saying their aren’t enough already because, I happy the way the list looks as it is (Szegedy is my favorite driver).
    But, back in the day all the big names raced Thompson and Stafford. It’s not like the 51 and 10 are hurting for money either. But, from a, “do it for the love of the game” aspect ,showing up to race at the big venues on a weekend is what I’m trying to get at. It is their decision to do whatever- they have the stats not questioning toughness either.

  4. I have to say. Very impressed by the Stafford numbers. I get that some of them really are not what we would consider threars, but 30 car count average pretty damn good

  5. Not surprised, but disappointed, low average car count at thompson outlaw events. But watching, yeah, its low turnout.
    I understand, as its just so tough to have a mid week event for everyone involved. Particularly for what maybe considered as, shall I say, non marquee events running mid week.
    Hope these guys can have thompson stick around. If lost, it wont be from a lack of Michaud and Mayberry effort. And yes, the streaming numbers from all tracks seem to be a closely guarded secret. So who knows? On to the World Series I guess…

  6. Just to correct 23 cars at Star for MRS, 22 Started the Feature

  7. In the early 1980s, Oswego paid $10k to win the Budweiser 200, and $400 tow money (adjusted for inflation, that’s over $32k, and $1k just to try and make it). Money talks…all the big names showed up for this kind of money,and the stands were full. I also think the ticket was $10 (32 today). There needs to be a real incentive to get ALL of the big names to show up.

  8. Back in the early 80s, Oswego paid $10k to win, and gave $400 for tow money (adjusted for inflation this is $32k and $1k). All the big name showed up, with probably 70 cars. The tickets were also about $10 ($30 adjusted for inflation). Pay a bigger purse like the dirt cars, and more teams will show up, as they can actually make money, instead of loose money, if they don’t win or place in the top 5.

  9. Hillary 2024 says

    9 cars at Thompson was a sad sight to see.

  10. So if we look inside the numbers does it tell us anything about the direction of tour modified racing?

    Stafford-Stafford swapped out NWMT events in 2021 for all open format big events in 2022. Searching for an apples to apples comparison, comparing the CBYD, Twisted Tea, GAF Roofing and Lincoln Tech mid season tour mod events, the average car counts were 26 in 2021 and 27.5 in 2022.

    MMTTS-6 events in 2021, average car count 35. 31 so far in 2022 on average but that will rise with the Stafford and Seekonk events still to be run.

    NWMT-25 cars per event in 2021. So far 25 per event this year.

    Back in the spring many were concerned about the rapidly rising costs associated with racing, tire and parts shortages and travel. For the most part the worst consequences of all the negatives never materially affected the car counts on average. What had a greater impact on car counts was the specific events promoted, where they were, when they were and what they offered for tour modified teams.
    Maybe you can find some direction in tour mod racing I sure can’t. The numbers mostly are a wash for the major series it seems to be more about promotion and the changing landscape. Stafford blows out NASCAR and it’s pretty clear the Sizzler and Fall Final car counts will vastly exceed what the NWMT could produce with a much deeper bench of quality cars. NASCAR hit a home run with the New Smyrna opener, came back to Thompson with guns blazing and has a barn burner of a championship battle going. The MMTTS decided to spread it’s wings appearing at only three tracks in 2021 with only one track doing two events in 2022 that being Seekonk. Thunder Road car count not a high number but the event widely considered a big success. Waterford and Stafford with big car count numbers, were or will be considered big successes in every respect.
    The only thing I can conclude is there are plenty of tour modified teams ready, willing and able to race they just want participate in the events that offer them the most for their money. For promoters it’s about fluidity, change and creativity. As far as I can see Stafford, the MMTTS and even stodgy old NASCAR thought outside the box last fall in coming up with new ideas for events. Honorable mention to Act/Pass as well for the three tour mod events in three days coming up at the World Series.
    My wish list for 2023 isn’t that long, mostly more of the same. MMTTS can change nothing as far as I’m concerned they done good this year in every respect. Stafford please add one Tour event for tradition. Otherwise best to just stay out of their way. The New Hampshire three race gambit promoted by JDM Productions a major disappointment as far as I can see. Good idea though, just need tracks that can produce more energy and fans. Stafford, Seekonk and Thunder Road or White Mountain come to mind.
    So what do you think? Who did good, bad and why.

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