RaceDayCT Poll: Most Interesting Storyline Out Of Friday Night Racing Card At Stafford 

After a week off because of rain, it was a long and drama-filled night Friday at Stafford Speedway.

Today’s poll question asks, what was the most interesting dramatic storyline out of Stafford Speedway on Friday night? Vote below.


  1. Stuart A Fearn says

    I want like 5 votes
    So many choices!

  2. I’m sorry but too many cars in the sk light event. Was anyone really surprised a wreck like that happened with that many cars and not that many talented drivers. Not doing the fans any favors when it’s 10 pm and your not even through 4 races of a 5 race program. I know a lot of people may love it but not me.

  3. Best poll yet
    Agree with Stuart A Fearn

  4. Don’t get the Fearn penalty at all in the LLM’s or perhaps it’s the fine points of the rules I don’t understand. She didn’t have anything to do with the spin as far as I could see and in my view should have the right to to drive through it if that’s the case. Why should she be expected to just stop and lose more ground. Should have been a no call in my view.
    All the racing stories are nice but if we’re talking bigger picture and pure success the top story has to be 36 Lights. Mainly because it’s a measure of success for a division that I believe there is no equal in New England on asphalt anyway. Not even close for a weekly, undercard division in September when a lot of teams are burned out and the division gets 36 cars. It sure isn’t for the money they win.

  5. How about the story that is not being talked about. When is Stafford going to say enough is enough with the antics of Chris Jones (again)? Whether making his goal of any heat race to take out the SK 82 or play games in the heat race like last night by trying to brake check the 2nd place car; Stafford you are better than this. I agree there are other drivers that are on this questionable list but he seems to be the consistent offender and not afraid to show it.

    I voted for the LLM Fearn non-incident that was made an incident.

    Also Congrats to the LM 92, a hard year and well earned win.

  6. Longtimetourfan says

    Am I the only person sick of Michael Bennett and his antics? I don’t think the kid has ever passed anyone without contact. Buy cries fool if someone looks at him the wrong way. Try racing people clean and maybe you will get same in return. Also let track worry about doing the officiating. Would of loved to of seen the track park him after stopping at the flag stand.

  7. No your not alone Bennett has to be the biggest baby at Stafford , he hits everyone but thinks he does nothing wrong , won’t miss him if quits again

  8. It dawned on me Friday that Stafford has managed again turned over the racing to another new generation. From Bugs,Fred and Eddie to The Reg & Fuller Brothers, to the Christophers,Bo and Woody, to now Williams, Kopcik, & MCJr.(What is wrong with the 82 this year?) And the FloTV production is unmatched by any track. Replays,slow motion, running order, infield reporting,what divisionis on the track. Indulge yourself to watch some of other tracks on Flo you’ll notice it.

  9. Let’s not forget who started this little dance. That would be Adam Gray. He knew exactly what he was doing kissing Bennett’s back left bumper at the point in turn 3 the car is most vulnerable. It could have been dangerous as well with the near misses after the spin. The way it works is if you’re poking the bear don’t be surprised when it turns on you.
    Bennett is irrelevant in the points, has a record of being mercurial so Gray takes a measure of responsibility on this one. The guy that had the toughest job in this particular dust up was the official that had to stand in front of the 19 for a really long time.
    The question on the table, is the steady stream of acting out by Bennett bad for the show. I’ll vote no. Racing needs characters like he and I suppose you could put Ryan Fearn in that category and it’s not like there isn’t a lot of rough stuff going on in that division. If every racer was Tom Fearn the events would be well mannered but kind of boring.
    To anyone that was monitoring race central hearing the yelling at Bennett starting with parking by the starters stand you likely got some pretty good entertainment.
    You know that old saw that competitors on the track getting rough with each other but are buddies in the paddock. Not my experience but especially not true with these guys I’d bet.

  10. A-keen-observer says

    Doug scratched the surface bringing up the race control chatter on the radio. Under yellow, when Bennett used his car as a weapon against Gray, the race control immediately said park him behind the wall. Clear as day, no misconstruing the words. A short time later it got changed to a much less harsh penalty of simply held a lap.
    Even when he is getting penalized he is still getting preferential treatment by the track. I mean lets call a spade a spade, it’s obvious as many here have noted.

  11. I’ve got no dog in this hunt but whoa Nelly race fans. Getting a little hyperbolic aren’t we? Using his car as a weapon? That’s what a weave and brake job is called there days. And why was Gray lined up right behind him. I’ll tell you he was being a tough guy. Smart racing move would have been to stay 30 feet from Bennett no matter what he did and I have the reason for that as well. Gray in the points lead…..Bennett irrelevant…….and you were wrong turning Bennett and poking the bear in the first place.
    Favoritism really? A guy that has absolutely nothing to gain from racing after being put down a lap is favoritism. Come on man, favoritism would have been no harm no foul on the brake job.
    What is this guy Gray anyway, Teflon? Not a word of criticism about the points leader turning a grenade in the early part of an extra distance race.
    Who let the dogs out ruff….ruff, ruff….ruff, ruff.

  12. When you wait on the track for Gray to come around is how Gray ended up behind him

  13. Sharpie Fan says

    Sorry I’m late to the party. Just got back from a great weekend. Need to address Uconnjohn’s comment. That big wreck happened up front. Even if the sk lights had started only 20 cars it still would have been a big wreck. There would just have been less cars to finish the race after it restarted.

  14. 36 SK Lights was awesome. The big pile-up had nothing to do with it. Pretty sure 5 cars had already pulled off by the time the big wreck occurred. It’s high stakes two lane racing 10 rows deep. Start em all! Let em race!

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