RaceDayCT Poll: Would You Like To See A Driver’s Big Wheel Race At Stafford?

Stafford Speedway SK Modified division driver Marcello Rufrano takes a Big Wheel for a spin Friday at the track (Image: FloRacing)

The Big Wheel races on Kid’s Nights at Stafford Speedway have become very popular in recent years. Has the time come for the big kids to also partake in the festivities once a year? Today’s poll question asks, would you like to see a driver’s Big Wheel race at Stafford Speedway in 2023? Vote below.


  1. There was a sprint car race earlier this year where due to a tire shortage they had the top qualifying drivers compete in a footrace for starting position instead of a dash short car race. It was held on the front stretch maybe 100 ft race. It was one of the more entertaining dashes I have seen this year. The announcers were having a blast and all the drivers were really great sports about it. So, I am in favor of any event competition that lets the drivers’ personalities shine. As long as it’s fun and doesn’t take up too much time I am all for it

    Didn’t the speedbowl used to have a wiffle ball competition for some of their competitors years ago. I remember hearing about it. I enjoyed the womens friends and family dare stock race for charity that Stafford had at the fall final for a few years. I think they stopped having them. Anyone know the reason for discontinuing the event? Honestly anything to help the drivers/teams connect with the fans is probably a good idea for the sport.

  2. philip davidson says

    I’d like to see Johnny Walker in a SK Light ,,,,,,,,not on a big wheel.

  3. Kind of a fan of Riverhead on Saturday night now. Couldn’t help but notice the diversity of their program that has included figure eights, a bus demo derby and enduro. The night of the bus demo the stands were packed.
    My question is why has Stafford totally given up on whacky special additions to the traditional racing package? They’ve had a carnival in the parking lot, thrill shows and a demo derby I can vaguely recall in the distant past. Under the current management team they seem only interested in offering straight up racing except for the big wheels and fireworks. The TC13 a special addition but it’s still just another SK race. Not criticizing but it seems like some of the outside the box side deals ala Riverhead might have better prospects attracting new blood in the stands as opposed to seeing drivers on big wheels.

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