RaceDayCT Poll: Your Favorite 2022 Tour Type Modified Event In New England So Far

The return of the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series to Stafford Speedway Saturday for the NAPA Fall Final was another homerun for the series with 46 cars on hand looking to make the feature event. It marked the highest number of entries for any Tour Type Modified event in 2022.

Today’s poll question asks, what has been your favorite 2022 Tour Type Modified event in New England so far? 


  1. Having been to 12 of the 14 listed, I went with the stafford ttoms race with double the car count of most of the others.

  2. Of course the most knowledgeable among us knows that the most successful event, if not the top vote getter is the Sizzler. Two days, the duels, outstanding support divisions. Three of the best, Hirschman, Preece and Silk on the podium, Hirschman onto the SRX race, full stands and likely a terrific FloRacing audience.
    The one challenger left would have to be the World Series. Three tour mod races in three days plus the insane array of other divisions in attendance. Depends on the weather and turn out but it has the potential to be a monster.
    Things are thinning out as the schedule winds down. Stafford championship night Friday, SMART at the Motor Mile on Saturday so the cupboard is anything but bare. If that’s not enough you can also replay Championship night at Riverhead they never disappoint.
    Snow will by flying too soon, you know you’re going to be bored so consider the NFL Pick 4 contest while you wait for New Smyrna.

  3. Hillary 2024 says

    Myself (like Doug) will not accept the results of this poll. The tri track event at the speedbowl was basically like the other day and the fans are still celebrating it’s success. Try this poll again next year for a more fair outcome. Thanks. And by the way somebody please check on Dafella’s well-being.

  4. You’ve misread my comment. I completely accept the results of this poll which is what it is. A snapshot in time. The personal choice of a fraction of a percent of the people that attended or paid to see the races streamed live.
    I was referring to the most successful event and that clearly would have to be the Sizzler with the World Series pending. It’s not even close if you’re being truly objective.

  5. Here’s my list based on my view of the overall event: sizzler, fall final, icebreaker, speedbowl, stafford open, sbm 125 star, oww seekonk, nhms, wmt thompson, monadnock, wmt claremont, wmt lee.

  6. Love lists and that’s a good one. You should know you went to a lot of them and could see and feel the vibe.

    For the sake of debate this would be my list.

    Sizzler and Icebreaker-in their own class as two day events. Live attendance, strong streaming audience, two days, Super Late Model crowd joined in. They had it all.
    Fall Final, MMTTS @ the Speedbowl and MMTTS @ Thunder Road- Thunder Road not a really strong car count like the other two but it was a new experience and matched the energy and interest level of the first two.
    NWMT @ Thompson-everyone paid attention to this one. They made a mid week show work, the drivers so excited they couldn’t stop wrecking.
    Stafford Opens & OWW @ Seekonk-rock solid the best way to describe them. Good if not great crowds and car counts.
    NWMT @ NHMS-only 25 cars but it’s on the big stage and the fan base always gets jazzed up to see the mods on the big track.
    Three WMT events in NH-Claremont not quite as disappointing as the other two but on the whole the Tour NH swing did not produce the energy I know I’d hoped it would when it first appeared on the schedule.
    MMTTS @ Monadnock-low twenty car count and the new stands in turn 3 virtually empty. Second biggest disappointment of the year.
    MMTTS @ Star-took a nose dive from 2021 in terms of the car count and fan interest. Biggest down side surprise of the year.
    Thompson mid week non NWMT shows- struggling to survive???
    Racing Guys @-rate them yourselves. They’re schedule disrupter’s in my book and need to work with established promoters instead of using a crow bar to squeeze themselves in.

    Coming Up
    World Series-good weather it will be the top show of the year.
    Haunted Hundred-Will join the Fall Final, MMTTS @ the Speedbowl and MMTTS @ Thunder Road in the second tier.

    Honorable Mention
    MRS-Still grinding it out and providing the teams mostly up north quality events to compete.
    Not New England Riverhead and Wall-Riverhead the backbone of the NWMT now. All good races but the last event with infield pitting a high energy event. NWMT returned to Wall, put on a great show unlike the time before, well attended, the fan base jazzed up more the usual.

    Season Grade at least so far….Solid A+. and that includes the hay days of modified racing. Promoters showed more creativity then ever with higher paying, truly unique events. The far flung fan base fully engaged showing up at some races like the days of old but with far more watching the live streams. The best part they did it all not with one or two series but several types of tour mod classes of cars appealing to different teams with different goals and budgets. Showing up not so much for points but because they liked what the promoters were providing.

  7. Hillary 2024 says

    Don’t have a clue about what’s been going on with the MRS. Don’t really care either. Sad really because they were at one time a good series that I watched and took interest in. It’ll be interesting to see how many cars show up Friday at Thompson. Not very hopeful that there will be many.

  8. MRS has been irrelevant for several years. It’s like a pickup hockey “league”.

  9. Fast Eddie says

    The MRS had a good race going at Star with 24 entries. 22 started, just wished they moved them up in the schedule with rain coming. Only 60 laps instead of the 100 scheduled.

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