TFR Distribution, Buzze Racing, Hamke Racecars Introduce Alignment To Improve Customer Experience  

(Press release from TFR Distribution)

TFR Distribution, in conjunction with Buzze Racing and Hamke Racecars, is announcing a new strategic alignment between the companies to better serve the Southern customer base in Modified racing. 

TFR Distribution is the official retail and wholesale distributor for the LFR Race Cars and Troyer Race Cars brands and all brand specific parts and materials. 

“Tom Buzze and I have been talking about doing something like this for a while now,” said Rob Fuller, owner and founder of TFR. “With Tom putting in the new building, the timing is right. With the building scheduled to be completed by the end of September, the timing is right now.” 

Buzze Racing, located in Mooresville, N.C., will be the official Southern dealer for all Troyer Modified and LFR Modified needs, from a fully completed chassis to parts and components. 

Hamke Racecars, located in Mooresville, N.C., will serve as the official repair facility for all Troyer and LFR customers. 

“The Modified deal has grown down here immensely since the SMART Tour started,” said Tom Buzze, owner of Buzze Racing. “It’s no secret, they’ve got a really good thing going on there. With our business, doing what we do, we’ve been doing a lot with Troyer and LFR anyway with services we provide. So it just makes sense. It’s a really nice tie-in to what we do. We do pretty much anything connected to the wheels, brakes, drivetrain, steering, all that, and the Troyer and LFR names are obviously great names. When you put a good group of people together it’s hard not to be successful.”

Buzze Racing is nearing completion of its new facility next door to Hamke Racecars. 

“I think for the Southern customers, I think it’s a pretty big deal for them as far as logistics and all that,” said Cody Glick, general manager of Hamke Racecars. “They’ll be able to save themselves a lot on shipping and have everything in one place.. I think there’s a lot of good to it. And it helps Hamke out into another avenue. All in all I’m looking forward to it.” 

The cooperative effort will give the Southern customer base access to authentic parts built specifically for their cars along with the confidence of having repairs done by professional fabricators and mechanics who have a full understanding of the brands involved. 

“The SMART guys are doing a great job with what they’re building down there and how they’re branding it,” Fuller said. “The car counts are getting higher and higher every single event. We’ve shipped three complete cars down there in the last 60 days. The customer base down there is definitely growing and we’re going to do our part to make sure we take care of those customers. It’s going to be nice that the customers know they’ll be getting authentic Troyer and LFR parts. They will have easy access to all of the updated and current versions of parts for Troyer and LFR equipment.” 

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