Anthony Nocella Gets Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Haunted Hundred Win At Seekonk; Matt Hirschman Takes Series Title 

Anthony Nocella celebrates victory in the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Haunted Hundred Saturday at Seekonk Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

SEEKONK, Mass. – When it comes to the rising growth and continued development of the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series over the last three seasons one of the calling cards that has come to light is a deep depth of talent in fields and parity among frontrunners. 

And in 2022 that parity has shown like never before. 

The trend of varied frontrunners for the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series ran right through to the final event of the season on Saturday. 

Anthony Nocella used a dominant car late to run away with victory in the season ending Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Haunted Hundred at Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway. 

It was a long awaited first series victory for Nocella, of Woburn, Mass. He came into Saturday’s event having finished in the top-five in nine of his 29 series starts all-time. He jumped that percentage to a clean 33 percent top-five finishes in 30 starts with Saturday’s victory. 

Chuck Hossfeld of Ransomville, N.Y. was second and Matt Hirschman of Northampton, Pa. used a third place finish to clinch his seventh series championship in the last eight seasons. 

And in a testament to series parity, Nocella became the sixth different winner in seven Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series events in 2022, and the third first time series winner this season.

Hirschman, with victories at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester N.H. (April 30) and Seekonk (June 29), was the only multi-time winner in series action in 2022. Other winners this year includes Chase Dowling at Thunder Road in Barre, Vt. on May 29, Jake Johnson at Star Speedway in Epping, N.H. on July 23, Dana DiMatteo at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl on Aug. 6 and Ron Silk at Stafford Speedway on Sept. 24. Johnson and DiMatteo were also first-time series winners.

Nocella was 16th in practice Saturday and decided wholesale changes needed to be made. 

“After practice, we struggled, we were mid-pack,” said Nocella, who earned $7,500 for the victory. “I didn’t think we were going to race very good. I couldn’t pass a car. We just took a gamble on it and threw everything at it. We were [second in the scuff session] and just kept rolling after that. … We made a call to change all four shocks, springs, the whole setup. It really made the car come to life. I’ve really got to thank my guys for not quitting.” 

Nocella, who finished third in the first Seekonk event in June, went by Hossfeld for the lead on lap 69 and went unchallenged the rest of the way. 

“Seconds, thirds, a third earlier this year here, I always just came up a little short,” Nocella said of his history in Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series events at Seekonk. “We struggled a little bit in the middle of the race. I didn’t really want to run the pace they were running. I knew my car might give up. We got a little tight at the end, but we were so close again we weren’t giving this one up.” 

Since 2015, the only year Hirschman has not won the series title was 2019 when Ronnie Williams scored the championship. Hirschman has now won all but two series championship in the division’s existence. Jon McKennedy won the first series title in 2014. 

“We weren’t good enough,” Hirschman said of Sunday’s race. “I knew I had nothing for [Nocella]. … We missed a little bit and that’s what happens. When you miss by a little bit you finish second, third or fourth or whatever. It wasn’t our day for a win, but glad to get the championship. It’s always a good accomplishment for the team. We started off the season strong and we kind of had some mediocre finishes of late and nobody else capitalized and we were able to win another championship.”

Forty-three cars attempted to make the 29-car starting field.

Matt Hirschman celebrates his seventh Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series championship Saturday at Seekonk Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

Hossfeld started on the pole and had the dominant car for most of the event. 

The first caution flew on lap 15 when Max Zachem was black flagged for leaking fluid. Instead of going to the pits under green after being black flagged, Zachem stopped on the track at the entry to the pits in turn four necessitating the caution. After going to the pits it was determined Zachem started the event without a gas cap on his fuel tank. The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series rules deem that a driver who purposefully brings out a caution is ineligible for the free pass (lucky dog) for the remainder of the event. After returning to the track with a secured gas cap, Zachem then returned to the pits and left the race.

The second caution of the event flew on lap 22 for a Matt Galko spin on the backstretch. A Kyle Bonsignore spin on lap 42 brought out the third caution of the day. The race restarted with Hossfeld leading Johnson and Nocella in third. Caution flew again on lap 48 after a Carl Medeiros frontstretch spin. 

On the ensuing restart a chain reaction wreck in turn ones and two sent Chris Pasteryak up the wall. Les Hinckley III left the track surface in an ambulance after the wreck due to a hand injury. After an extensive red flag for cleanup, the race restarted with Hossfeld continuing to set the pace out front.

Chris Pasteryak (75) runs up the wall in turns one and two on lap 48 of the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Haunted Hundred Saturday at Seekonk Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

On lap 50 Hirschman was able to edge Nocella for third place, but Nocella fought back on lap 53 to regain the spot. The sixth caution of the race flew when Galko spun again on lap 56. On the ensuing restart it was Nocella quickly challenging Johnson for second place. Nocella took over second place on lap 58, with Hirschman moving to third on lap 60. 

By lap 66 Nocella was stalking all over Hossfeld. On lap 69 Nocella found the way under Hossfeld through turns three and four to take over the top spot. 

The seventh caution flew on lap 80 when Derek Robbie, running at the rear of the field, spun just as Nocella was about to go past him. Following the restart, Hirschman went by Hossfeld for second on lap 81 before caution No. 8 on the day flew for Galko spinning on the backstretch. The final caution of the day flew for a Robbie spin on lap 85. On the ensuing restart Hossfeld was able to get by Hirschman for second. 


  1. Chad Luginbuhl says

    Congrats to the 92👍🏻🏁

  2. Hillary 2024 says

    Does Massachusetts have a wrecker shortage?

  3. I had the same question about wreckers. Even Waterford has more push trucks and wreckers 🤷‍♂️

  4. Buckle down Glu-chacki buckle down. You can win Glu-chacki if you buckle down.
    That’s a reference to the song “Buckle Down, Winsocki” from the 1943 film Best Foot Forward starring Lucille Ball. I’m reading a forum stalward singing this kids praises all the time, he’s in my head, the song is as well and thus the reference that I doubt anyone would get.
    Derek Gluchacki a star of Late Models, his abilities extending to modifieds it looks. Patiently coming from 24th to 8th. At Seekonk, not the easiest place to come from the back and against some really experienced, tough hombres. If Late Model youngsters like Jake Johnson and Derek can make a splash in modifieds almost instantly what’s that say?
    K. Bonsignor even better. 26th to 4th but with a spin thrown in to make his run even more amazing.

  5. Tri Track would be so much better if they handicapped like a regular track – yesterday every heat and consi and feature was won by either a car that started 1st or 2nd.

  6. I had a great day at Seekonk. Races had full fields and the racing was good. I haven’t been there in a long time and I noticed the improvements they made. I think I was expecting a little better Modified race. I guess I am spoiled living in Connecticut. It was a nice change of pace though.

  7. rules down south says

    Shawn , why no coverage of the Burt Myers DQ on the SMART tour for a “data acquisition device”. did I miss it ?? granted it was alleged to have NOT been hooked up but c`mon. its attached to the car ! it shouldn’t be near the car during a race ,in the cockpit whatever and he is complaining?? cant make it up…..Meyers is a joke ! whatever they are calling themselves now data acquisition I assume is probably for the ‘house” cars ?? and then shared with other teams ?? no telling now. chassis pro gonna sell some cars this winter and perhaps TBR too . so much for keeping it affordable

  8. Honestly we had the same conversation about only two tow trucks. Terrible. Then another friend came over and started to complain about the same thing. Driving thru a construction in progress Providence at 7pm on Saturday night, I can only assume all the two trucks within a 50-mile radius was on standby waiting for inevitable accidents. Anyone know why 15ma Johnson pitted so late? I think he was running around 4th and pitted with around 20 to go. Any update on Les Hinckley?

    Not sure about the legends. I hope they rethink that for next year. I was walking around and most people were looking at their phones during the legends feature. A street stock race would be more enjoyable and my personal preference.

    Aside from a rather long day, I thought it was a good day at the track. I was glad I could get there and support them. It seemed like a good crowd. I will be honest I havent been there at all this year so I have no idea how they do for their weekly shows anymore. Seekonk is a good track. I really enjoy the mods there. I wish they had a crate mod division run regularly. I would definitely try to get there more often if they had an open wheel division.

    Thats probably my season. Pretty poor effort. I narrowly edged out the COVID year in attendance of races.

  9. Forgetting Courchesne was at Seekonk covering the region RaceDayCt normally covers. Why the concern over an outdated Myer’s story. It’s been on Facebook for a week and you’re reporting it here. The big news now is that TBR won the SMART championship even after Heady had to retire early.
    Myers had a pretty good run leading a lot of laps and coming in 5th at the Motor Mile.
    My impression of the Motor Mile. Great track for the cars racing The seating is horrible, Seekonk had about 50 times the fans. The undercard division drivers won’t shut up in victory lane rambling on like they’re talking to their grand parents.
    Don’t whine about the lack of coverage. In the space I’m writing this you can report it yourself he can’t be everywhere.

  10. Steve,

    The big teams want it this way, they can control their own fate with fast time trial vs picking out of a hat and starting heat last.

  11. Great race, glad to see Anthony win! He’s been overdue to get one! Hope Bertuccio, Hinkley, and Pasteryak are ok. I didn’t notice the big crack in the turn 1 & 2 wall until after Pasteryak hit, but I think it was from Bertuccio. he hit the wall A TON!!

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