RaceDayCT Poll: What Was The Best Tour Type Modified Event At The Sunoco World Series

The Sunoco World Series at Thompson Speedway feature three consecutive days of Tour Type Modified feature events. On Friday Ronnie Williams won the Modified Racing Series event, on Saturday Ryan Preece won the Thompson Outlaw Modified Sunoco 100 and on Sunday Eric Goodale won the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Phoenix Communicatons 150.

Today’s poll question asks, what was the best Tour Type Modified event of the weekend? Vote below.


  1. Suitcase Jake says

    It’s good to see …. Most people appreciated the 1 yellow.. then green to checkers…every race has it’s own set of circumstances you have to deal
    with .. The Crew Chiefs who set up for the long runs were rewarded… took tires off the table…92 came in on lap 13 for a fortuitous adjustment and came through the field..for 3rd place.. good thing they packed it full with 22 gallons they needed every drop.. which had me on the edge of my seat .. calculating fuel mileage which was close to 4.28 miles a gallon.. Years ago we could go 125laps on 22 gallons… Now they went 150 laps with only the one caution I was surprised.. These new spec engines deliver good Power and sip the fuel..Improvement over the past ….Again… everything is changing… that is the only constant.. tranny’s with less drag.. rear gears with smaller ring gears and less rotating weight.. less drag.. aluminium drive shafts… lightweight everything thats possible within the rules.. Glad they let the race play out… not inject a needless caution… Richie & Bugsy & Ronnie lapped the field many times…It’s History… Coby almost pulled off the green to checkers until caution messed up His Dominating Performance a few seasons ago… That’s why they run the race.. Right ?? see what happens…Smokey Yunick might have lived in the grey area of the rule book, but he always maintained that he followed the rules when they were clear. As such, when the size of the fuel tank became regulated in Nascar, Smokey duly obliged by installing a regulation-sized fuel tank.

    However, there was no regulation on the size of the fuel line. Obviously, it didn’t take Smokey very long to capitalize on that non-rule. He made a fuel line that was two inches wide and 11 feet long, closer in dimension to an anaconda than a fuel line. Although it sounds pretty funny, the monster fuel line held an extra 5 gallons of gasoline, which made a very real difference on the track (until it was banned, of course). He also chilled the fuel as much as possible at Indy so when it warmed up and expanded he got more fuel then the rest..Until they made a rule on fuel temperature..
    I HIGHLY recommend Smokey’s book ..if you can find it… Read it this Winter and see all the things Smokey brought to NASCAR INDY & Salt Flats… He was the one who helped on safety when he saw the horrible fires that took drivers lives.. He brought in the ” fuel Cell bladder’s design from the Air Force experience .. He was a Pilot … If you get to find and read His book you will not be disappointed…. He was a character along with his drivers raised a lot of hell barnstorming along the Nascar traveling Circus….Funny stuff…

  2. Now that was an interesting poll response. First a terrific response rate. More importantly the Tour getting the nod overwhelmingly after reading a lot of negative commentary about the race itself.
    Just proves the old adage that there’s no such thing as a “good race” for everyone. Every race is many races and each spectator watching different aspects of it they may find interesting or not or may have missed the interesting stuff or never even cared about it. Actually not an old adage but it could be by gum.
    Smokey Yunick, good shout out! What a blast from the past. Read Power Secrets about the time it came out. More accurately tried to. So far over my head the only thing I got from it is he was a piece of work but a genius.

    “I learned about people…actually, deep down we are all enemies of each other.”
    ― Smokey Yunick, Best Damn Garage in Town: My Life & Adventures

    Sounds like he’d fit right in to todays America.
    You can find his books for sure on Ebay or Amazon but good luck affording them they’re collector items now and apparently not popular enough to warrant the printing of new editions.

  3. Stuart A Fearn says

    interesting pole results! For all the complaining about the tour race it turns out the winner. How about that?
    Thank you for creating the pole Shawn

  4. My favorite Smoky story though (dont know how true it is) was the chevelle story.
    Back in the late 60’s Smokey was cleaning house in his 66 chevelle. No one could figure out how he was doing it.
    One day while in the pits, another 66 chevelle pulled up. One of the officials eyed the 2 cars curiously as it looked as something was off.
    He had that second car pulled nose to tail to Smokey’s and low and behold, Smoky’s was 6” shorter! It was alleged that Smokey cut 6” from the middle of the car for a “handling and setup” advantages, and his car was that much shorter! As the “lore” goes, it was the start of Nascar researching the possibility of the use of templates.
    How true is this story? Well, it was told to me by an old timer at Thompson one year.
    Even if not true , it got me into Smokey’s history. Quite a character. Smart, inventive, and was all about this: If the rules dont specifically ban it, then its not illegal! Great stuff.
    Anyone remember the Popular Mechanics column he used to write monthly called “hey Smokey”? (Could have been “say smokey” not sure). worth the read.

  5. I must be one of the “opposing view” people in this one. I liked the open and mrs races better. The car counts created a whole lot more going on in each race than the wmt.

  6. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz says

    I’m sure ole Smokey had a large fuel line to circumvent the rules, but if it is the size that Suitcase Jake says it is (2 inches) it only holds 1.80 gallons of fuel assuming that is the inner diameter of the line. A 2-inch OD line would hold even less. For an 11-foot fuel line to hold 5 gallons, it must have an inner diameter of 3.34 inches. Now that’s a big snake!
    Regardless, Smokey was still an incredible innovator.

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