RaceDayCT Poll: Your Thoughts On Late Race Incident Among Leaders In Martinsville Whelen Mod Tour Race

With under 10 laps remaining in the season ending NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Virginia Is For Racing Lovers 200 at Martinsville Speedway Thursday, chaos broke out at the front of the field that knocked series points leader Jon McKennedy out of the lead in the event. The incident involved McKennedy, second place Jimmy Blewett, third place Kyle Bonsignore and fourth place and eventual race winner Corey LaJoie. So today’s poll question asks your opinion of the incident that knocked McKennedy out of the lead with nine laps remaining? Vote below. 


  1. Fair observer says

    If you watch the slow-motion video from the front of the cars, to me it looks like the 22 got into the LR of the 53, in turn got into the 79 and turned him. Anyone else see that?

  2. Corey Lajoie clearly thought the Mods have fenders. What a boob.

  3. in my opinion,, Lajoie was over aggressive all night.. Pretty typical of “big name drivers” who show up “for fun” with equipment they have no allegiance to.. To his credit,, sort of took responsibility after the fact.. also nice that final incident did not cost McKennedy.. that’s racing ( i guess)..

  4. Lapped Traffic says

    The fact anyone thinks it was the 79 car at fault is baffling! The real problem is the 50 car with the “spinout” with like 13 to go, all by himself gonna go down a lap…hmmmmm…. get these jokers out of the game! 79 and 7ny get the top 2 finish they deserved if the 50 doesn’t play baby games!

  5. knuckles mahoney says

    How the 50 donkey even has a ride is baffling.

  6. good hard racing incident – too bad it ended like it did… to me it looked like once the 79 came down the track (not sure what caused that) the 22 KB got into the 79 and the 79 spun.. one of the the better mod shows of the year.

  7. Fair observer, I see your point and agree. It looks like the 22 moved up into the LR of the 53, the 53 was already tight against the wall, and he reacted and counter-steered too hard putting himself into the 79. The 79 counter-steered into the 7NY. It was kinda like dominoes. Why the 22 went up like that is a mystery. The 22 was well into the straight, well away from an exit, so he wasn’t sliding up, he should have been holding his line.

  8. My view as well. They all had such a clean line then the 22 is drifting up squeezing Lajoie for reasons only K. Bonsignor can know. Perhaps the over correction by Lajoie simply a matter of not enough experience in the cars he seemed to struggle to identify in victory lane. Difficult to fathom seeing as how his gramps was racing royalty at Danbury RaceArena, dad Randy a former modified guy as well.
    Wanted to wag a finger at Lajoie last night. In the light of day voted one of them racing deals.

  9. Stephen J Jesus says

    AIJ is correct.

  10. Mr. Jesus has spoken, “AIJ is correct.”

  11. My god its CALLED RACING for a reason, you guys complain when 19 cars show up, here you have 35 that includes invaders like Lajoie, Newman, Labonte, McLaughlin, Lajoie had a fast car, is he supposed to just putter around the back like the 01? moonlighting, invaders, guys who just show up, so Silk complains about Thompson being a joke with no cautions and now when guys race hard to win, Oh no NO good, hey BIG MONEY Matt cost the 58 a shot ON the last restart, oh but his picking and choosing races is SMART?????????

  12. wmass01013,
    I know we often disagree when it comes to opinions, but on this one I totally see your point. I’m the first person to say you have to respect those on the track racing for a championship. Yeah, when a guy is in the points hunt and its the last race of the season you don’t want to be racing him all over the track for sixth place. But I think when it comes down to racing for the the win with 10 laps left I wouldn’t expect people to say they’re not going to race hard because the guy winning the race is in contention for the points. I think in a situation like we saw Thursday in that late restart at Martinsville, Jon McKennedy knows he’s got faster cars behind him in that situaton and he needs to make a choice. You race for the win and take the chance that you could have a points day that could cost you a championship, or you get out of the way and preserve your good points finish.

  13. There were plenty of invaders in this race. They were racing for the clock, or bust. That there were four Tour cars running for a championship was of no concern to them at all. These invaders presented a hazard to the Tour regulars running for a championship. And then there was the potential points impact of these invaders drawing points.

    Hey Shawn, any news on what happened to the 10, 3, and 51?

  14. I was watching lap times and at the end of the race McKennedy and Blewett were running the same times or quicker than Lajoie and Maclaughlin. So all this talk about how they were faster or had fresher tires is false. They all took tires the same time. Lajoie said McKennedy pinched him off 2…not sure how that was possible since McKennedy was under Blewett. If Lajoie didn’t drive through the top 2 I think it would have been the 7ny or 79 in victory lane. But I guess when you don’t have to worry about repercussions to include fixing anything or paying to fix anything you can drive like a hack.

  15. wmass01013 says

    I also think if the 77 didn’t run out of gas the winner would have been different, you can make all the hack comments you want but if a team enters a LEGAL car and the driver does his job, so be it!

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