Ryan Preece, Sid DiMaggio And More On The Latest Unmuffled

On Episode 132 of Unmuffled we catch up with Ryan Preece following the announcement Wednesday that he will return to the NASCAR Cup Series full-time in 2023. We’ll also chat with Sid DiMaggio from Vault Productions about their recent documentary release on Whip City Speedway and some other projects they have in the works. And we’ll have some wildcard chatter about some random topics. 

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  1. I’m firmly convinced Preece is completely underestimated as a communicator. With the right questions that interview showed how well he can take all he knows about racing from what we see him do locally to Cup. Take all his experiences both the successes and failures then process it through a prism and what comes out is easily understandable for even the most casual fan.

  2. Regrets, sure I’ve got a list like most older folks. One is not going to Whip City Speedway. Knew it as there, fairly close, didn’t like dirt, never went.
    Another gem from Vault Productions. Those men and woman that did it deserve to have what they did documented. A condensed history of the track now available for all of us to see and appreciate the magnitude of the accomplishment.
    I had no idea it was so well done. I’m sure the remembrances have glowed a little brighter as time has passed but you can see it on the video it was a beautiful track.
    The only thing that I can’t buy is the ending with the lease being pulled. How do such smart businessmen sign a decades long lease with the property owner having the right to pull the lease if the track is sold. That just doesn’t compute.
    The rest about it being a labor or love for a close knit, talented group that couldn’t sustain full time employees makes perfect sense.
    Seeing old, run down tracks die is one thing. Seeing such young, fully functional, popular well done facility die a premature death in the current era is unique in a bad way.
    Glad that it’s been documented. Sad that the legacy had to die one generation in.

  3. Sharpie Fan says

    Whip City was a great track to visit if you had nothing else going on Saturday night. Scoot on up the highway. Get home early because of its curfew. One of the only places that I would eat track food.

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