RaceDayCT Poll: Will Alexandra Fearn Win A Late Model Feature At Stafford In 2023?

On Wednesday it was announced that 25-time Stafford Speedway feature winner Alexandra Fearn will make the move in 2023 to the Late Model division full-time. Fearn is looking to become the first female driver to win at a Late Model feature at Stafford Speedway.

Today’s question is, do you think Fearn will win a Late Model race at Stafford in 2023? Vote below.


  1. Stuart A Fearn says

    Wow! I just saw this pole and wow, the results say the pressure is on to get that late model whipped into shape!
    The fans have spoken and they are very optimistic I must say!
    thank you fans!

  2. You’ve got the talent behind the wheel and in the shop. I’d predict at least 1 win and many podiums, but the possibility is there for more wins. What would be cool is an all Fearn podium with Alexandra outrunning the guys.

  3. A click on no for me. A gut reaction. Don’t really follow the Late Models that much but know they are packed with a bunch of hard asses that have been racing those cars forever. The odds of any rookie winning had to be meager right?…..Wrong!
    A look back at 7 years of rookie success in each division

    SK-only two Bello and Moeller.
    LM’s-Paul Arute, Keane for 2, Al Saunders, R. Fearn and Robinson for a total of 5.
    SK Light-Alkas, Bello, Barry, Debbis(5), Korner(2), Hodgdon, Pearl, C. DiMatteo(4), Graf, D. Arute, Rufrano for 11.
    LLM-Cormier, Scappini, Hopkins(2), A. Fearn, R. Fearn, L’Etoile, Narducci totaling 7
    Streets-Fuller, Tess Beyer(2), Bessett, Hydar, Hopkins for a total of 5.

    Only two rookies winning races in the SK division makes sense seeing as how it’s the premier division. 11 in the SK Lights being a yearly churning cauldron of new drivers in great cars makes sense as well. Debbis and C. DiMatteo standing out for winning 5 or 4 features their rookie years a remarkable accomplishment by any standard. 7 rookie winners in the LLM’s was a surprise mainly because it’s a low car count division populated with low turnover in dominant cars. Streets also a bit of a surprise. Supposed to be the novice division but that’s clearly not the case with only 5 rookies breaking through for wins and Fuller was a battle hardened veteran at Thompson when she first appeared at Stafford. Speaking of Fuller 2018 was the year of the woman in the Streets as she and Tess Beyer were the only rookies to win races that year for a total of 3.
    So what are A. Fearns chances of winning in 2023? The evidence will show that the poll results may have nailed it.
    In the Late Models 5 rookies have won a total of 6 races in 4 of the 7 years in the Stafford on line archive. Including R. Fearn for one win in 2019. Both R. Fearn and A. Fearn won races in their rookie years in the LLM’s, 2017.
    A. Fearn whether she’s classified as a rookie or not will certainly be no wide eyed nervous Nelly anxious about racing with the hard cases. One LM race in 2021 with a top ten. Three in 2022 with a top 5 and two top 10’s. Four total races the past 2 years and only once out of the top 10.
    So what are the odds on a given night she starts near the front, in a Fearn Motorsports prepared car, is the beneficiary of a limited number of yellow flags and gets a win? I’m gonna say it would be more a surprise at the end of the year if the 12 car did not get a win considering the facts in this case.
    Interesting, looks like Al and Cliff Saunders may be back after a year away. That would be good news for the strength of the division.
    That’s the facts ma’am just the facts!

  4. I believe Ryan will get a win before Tim and Alexandria

  5. I mean, I would be more impressed if she was jumping into a ACT type Late Model.

  6. Stuart A Fearn says

    Let me know if you need a driver in your car. If it’s safe and competitive we can consider that.

  7. Geoff Nooney says

    A win? I predict…3

  8. Good one Stuart. I don’t think these people have a clue how much it costs to build, race and maintain a race car. Why would you build an ACT car, when you race at Stafford? Where would you race it? Personally I’m glad you decided for her to move up to the Stafford late models, where you could have taken a different coarse.

  9. Stuart A Fearn says

    we can only hope Geoff! Thank you for the well wishes and optimism but I’m not even thinking of that yet. First I’m going to get a car ready, safe, reliable, efficient, fast, clean, etc. Next get on the track, then up to speed, then reliable finishing races, then podium, then wins can come,
    The second win never comes before the first win either. Three wins always starts with the first

  10. Stuart A Fearn says

    that being said Rob there is the first ACT LM race ever at Stafford coming up at the Sizzler so we will see how that goes.

  11. A hint of things to come? Will Fearn motorsports be fielding cars for the ACT race?

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