Prize Money Tops $140,000 For 51st NAPA Spring Sizzler At Stafford

(Press release from Stafford Speedway)

The tradition continues at Stafford Speedway in 2023 with the 51st running of the NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler®, April 29th and 30th, the Greatest Race in the History of Spring. The biggest Modified race of the year will also see the biggest race purse of the season for the Modifieds with over $140,000 on the line, including a potential payday over $35,000 for the winner of the Spring Sizzler.

“The NAPA Spring Sizzler® is the biggest Modified race of the year,” explained Stafford Speedway CEO Mark Arute. “In 2022 we re-established that with the Open Modified and Duel format with a $15,000 to win 100-lapper. The fans and race teams responded really well to that event and we’ll keep that format in 2023 but boost the prize money to $20,000 to win and over $140,000 in total prizes across the NAPA Duel and NAPA Spring Sizzler®.” 

Matt Hirschman won the 2022 50th running of the NAPA Spring Sizzler® in dramatic fashion, outlasting a hard charging Ryan Preece. For his win, Hirschman won $24,100 after all prizes, a payout he could easily eclipse in 2023. Preece and Ron Silk rounded out the podium with winnings of $12,550 and $8,550 respectively.

2023 NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler® weekend will kick off Saturday, April 29th with the 2nd Annual NAPA Auto Parts Duel. Two 40-lap qualifying races will set the field for Sunday’s 100-lap 51st NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler®. Both NAPA Duel events will pay $3,500 to win and $500 to start. The weekend will be headlined by the 51st running of the NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler®, a 100-lap $20,000 to win and $1,500 to start Open Modified race. $15,000 in lap money will also be on the line with $150 going to the leader of each lap.

Click here to sponsor a lap at the 51st NAPA Spring Sizzler

Another strong field of Modified teams are expected to compete in the richest Modified event of the season. Early entries include defending winner Matt Hirschman, NAPA Fall Final winner Ron Silk, 81-time Stafford feature winner Woody Pitkat, and more. View the up to date entry-list.

“We’re looking forward to adding another name to the Spring Sizzler® history books,” continued Arute. “There’s no better way to start your season than taking home a huge payday and hoisting the Spring Sizzler® trophy.” 

Tickets for the 51st NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler® will go on sale Thursday, January 13th. Previous reserved ticket holders will have the opportunity to renew their tickets beginning Tuesday, January 10th, renewal ticket access will be sent via email. Limited edition 51st Spring Sizzler® t-shirts will also be available for purchase to ticket holders. 

For more information, visit, follow Stafford Speedway on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or contact the track office at 860-684-2783.


  1. Suitcase Jake says

    WOW …… They really have recaptured the MAGIC and INTEREST is what the original Spring Sizzler had….. What a fantastic idea to bring the Sizzler back up to what it deserves for such an ICONIC RACE loaded with History and Memories ….. WELL DONE STAFFORD !!!! love the heat races and DUALS …. !!!!

  2. Way to go Stafford as always 👏
    I can’t wait

  3. Stuart A Fearn says

    $1500 for last place isn’t too bad
    Bigger than last year is really cementing the Sizzler as the kickoff event of the modified race season.
    Some may argue it is actually 1,180 miles south in New Smyrna but lets be real here. That is vacation mode down there, up here is modified country and where the real season starts, tour or not.
    My opinion

  4. Regarding the comment by Stuart A Fearn, I second that emotion.

    Modified racing is a novelty outside of the northeast. The real modified racing season starts with the Sizzler. Used to be the IceBreaker, but that’s another story.

  5. What is the closest estimate for a, “Break Even” purse amount for a modified team for a 100 lap race at Stafford? So this includes covering all expenses for a team for a race weekend or at least the main events expenses. Seems like $1,800 is a close amount.

  6. Awesome payout. How can any mod team skip this race?

  7. lets do some math for “break even” for this event.

    14 tires, (4 practice, 4 heats/duels/lcq, 6 main) = $2,800 (if they don’t raise prices again beforehand)

    ~180-200 laps of fuel, say 20-25 gallons. $300-$375.

    Entry fee. $150 for a sizzler only entry.

    Admission, say $50 for 6-7 people? $300-350

    so break even is about $3,700 before your costs to even get to the track and things like hotels.

    Not a shot at the sizzler at all, just the nature of big time modified racing.

    One thing I don’t like, no other racing series in the country combines prelim nights and the main into 1 event purse. $140,000 is not the purse for the sizzler, stop lying. The purse is good enough that you don’t have to mislead.

  8. Stuart A Fearn says

    I’m not a modified guy or I’d do some math.
    Let’s just say I’d be guessing $1800 would hopefully cover the cost of the motor wear and tear for that race. (probably not) Add on fuel, tires, travel, hotel, food, drink (could be $$$), pit passes, bail bondsman, etc and it adds up.
    Sponsor $$ definitely required

  9. wmass01013 says

    While again i APPLAUD Stafford for their work and payout for the Spring Sizzler i dont think you can say for the 40 plus Mod teams down in Fla that its just Vacation, the WMT race was packed with fans and action and the 5 nights of racing there are always intense and exciting, ask Tommy Catalano and Tyler Rypkema about Richmond in 2022, The SMART tour had some very exciting racing in 2022, Riverhead weekly racing is quite good,, Stafford had a great 2022 but please lets be serious. DEF not a Novelty!

  10. Tyler, go look up the cost for tires for the event, which includes practice, not just the race.

  11. Sizzler is a 14 tire event, 150 entry, 30 gallons of fuel w/practice estimate (depends on motor)

    150×1 3920$$$ just for car, that is equal to 4th place money plus a good finnish in Dual to break even on just car exspenses minus wear n tear on Motors Tranny Rear etc wich every lap has a cost.

    Each Team is diffrent with below costs

    Pitt fees 40/50 ea
    Travel/Hotel 2 day event
    Hauler Fuel

  12. Real American, real Christian, real conservative, real modified country or real opening to the modified season…not a fan of the real adjective.
    You know it when you feel it and don’t forget it do you? It’s February here the ass end of the winter and depressing. Whether you’re hauling and get south of the Mason-Dixon line or on and off a plane the moist warmth makes you feel reborn. If you’re racing in the Opens perhaps you can define it as a vacation but if it’s the NWMT opener it’s a long haul you’re obligated to make simply because you can’t afford to miss out on the points.
    The tour modified racing season real or not opens February 11th at New Smyrna. Five days of tour modified Opens then it on to the SMART tour and three races in March then Richmond March 31. I don’t see where the Icebreaker loses it’s status as our regional opener it’s still huge, it’s still cold and those that participate or compete the heart and soul of Northeast racing. Mainly because the conditions can be so unpleasant you have to really love racing to be there. Say the race isn’t the real local opener if you like but the occasional snowflakes are real you betcha.
    You can if you like but I’m not telling anyone at New Smyrna they’re not watching the real tour modified opener. Nor telling Labonte and the Smart tour crowd, Bowman Gray, ROC, Wall, Mahoning or the NHSTRA modifieds they aren’t real either when they open. Nor the SK’s nor even Amanda West my pick to win the 2023 SK Light Championship in her new ride formerly piloted to two SK championships by Todd Owen.

    So what are we saying here regarding purses and bonus’s. You buy a boat and hope that the fish you catch will offset the cost of the boat? You’re gonna need more fish.
    Everyone with the exception of 2 or three teams will spend their’s and/or their sponsors money to enjoy the Sizzler racing experience and they’ll be happy t do it. That’s how amateur racing works it’s recreation, it’s a blast and unfortunately in many cases an addiction.
    Taking a closer look at the Sizzler payout without bonuses it’s interesting how they messaged the numbers from last year

    1st-+$5000-Whoa that’s a big spicy additional meatball
    2nd- +$450 Sweet
    3rd and 4th- (-$50)
    5h-9th- +$50
    10th- +$150
    11th and 12th- no change
    15th- +$150
    16th- +$250
    17th- +$350
    18th & 19th- +$450
    21st-25th- +$50
    26th-28th- +150
    29 & 30-+$250
    Don’t know the reasons for the weights given to the different positions but trust their was good reason for doing them.

    Teams are smart. They know what their competitive window is and have a good idea of what their net cost of participating will be.
    The good news is Stafford is doing their bit to up the anti. The basic purses not just for the tour mods but all the races are as good as anyone could expect and the creative way they’ve structured bonuses uniquely Staffordesque. Racing is all about competition and over two days any participants are going to be challenged and have many opportunities to compete and hopefully exceed their expectations in a heat, consi, Duel, last chance or the Sizzler. Just making the Sizzler for some will make the weekend no matter what it costs them. It’s all entertainment value for the money spent and Stafford is delivering.
    My question is with so many teams having experienced the format last year will the Sizzler attract an equally strong field or will some teams fade the event.
    No word on Coby driving full time for TBR yet? We know the 7ny will be at New Smyrna but who will be the pitot?

  13. Hey zig13, if you don’t get past the Duels or LCQ, you won’t get into the main event. I’d call this one 2-day event for prize $$ total a “real” number. There are certain big Modified events south of PA/NJ, but the epicenter is in the northeast! 41 cars last year, maybe 50+ this year?

  14. So lets compare apples to apples and compare this purse to say the Oswego Bud Mod race? Anyone have that info?

  15. Stuart A Fearn says

    wonder what the people would say is the “real” modified kickoff to the party?

    Raceday poles are always fun!

    Tour opener
    Smart tour opener
    Bowman Gray

    Time will tell

  16. Bill, Bob, Tom... pick one. says

    Doug, 5K to win a Mod race is not a meatball its the crumbs from the bread

  17. Bill, Bob, Tom… pick one.,

    it was increased by 5K to 20K

  18. I think someone(s?) missing the point of Doug’s chart. It’s $5000 additional over last year. Mr. Fearn, I’ll vote now: The start of the Modified season is the first one I can possibly attend, as in the Icebreaker. For me that is a warmup for the Sizzler!

  19. Bill, Bob, Tom... pick one. says

    Doug I stand corrected. 5K increase is indeed a spicy meatball.

  20. Stuart A Fearn says

    so as Fast Eddie says… Sizzler is the main course, the big enchilada, there you go!

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