RaceDayCT Poll: What Is Your Favorite New England Short Track?

A simple poll for today. What is your favorite New England short track? Vote below.


  1. Fast Eddie says

    Hey Shawn, this one is not easy! I’ve been to 9 of 14 and have different reasons for liking each one, making the heads-up comparison tough for me. Each one has it’s own version of good racing.
    Claremont – the dogleg in turn 1 makes each end completely different
    Lee – extra strategy due to the abrasive track
    Monadnock – track looks the same on each end, but really isn’t, great turn 3 & 4 grandstand
    Speedbowl – the one true oval in the 1/3-3/8 size tracks
    Seekonk – great view from the backstretch and closest to me
    Stafford – the overall best for Modified racing and car counts
    Star – great announcer and close to the dragstrip for an occaisonal double-header
    Thompson – fastest track with the biggest banking
    WMMP – fastest 1/4 mile track (maybe just my perception) with the biggest banking, most scenic

  2. Won’t let me vote because I didn’t enable tracking cookies on the site, say in the other poll that you made a change. Might mean more security focused people online can’t vote in these polls.

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