RaceDayCT Poll: Who Is The Favorite To Win The 2023 Whelen Modified Tour Driver’s Championship?

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour is set to kick off its 2023 season on Feb. 11 at New Smyrna (Fla.) Speedway with Jon McKennedy looking to defend his 2022 driver’s championship. Today’s poll question asks, who is the favorite to win the driver’s championship in 2023? Vote below.


  1. I wonder how Melissa Fifield would have polled? 🤔

  2. Is Doug Coby running full time this year? I wouldn’t think he would be included in this poll if he was going to continue his part timing ways. Nice to have him back.

  3. CSG,
    His inclusion in the poll is certainly not confirmation that he will be running full-time this year. Is there speculation leaning in the direction? Absolutely. Nothing confirmed as of yet.

  4. based upon full-time crew we know about,, i would expect Silk, McKennedy,and JBonsignore to contend.. think Silk + Bonsignore have the finances,, i pick Silk (had him picked last year as well) ..

  5. The wraps are off the TBR-PSR-Blewett tour mod. Red, white and blue with the 7ny on it. Looks a little odd but we’ll get used to it. Also a red, white and blue 76 and the traditional black 7ny.
    TBR being coy about his plans no doubt a planned strategy. More drama, more opportunities to sell merch.
    If Coby does drive for the championship in the 7ny in a separate car that would add immeasurably to the Tour driver championship drama. Considering the 7ny’s success last year he’d have to be the favorite going in.
    Did we confirm that all the action from New Smyrna will be on FloRacing this year. If not it’s confirmed.

  6. Suitcase Jake says

    I think Jon McKennedy will have a great shot at repeating… Very solid Crew Chief with Dale Hedquist is very Sharp .. Having Won the title as a first year crew chief, Dale will only get better …The Lepines are dream owners so the equipment will be flawless and works of art when they roll off for 2023 .. Jon has a knack for keeping out of trouble and giving great feedback to Dale for the proper adjustments..Jon also finishes races like many of the Champions of the past. you gotta Finish the races to grab as many top 5’s and top 10’s as possible with some Wins mixed in and you have high probability of getting the Championship

  7. I Agee with Alj on his picks and if Silk and now his second year team can clean some things up my pick would be Silk if Justin can keep motors running he will keep it close. One of the most admirable think about Baldwin and his team was getting all those different skill level drivers comfortable in his rental car! Obviously if they can do that again it will be a fun year! Good luck and a safe 23 to all the mod competitors even the 01.

  8. 🌮🌮🌮 Liz Cherokee 🌮🌮🌮 says

    I’m fully confident Melissa Fifield would have polled very well. After all, she won three consecutive Whelen Modified Tour Most Popular Driver Awards. The 01 mafia is still a staunch supporter of Melissa’s racing efforts. Your local bicycle racer only gets mafia support when I blast my horn from behind!

    Bottoms up boys! Be sure to celebrate National Popcorn Day tonight by washing down some freshly popped kernels with a few beers… or several beers if you prefer!

  9. So is this poll cheated up as well by a Silk fan? Ron Silk universally respected but he never polls like this approaching two to one to the next closest competitor. McKennedy and Bonsignor on the verge of being lapped…..no way Jose!
    Tell you right now I’m casting a vote to keep the polls as they are technically and allowing them to be cheated up. There are no prizes in play, it’s only entertainment and it might be fun to lobby the manimpulator to do a solid for Liz and have Fifield win one.

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