RaceDayCT Poll: Will Doug Coby Win A Seventh NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Title In 2023

The news was made official Friday by Tommy Baldwin Racing. Six-time NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Doug Coby will run full-time for the team on the series in 2023. Coby will be looking to match the late Mike Stefanik as the only seven-time series champions. Today’s question asks, do you think Coby will win the 2023 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour championship? Vote below.


  1. I’m confused.. tbr must be fielding 2 cars at least some of the time.. I like Coby to contend for the championship providing he sits in a car that gets full attention of a crew.. i don’t see anyone winning the championship based on a part-time work ethic.. best to tbr and coby….

  2. AIJ,
    Jimmy Blewett will run in select events for the team in 2023. Doug Coby will run all series events for the team in 2023.

  3. Hi Shawn,, according to what i see on tbr-website,, Blewett will run the tour “series” events in Florida and at Riverhead + Wall.. so,, there must be multiple cars.. i take it that you believe that this info is a dodge (not the car).. as usual,, thanks for looking this over..

  4. AIJ,
    I’m sorry I wasn’t totally specific in my response. Jimmy will run selected Whelen Modified Tour events for the team.

  5. Shawn,, thanks for helping me out,, i guess that running full time for the team does not mean a full tour schedule.. in that case,, i don’t expect Coby to win the championship..

  6. AIJ,
    I’m not sure what’s getting lost in translation here.
    Doug Coby is running all 19 Whelen Modified Tour events for Tommy Baldwin Racing in 2023.
    Jimmy Blewett is running a partial schedule of Whelen Modified Tour events for Tommy Baldwin Racing in 2023.
    In the events where Blewett is racing there will be two Tommy Baldwin Racing entries in the event.

  7. According to the press release and information provided by TBR on Facebook the car Blewett’s driving is a collaboration between the Blewett family that owns or owned it, PSR and TBR. It will fly the red, white and blue colors with the iconic 7ny. It appears it will be racing all 6 events at New Smyrna with Blewett at the wheel. Coby will drive an original TBR/PSR prepared 7ny in the NWMT event and Caleb Heady will join Blewett in a 7ny for the 5 open races. Then it’s on to the SMART tour for Heady who will contend for a second SMART title for Baldwin in 2023.
    Sounds like a lot but it’s not just TBR any more. PSR Products is right there working along side them and were responsible for the big jump in performance last year according to Tommy Baldwin.

  8. And they are running the south tour with Heady..so to his point not sure how thin they can stretch the crew.I’m sure Doug and Jimmy will bring help and obviously money to the deal,not sure about Heady. Love your site Shawn keep up the great work!! From you dirt folks in Indiana!!

  9. The big question is what car is Coby going to be in? The primary tour car from last year, a Troyer with PSR updates that was consistently up front. Or the PSR chassis that was good in the open shows but couldn’t compete on WMT.

  10. at this point it looks to me like Blewett will be driving red\white\blue #76,, Coby will be driving 7ny.. what threw me off was at start both cars appeared to be advertised as 7ny.. i have also seen smart car described as 7sc.. thanks for putting up with me,, (i plead “old age” in this case)…

  11. Could be but the red, white and blue Blewett tee shirt TBR is selling has the 7ny on it.

  12. Blewett’s facebook is now featuring a red\white\blue #76 (???)..

  13. I believe those are for James Blewett who has a 602 modified registered for New Smyrna.
    It’s not exactly a major story but it is interesting to see what colors and numbers the TBR cars use. That is a Blewett car TBR and PSR started with. However none of it happens without TBR. He has a strong brand represented by the 7ny so the Blewett paint scheme with the 7ny seems like the perfect balance. On the other hand I’d hope any TBR car fielded for Heady or Coby stick with the traditional 7ny look.
    Last year there was some controversy about whether to start all the tour mods that showed up or not. Monday over 40 took qualifying laps and they ended up running a B Main and starting 32 in the feature. The field got thinned a little, Tuesday 35 started the feature with no team left out of the feature from Tuesday on. The car count this year once again 40 plus so if most show up Monday we might see another B Main.
    So where are the cars coming from? NY 16, Ct 8, NJ 7, FL 4, NC 2, MA 2, NH 1, GA 1, PA 1 and even Ontario, Canada for 1.
    Hirschman, Blewett in the 7ny, Silk, Emerling, Williams and Lutz good teams that you’d expect to perform well and did last year. In the surprise category for performing consistently well for most or all the races you might include Hodgdon, Kopcik, Coulter and Davis. All are back. Coulter especially may be a driver to watch he was strong all week last year. Strong Wall presence this year. Goodale took a pass last year, is registered so we’ll see how that works out as well as Emerling who may not be in the familiar 07.
    Tour modifieds and 602 modifieds leading all divisions for registrations. It appears that in spite of all the headwinds from inflation to tire and component supply issue the force is strong in the modified realm.

  14. As long as Colby is in a superior car that does not require him to drive, and he can just ride around getting away from traffic, he has a good chance at the 7th championship. The pressure is on TBR personnel to provide those cars. Engines, fresh engines, will be crucial.

    TBR looks like it can consistently field good cars, for what ever reason, perhaps they now have a good car chief and crew chief.

    Just hope TBR isn’t getting too cocky or greedy with all the cars they plan on running. It’s quality, not quantity that matters. Blewett still owes Colby one…

  15. Can we just start racing already????????

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