Carryover Streak: Matt Hirschman On Top In Tour Type Mod Opener At New Smyrna World Series 

Matt Hirschman celebrates victory in the Tour Type Modified feature Monday at New Smyrna Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

When it comes to the Tour Type Modified division at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing there’s always a lot of questions marks about who will standout and who won’t be up to speed.

But in recent years there’s been little question annually who the dominant force will be. Matt Hirschman has been the man to beat in most Tour Type Modified division events in recent years at New Smyrna Speedway. 

Monday he kicked off the five consecutive nights of Tour Type Modified features by carrying over a streak from 2022. 

Hirschman easily drove away from Patrick Emerling on the final restart to win the caution-marred 50-lap Tour Type Modified feature Monday. 

It marked the fourth consecutive Tour Type Modified division win for Hirschman, of Northampton, Pa., dating back to last year, when he won the final three events of the week. 

“It’s good to get a win,” Hirschman said. “I’m proud of our team’s effort so far. Wasn’t happy with our performance Saturday night [third place in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour feature], but this is a good start to this week for the World Series here.” 

Emerling, of Orchard Park, N.Y. was second and Joey Coulter of Miami Springs, Fla. third. 

“That’s a pretty lucky second place there,” Emerling said. “We started the race and the car was good. Maybe a little bit snug. We thought it would come to us. We weren’t bad. … We did drop a cylinder. It’s just a testament to how good the car was.” 

Said Coulter: That was intense. That was a lot of fun. It’s so cool to be able to mix it up with these guys. This is all still brand new to us and the team. 

Emerling took the field to green with Eric Goodale moving from third to second and Ron Silk from fourth to third. 

It was a short green flag run to start the event. Caution flew on lap three for a multi-car pileup in turn one. 

On the restart it was Goodale bobbling coming to the green flag allowing Silk to move to second behind Emerling. 

Silk found a way under Emerling on lap five and the pair went side-by-side for lap six with Silk edging to the lead at the line to complete lap six. 

On lap seven Silk was able to clear Emerling, who tucked in behind for second. 

Caution flew on lap 11 for the spinning car of Paul Hartwig Jr. 

On the restart it was Silk holding the top spot. Hirschman made the move past Goodale to third. Goodale quickly fell back to seventh. 

It was a short-lived green flag run with caution flying again on lap 14 after Andrew Krause found the outside wall on the backstretch. 

Silk stayed out front for the ensuing restart with Hirschman moving past Emerling to second. 

The race saw its longest green flag stretch following the lap 14 restart and Silk was able to open some breathing room over Hirschman out front. On lap 23 JR Bertuccio had issues on track to bring out the fifth caution of the event. 

On the ensuing restart it was Hirschman overtaking Silk for the lead. Silk was able to stay with Hirschman initially, and nearly made a move to retake the lead with 21 laps remaining. But with 18 laps left Silk slowed tremendously monentarily. Four laps later Silk went to the pits with motor issues, moving Emerling to second. 

“It seemed like it was a two car race,” Hirschman said. “Obviously [Silk] dropped out for whatever reason. The two of us were the class of the field tonight. They won Saturday night [in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour event]. They obviously were off to a real good start. Whatever happened, that took the pressure off there.”

The sixth caution flew on lap 42. On the lap 42 restart Hirschman quickly checked out from Emerling, but behind them contact between Goodale and Joey Coulter sent Burt Myers up the track and back through traffic where he made contact with Anthony Nocella. 

The second attempt at a lap 42 restart saw Hirschman easily clear Emerling into turn one and check out in the lead. 

A Tommy Catalano spin brought out the eighth caution lap lap 47 with Hirschman leading Emerling and Goodale in third. 

Hirschman once again easily checked out on Emerling on what turned out to be the final restart of the night. Behind him Coulter moved past Goodale for third. It left Goodale fighting with Tyler Rypkema and Jimmy Blewett in a wild battle for fourth place over the final two laps. Rypkema ended up getting fourth, with Goodale rounding out the top-five.


  1. Where’s Dug Kolby, JBon, and Fifield? Thought for sure these three would stay the week.

    This is a great opportunity for Fifield to get a bunch of intense seat time. I’m sure they could’ve gotten the power steering issue sorted out. They seem to have plenty of power steering problems, and other technical issues.

  2. Kind of fixated on the puddle of oil the 16 left on pit row. First wondering what it means for the 16 team. Will they decide one expired engine is enough and head home? Wondering how what has to be a newer RYR engine expires so early in the season? Is there a guarantee, they get a replacement after a deductible and coinsurance. Wondering why we never seem to see Hirschman in the same position even after years of competition? Wondering if Silk had shut it down after it first faltered if he could have saved it. What’s that you say. It was a faulty oil line and the engine is fine? Good to know. But still wonder why it never seems to happen to Hirschman or at least at an impossibly low rate of part failure.
    That new PSR of Myers is making him look pretty good. Well except when he has a mind grape hiccup trying to get back in line with no space available.
    OK we all know Hirschman is not a guy to get too excited but come on man! He was so blasé after the win you wonder if he were checked for a pulse if you could find one. For now it’s just a chess match with more moves to be made. Sure check back on Friday after the feature and if he wins it we may see the hint of a smile.
    Rypkema was rypping at the end the highlight of the latter part of the race. Goodale didn’t appreciate the sharp elbows for sure but too bad. It’s a sprint, feathers get ruffled so toughen up or go home and get ready for the next NWMT race.
    Coulter a surprise last year, nothing of the sort last night. Bello as well in his Kopcik prepared car. Young man seems to do well in anything he sits in.
    Ruh-ro. The 7ny magic last year may have lost a bit of it’s wow factor. Fast for sure but so far we’re not seeing that special edge. Nothing stands still in racing especially in the off season.
    So what do you think players, are we doing a Pick 6 for the Richie Evans Memorial race on Friday? Or is Hirschman taking all the fun out of it? I’m thinking in terms of a Hirschman exclusion Pick 6 and ghosting the 60 depending on his relative dominance.

  3. 16 was not a WMT spec motor, it was their built open motor as most guys are running down there, diffrent rules between Nascar and Symrna

  4. I’m up for a “Pick 6” with or without Hirschman

  5. Suitcase Jake says


  6. I would be too Eddie. The only issue I see, is this. We pick 6 with a fairly solid roster ahead of time, with the tour, tri track ect.
    Attrition during the week may be an issue on picks by the time Friday night rolls around. Take Silk for example…..

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