RaceDayCT Daily Live Coverage Of New Smyrna World Series Starting Saturday

Even after an unseasonably warm day Friday across the Northeast, the weatherman is still calling for temps dropping again soon, and probably some more snow in the place where Modified racing reigns supreme. 

But down in Florida the weather is perfect to get the 2023 Modified racing season kicked off. 

And RaceDayCT will have all the Modified racing covered from the World Series Of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway beginning Saturday.

The nine-night world series kicked off tonight. Tomorrow the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour kick off its 2023 season with the running of the New Smyrna Visitors Bureau 200 Saturday, marking the second event for the series division at the historic track. It marks the second consecuitve season the Whelen Modified Tour opens its season at the facility.

Action for the Tour Type Modified division for the World Series begins Monday. The Tour Type Modifieds will run five consecutive nights at the World Series next week.

The division kicks off its slate of events with a 50-lap feature Monday at New Smyrna. The division runs a 50-lap feature Tuesday followed up Wednesday by the John Blewett III Memorial 76 lap event. Another 50-lap feature Thursday sets up for the final event on Friday Feb. 17, the 100-lap Richie Evans Memorial event.

We’ll have a special live updates page each night of the Modified action in Florida with RaceDayCT’s Denise DuPont and Jim DuPont on site for every feature. 

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  1. Suitcase Jake says

    One Observation from Volusia Speedway Park “” World’s Fastest Half Mile ” I was Astonished at the SPEED & LAP TIMES … 900hp – 1800lbs on DIRT = 13.73 seconds around the track …
    Stafford Sizzler times Tour Type half mile = 18.685 …. WOW almost 5 seconds faster… Those World of Outlaws really do fly … To all you DIRT FANS i now see [ well i may be able to see in a few days ] what the attraction is … These Dirt cars put on an AMAZING SHOW … three wide is the norm as Drivers seek out the FAST GROOVE moving HIGH then LOW then Middle .. I mean these Drivers get up on the Wheel and really work it… The speed is like that of a SUPER MODIFIED is the only thing I can compare it to ..The difference in size of the RIGHT REAR to LEFT REAR looks like 5 inches of Stagger…. Seems like as a Driver you gotta constantly move around to find the SWEET SPOT … I was also AMAZED to watch them fly through the CORNERs like they weren’t even lifting off the THROTTLE … The lap times speak for themselves … I think i am going to more DIRT RACES … I used to think dirt was for growing potato’s .. I WAS WRONG…. Next time i am investing in some Ski Goggles …. LOL .. My local forecast for NEW SMYRNA is calling for 80 % showers and 25mph winds and Thunderstorms and rain showers for Saturday… If it does get washed out… I would guess ?? Sunday afternoon race ???? Then regular race card run that evening ????? LOTS of RACES to Run ??? Maybe SUNDAY would become a DOUBLE HEADER day night double header..??? Maybe Shawn could comment on this ..???

  2. Suitcase Jake,
    I’ve seen the forecast doesn’t look so good for Saturday at New Smyrna. I have not heard of any contingency plans in place thus far for a makeup day.

  3. Looks like it will be a real nail biter today… the weather that is. The rain is moving in a northeast direction and staying just a couple miles northwest of the track.

    🤞 🤞 🤞 🤞 🤞 🤞

  4. Monday is looking great. Showers, gusty winds and possible lightning strikes tonight. Tomorrow better but gusts as high as 35 MPH. Not a deal breaker but annoying.
    A Sunday of NWMT racing in the afternoon and Super Bowl at night would be a pretty good day don’t you think if it comes to that?
    Be careful down there!

  5. Suitcase;
    Its like the cars get thrown into the corners and then its a complete power slide through the corners, then its who gets the best drive off! Crossovers are a regular occurrence lap after lap. Its crazy, and I call it “controlled chaos on dirt”!
    Volousa amazed me me, as the sheer volume of cars to run was off the charts! Yet when one qualifier ends, the next group of cars are on the track pacing. Cautions? For the few that happen, they last about 2 laps at most, then go green. Crazy! Bang, bang, bang, one race after another! You need that intermission!!
    The world of outlaws show that I saw there was like a hurricane in a cereal bowl, when those guys got going. How they could even see, let alone race without major incidents was nuts!
    It gets cold down there in orange county at night pretty quickly, so even though its warm when you go in, bring something warm to put on, as its a damp cold! I also recommend paying the extra couple of bucks for the reserved seating. That gets you up high out of most of the dust and spittle! Worth it imo. Have a ball Jake, wish I was there with you this year!

  6. I am glad you got to check out a dirt race. My favorite race car is the dirt late model. They will probably get somewhere around 60 to 70 of them next week with many of the big names in attendance. The winged 410 sprints go like heck no doubt but in my opinion, you see more passing in dirt lates. The cross over and slide jobs are crazy. You nailed the one issue with dirt racing…..the dirt. It gets everywhere. I have ruined a few particles of clothing at a dirt track. There is a reason most of the souvenir driver t shirts are black. My goal is to get to one of the big late model shows at Eldora one of these days. Have fun, enjoy the rest of the week.

  7. Boy I’m reading all these accolades for dirt racing from a few of the asphalt elders and wondering what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I watch more then a few laps of dirt racing no matter how much it pays to win, how many cars are entered, how fast they’re going or how good the racing is?
    The only reasons that come to mind have to do with investment, tradition and local. Not just seeing the racing on the track but knowing a good deal of the minutia of every car and driver on the track completely absorbed in what your seeing. Who’s a favorite, a long shot, young gun or older veteran. Having following their careers for 3, 5 or 10 years. Having an inimate familiarity or many of the local tracks and their history as well. A Connecticut and New England tradition of asphalt racing going back to the 1950’s and being part of it in some small way. Being here sharing experiences with other fans with equally strong investments in New England asphalt short track racing and enjoying their informed observations.
    I’d never suggest that asphalt racing is better then dirt in any respect. Also would never suggest that non US football (soccer) is better then American football either. We just go with what we know right?

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