RaceDayCT Poll: Did You Watch The NASCAR Busch Light Clash At The Coliseum Sunday

NASCAR kicked off its 2023 season for the premier Cup Series with the second running of the Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum in Los Angeles. Martin Truex Jr. scored victory in the wreck-marred event. Today’s poll question asks, did you watch the race? Vote below.


  1. Darned tootin I watched it and with rapt attention. Preece was outstanding steadily moving through the field. Seemingly avoiding all the bumping and banging in the process going inside and out it was a sight to behold. Were it not for the fuel pump/electrical malfunction would have finished on the podium. As it stood he exceeded expectations overcoming the problem to salvage a 7th. Initial grade for this new team combo B+ to A-. A confidence builder going into Daytona.
    Accolades to Mike Joy for getting the “Pinto Revolution” bit in for we modified fans. Following through while his booth mates were seemingly being dismissive of the reference to modified history.
    Make this the last year for this deal NASCAR. It’s been cool but the crowd size was down and the energy nothing like last year. All the spinning and cautions not a good look either. Take the win and figure out some place else to waste a crap load of money building then ripping up a temporary track.

  2. Preece put on a good show. Too much half-time crap for me….

  3. I tuned back in after I saw Ryan was up the 6th and watched till the end. Great run for him and yes Joy had an abundance of mod history nuggets to inject. I’m excited to pay attention to Ryan this year but I don’t know how I’ll stomach the overall broadcast, esp. on Fox.

    I get what NASCAR is trying to do, but man they are trying too hard. That’s not a racetrack, having what’s her name up there in the booth was nothing but awkward and uncomfortable- the “halftime” performer? Really?? I wonder how many tickets they gave away?

    My typical approach for most broadcasts is to tune in as late to the start as possible, mute as much as I can and hope I don’t get nauseous.. last night was a tough… but a great start to the year by Ryan – his performance was awesome, the product was gross…

  4. Arch Stanton says

    Watched ONLY because of Preece. Also concur with Steve;To much halftime crap for me…

  5. i missed the qualifying races but caught the entire feature. It was tough, way too many cautions.

  6. If you DVR is and start watching about an hour late, you can fast forward through the garbage and focus on the race, as well as having your own instant replay.

  7. Suitcase Jake says

    Other than Ryan Preece showing the CUP WORLD he is going to be PLAYER this season…. That was horrible…. trash this one … like the Daytona back stretch nightmare… But please have more races that have HEAT RACES and LCQ races we love that part of it …..

  8. I did exactly that fast eddie. I do that with all the cup races. I also agree with your observation of how many areas were covered.
    Doug, spot on! Its run its course.
    Take all that money, and revitalize a track that needs it, and put on a show. Sorry, LA to me, is not stalwart Nascar country.
    If Nascar wants to value input of their fans when making decisions (one of their reasons for doing the coliseum gig as they claimed year one), then how about this?
    Have fans vote where they would like to see the clash,, and put the money, time and effort there.
    I’d love to see the clash at Rockingham for instance. Sure, I’m pipe dreaming, but the whole production just seemed so hollow.
    Dont get me wrong, I love short track Saturday night racing, but, I had a hard time believing Gwen Stephani is a diehard Nascar fan. Just sayin…

  9. John l Pisciotta says

    That wasn’t top Nascar Series racing. Thankfully I fell asleep after about lap 5. If nascar want to pull racing in crappy venues, let’s just hold cup races at the local Cumberland Farms, set up cones and race around the pumps! Coming to a city near you!

  10. John Pisciotta,
    How come you didn’t return to the other comment thread about the SRX that you were having a tantrum on the other day?

  11. Mike Lindsay says

    cured my insomnia

  12. I am reading Kyle Bush was caught with a gun in Mexico during the off season from a couple of respectable news sources. He was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for a US licensed gun found while traveling through a Mexican airport. Seems like a pretty big oversight on his part. Also makes you wonder how he got it through the US airport to get it down there in the first place. Can he be extradited back to Mexico to serve the jail sentence?

  13. CSG
    Before the debate shifts here … lets get the comments on the actual story. Cup Series Driver Kyle Busch Reveals He Was Arrested Last Month In Mexico

  14. my bad I didnt see the other story before I posted. You can delete my previous post on this thread if you want.

  15. CSG,
    No problem.

  16. Tried to watch it live at my son’s house that doesn’t have cable. Turns out it’s really fricken hard to set up a streaming service. The options on the NASCAR website don’t lead you to a straight forward way to watch the race online. After signing up for one of the services they advertised I eventually found out that without a cable subscription the race was blacked out in my area. That really sucked because my son seemed interested in watching with me for once. Good thing he won’t be home for us to not be able to stream the Daytona 500 because I’d hate to hype up a cool race just to disappoint him again. At least I didn’t waste my money because by chance said service had all the reruns of Mythbusters my son wanted to see.

    In any case I saw the race on delay and thought it was a great short-track exhibition, about what I’d expect if the Cup series went to Bowman Grey Stadium. Now to NASCAR: don’t make it a points race. If you need a points race in the LA area go to Irwindale for a year. I think they might be worried that if they did that and the race was great people would be mad when they left for the new track. I think there’s probably enough room for both tracks to exist, especially since ISC hates running local races at their tracks.

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