RaceDayCT Poll: Who Had The Most Impressive Unexpected Standout Performance At New Smyrna

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour kicked off its 2023 Saturday at New Smyrna Speedway with Ron Silk holding off Justin Bonsignore for the victory. Behind the leaders, Anthony Sesely, Dave Sapienza and Austin Beers each had impressive performances to land spots in the top-10. Todays poll asks, who has the most impressive unexepcted performance Saturday at New Smyrna Speedway? Vote below.


  1. my pick goes to Ben Dodge,, with Sapienza a close 2nd..

  2. To Me Sapienza, not been much success last few years from the 36, good to see, Sesely in a ride with Kopcik as crew chief a nice story, I think you will see the 64 with Beers in the TOP 5 or 10 Most races, now get the pit stops down. Honorable Mention goes to Ebersole, 29 of Spencer Davis who showed some speed and 46 of Justin Brown, nice to see the 46 back on the WMT.

  3. Suitcase Jake says

    Beer’s is a chip off the ole block… He would be my pick … Only thing that prevented Him from a top 5 ,,, was on pit road.. something went wrong and it was super long stop.. then had to return again… last car on lead lap and made a mad dash to 8th.. Keep an eye on this combo .. Sly is quite talented and obviously Beers is seasoned after strong performance in 22′ .. Sap really did well with Ryan Preece set up… Sesley really showed his talent mixing it up with the Big Dogs on the Tour and certainly showed us railbirds he has the talent when sitting in the right Car…Also Jake Johnson took a super loose car to the halfway point , down a lap , starting way back to get back on the lead lap and was really running the outside groove to go from what looked like a disaster to a respectable top 10 in the end… COOL HAND SILK really showed how great he is under pressure… He was under control all race and stuck with the game plan and He really wanted to get HIS TEAM their first WIN and it really showed when Justin gave him the nerf bar in turn 1 He jumped right back to slide back under in the same spot one lap later.. Justin knew what was coming.. but hit the brakes and did a nice crossover more that failed coming down the back stretch… Well Ronnie had enough of the contact and really ran it in deep to pull away with the fastest car and take firm control at the end … COOL HAND SILK… Big money kept coming in for sway bar adjustments and right front coil over adjustments to do what he always does.. Got the Tires and adjustments made and was able to save time on that last stop…that enabled the #60 to come out 3rd with 25 laps to go… Big money didn’t have the usual drive off the corners… just a hair off ..,but just a MASTERFUL JOB in the pits took him home 3rd… Pretty respectable for having spent most of the race in the teens …..But in the end of course on the podium >>> Boy we would really love to see BIG MONEY with a FULL-TIME TOUR ride ….. with his average finishes way up there in recent Tour Races He would be in the hunt for the Championship….

  4. Jerry Cook

  5. I love when people say they would like MH to have a full time tour ride, he raced in 49 events in 22., 39 in 21, 32 in 20, 36 in 19, so between his car and pee dee car he could, HE chooses Not too, end of story!!!

  6. Feel bad for Beers & Johnson, they both deserved better finishes.

    Sap with the Preece setup was impressive.

    My pick Beers with Johnson a close second.

  7. Pre wreck lap 33: Silk, Bonsignor, Coby, Goodale, Hirschman, McKennedy, Blewett, Krause, Sapienza, Sesely, Rypkema, Catalano, Beers. Looks about right doesn’t it? Perhaps the only real surprise Sapienza in ninth.
    Post wreck lap 24: Silk, Hirschman, Sesely, Coby, Bonsignor, Rypkema, Sapienza, Johnson, Catalano, Beers

    Sesely-Why’s he stuck in our heads? 10th pre wreck is a notably good run but not outstanding. The wreck working to his benefit but he did fade a couple spots before gaining one back. His best move not getting spun by Sapienza while he was fading from third post wreck.
    Sapienza- good run. 9th pre wreck a surprise, got a small advantage from the wreck. The most notable thing about Sapienza’s run was consistency.
    Beers- lead all those laps as noted and passed two cars for the 8th.

    Overall my pick would be Beers. Then again maybe not. In the last 11 races in 2022 Beers had an average finish of 9th. Finishing every race with a 3rd, 6th, 2 sevenths, 8th and a 9th. Maybe we just aren’t up to speed on the 64 thinking of it in terms of the hapless car it was pre Beers. This finish more expected in my view based on last years results.
    It’s a no to Sesely mainly because he would have been top 10 material if not for the wreck, good but not great. Sapienza judge as you will I’m biased against him and unfit to judge. No to Beers based on last years results. I’m going rogue. Jake Johnson finishing 6th perhaps not a surprise going in but what he overcame coming back to finish in 6th was every bit unexpected and outstanding.
    Screwed through no fault of their own and starting behind the 8 ball for 2023 include McKennedy and Goodale. Blewett as well but points not a concern in his case.

  8. David Fisher says

    Hirschman does choose not to run the tour in its entirety, but I certainly wish he would. Certainly not the end of the story, as I will continue to hope he will run the whole tour in the future.

  9. Suitcase Jake says

    wmass.. like David we understand why he doesn’t run the Tour Full-time… Just saying we along with probably yourself included .. it would add to the overall quality and competition of the races on the Schedule.. Having Matt would be great for everyone… especially US FANS… Matt is quite happy going to the big money shows and depositing big checks … 28 WINS is just amazing in 22″ … Looking forward to tonight and the Modified Shows to watch Him wheel a Racecar…He is a special talent… Hopefully people recognize it and enjoy it while we have it … HAVE FUN = BE HAPPY
    LOTS of Racing to watch this week… And gonna hit some DIRT shows too…and then the big Track Daytona for Sat & Sun … Peace out….

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