RaceDayCT Poll: How Many SK Modified Wins Will Jimmy Blewett Have At Stafford Speedway

It was announced yesterday that Jimmy Blewett will run full-time in the SK Modified division at Stafford Speedway in 2023 driving for Petty Cash Motorsports. Today’s poll question asks, how many wins do you think Blewett will have in an SK Modified at Stafford in 2023? Vote below.


  1. Suitcase Jake says

    I will say… 2..Couple…Deuce … snake eyes… With all His experience and Chassis knowledge Jimmy should WIN at least 2 .. Two …Races…. The competition is probably the strongest division in the Country…But with handicapping being what it is … It’s really hard getting to the front each and every week…Throw in a few rough and tumble races… Jimmy will definitely stir the POT so to speak among the TOP runners…FLO RACING must be OVERJOYED with Showtime joining the WEEKLY series…It’s going to be real interesting how Rocco & Owen & Kopcik race with the new “INVADER” usually there are growing pains and turf wars that have to be sorted out.. The car is fast… the driver is fast…. We will all be tuned in to the SK’s in 2023 to see how this new dynamic works out ……I will go out on a LIMB and say Jimmy will ruffle a few feathers of the Stafford BIG 3…. wait for it ….

  2. Fast Eddie says

    Suitcase, I think you’re a little conservative with ruffling feathers, I’d say at least a dozen ruffled race teams before mid-season. But 1/2 will be THEIR perception of what happened.

  3. Every good drama needs a hero and a villain…like professional wrestling! We just got a strong villain. Calls to mind Bo Gunning at Stafford in the past.

  4. I said one. For some reason I don’t see this relationship lasting the entire season. I hope I am wrong because I think he will be entertaining. You need heroes and villains to captivate fans. I think Jimmy Blewett can fill one of those roles very well. Stafford Speedway could use a draw with Chase Dowling and Ronnie Williams no longer running weekly. Race season is almost here.

  5. Oh Bo Gunning great reference from the past Rich. I’m with csg on this one though long commute grandpa passed all the cars in jersey garage and let’s face it Jimmy not a kid anymore! I don’t give it until July 4th if things aren’t going well and he’s not having fun. Cuz at the end of the day the man has a ton of other things he can do other than fighting city and beach traffic every Friday,I’m sure it’s going to mean a day off from work and with pops gone not sure if that’s a total option for him as in years past. I hope I’m wrong it will be entertaining to watch all season long that’s for sure!!

  6. 😷 😷 😷 darealgoodfella 😷 😷 😷 says

    Jimmy has been around for a long time. His family name has been made famous by his ancestors. Jimmy has just never lived up to his predecessors. He wrecks too damn much. The SK series is extremely and incredibly competitive, perhaps some of the closest and best competition to be had. Jimmy needs a wide berth, or he will take himself and those around him out. SK racing does not provide that space. We’ll see how this works out after a couple clips, several nerf bars, radiators, bodywork, chrome horns, A-arms, wheels, etc.

    SK racing probably has the best parity, which results in a giant pack of cars that do not spread out like tour mods. Then the SKs are always being bunched up again with all the yellows. Jimmy is going to cause even more yellows.

  7. For the purpose of building excitement for the season almost upon us how about a little tier action to familiarize us with the SK roster for 2023. A roster that has lost some notable drivers but has added some as well and with around 4 dozen cars listed after allowing for duplicates and guys like Hirschman that just want to reserve a number still a robust roster by any standard.

    Tier 1
    Todd Owen- he’s the last man standing. Ronnie Williams is out this year, Rocco is off to the Avery stable, Kopcik is unlikely to run full time so that leaves Owen. The only hope for the rest of the field is Chassis Pro is too busy working on other drivers cars and Owen’s attention is diverted like Rocco’s this year attending to his own brand.

    Tier 2-best bets if Owen stumbles
    Christopher, Rocco, Kopcik, Rufrano
    So with two strong willed old hands like Rocco and Mike Sullivan as crew chief how is that gonna work? The 22 not a tier two car based on prior performance but it’s a TA4 with Pettit power which implies heavy KRR upgrades with a master at the wheel. Christopher in Tier 2 not a tier 2 car based on last year but with Mike Sr pulling the strings any year could be their year. Kopcik listed as Bello’s crew chief, probably part time but if he ran full time would need to master his occasional bouts with poor on and off the track decision making. Rufrano needs no explanation. Arguably Owen’s biggest threat.

    Tier 3-Can win races and perhaps contend for the championship.
    Arute, DiMatteo, Bello, Blewett
    No more awe shucks I’m so happy to win for David Arute. He’s arrived and a contender to win races in a proven Chassis Pro. DiMatteo will add to the magic he brought to the Raceworks hot dog last year and Bello barely out of diapers from an experience standpoint is The Natural. Won a race last year, would have been 2 were it not for Kopcik getting jiggy in victory lane so proof time is over for Bello. He can win from day one. I can definitely see the Blewett/Petty Cash team winning but just can’t see them as contenders for a championship.

    Tier 4
    Gervais, Talman, Puleo, Korner
    The 7 could be rated higher with a win but both that car and the 31 have too much bad luck for it to be just bad luck. Gervais in a KRR rental can’t find the winners circle while other KRR cars can. Talman does everything except win so far.

    Wild Cards
    Glenn Reen- ruh-ro Reen Acres may be back. Roster shows the familiar Avery stable 17 can but the owner listed as Ralph Ridgeway. You probably don’t want to be in back of Reen and Blewett if they’re racing each other if you can avoid it.
    Tyler Hines- a winner last year but this year in a Chassis Dynamics creation using Rowan Penninks old number the 99. The great Mike Paquette part of the crew, great owner/sponsors in the Poulin’s. Blewett getting all the buzz, this team the one to watch in my view.
    Moelleur 35-Andrew has bigger fish to fry, no driver is listed in the 2023 roster so who knows what their plans are. Maybe an occasional run. While a winner in the past meh last year so SK’s probably in the rear view mirror as far as their priorities go.

    Fresh Meat
    Steven Chapman-successful in the Sk Lights, no doubt will be packing a good unit, at the least one of the favorites for Rookie of the Year.
    Tyler Barry-the SK Light champ another contender for Rookie of the Year. SPAFCO still not a winning chassis in the SK’s but maybe the family that owns the company can change all that.
    Sami Anderson-some success at the Speedbowl in the Lights, not so much at Stafford. Good spirit, more then enough track experience and the Anderson pedigree. Don’t expect any surprises but it will be good to see her if the 2023 roster pans out.

    For any driver, team member or rabid fan don’t be getting all pissed off because one fan ranked teams based only on one persons perspective it’s just for fun. Remembering every driver is a good driver with one or two exceptions. The division ultra competitive with the top twenty cars often within a couple tens of each other and the winner ofter the result of track position, consistency and luck.
    Your turn. Who’d I miss and what did I get wrong?

  8. “Every good drama needs a hero and a villain…like professional wrestling! ”
    Amen! I would take issue with the Gunning reference however. That at the time was in the beholder of the loyalty. In the Mike & Ted Christopher, John Anderson and Gunning era each were known to use brass knuckles from time to time. OK for a while there just about every Friday night and we loved it. Maybe Mike C. not quite as much. Guys like Potter and Jerry Pearl whore the white hats. Took a lot to get those guys mad.

  9. Stuart A Fearn says

    I’m gonna say Doug is pretty accurate here in the tier system. I would certainly put Rocco, record number of division 1 nascar track championships in the world, up into tier 1. Also, place Rufrano there as well based on late 2022 performance.
    A very capable team is behind Jimmy Showtime Blewett now and like it or not he is a capable veteran of SK, Modified tour, dirt mod, indoor TQ, you name it. If he wrecked so much as everyone is saying his nickname would be “CrashTime” not Showtime. I’d expect ST to take the finishes he can to start and build on that on the expectation of being able to win every week.
    Others that are certainly capable of winning on any given week: David Arute, Mike Christopher, Bello, Dimatteo (surprise of 2022 along with Arute to be honest).
    Other pop in winners: Hines, Talman, Puleo. Could be winners also: Korner, Hodgdon (?), Molleur (?), Mikey Flynn showing speed.

    Some talent has left the SK’s in 2023 but there are other hungry lions looking to step up and grab that vacated spot now open on the podium.

    Going to be an interesting season

  10. The rankings, in my opinion, are fairly accurate. To me, Rocco and Kopcik should be promoted to Tier 1. If they run all the races, I believe the title will come down to those 3 drivers. I can see why you put Kopcik and Rocco in a lower rank because they both put less emphasis on their individual racing, but Todd Owen might also be the target of the same criticism. Over the years, he has demonstrated that he is capable of managing to run multiple tracks while also providing cars for other drivers. My picks for the championship are, in descending order, Owen, Rocco, and Kopcik. I will be rooting for Mike Christopher Jr.

    The news that Blewett would be participating in Stafford’s SK weekly wars really made me happy. Last week, when I looked at the SK roster, there wasnt much to be excited about. The JB news seemed to change things for me I am definitely more intrigued now.

  11. Stuart A Fearn says

    I do not believe Kopcik is running the SK so this is why he’s not in my picks. I could be wrong though

  12. I didn’t say he wrecked a lot just uses the front bumper to persuade folks out of the way. A lot of that is racing at Wall stadium his ancestor John God bless him was a much different driver than Jimmy he was more patient and a lot more finesse. Jimmy not so much but still a talent with a large bank account behind him! He will keep the officiating busy this summer. Can’t wait!

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