Carefree Cruising: Glen Reen Wins CBYD Open Modified 81 At Stafford

Glen Reen celebrates victory in the CBYD Open Modified 81 Friday at Stafford (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – It’s fair to say there probably weren’t all that many people who showed up at Stafford Speedway Friday night who were picking Glen Reen to stand out in the CBYD Open Modified 81. 

For Reen, the naysayers didn’t matter one bit. 

Reen, of Wilbraham, was the dominant force in driving to victory in the CBYD Open Modified 81 

After a stint running full-time in the SK Modified division for car owner Dan Avery, at Stafford, Reen spent the last two years away from racing at the historic half-mile. Before this season Avery convinced Reen to come back and run Open Modified events for his team. 

“I really don’t care what people think this year,” Reen said. “I’m here for myself. If people think that I wasn’t capable of doing it, that’s fine. I’m just here to have fun this year and that’s all we’re here to do. I’m extremely pleased with our run.” 

Teddy Hodgon IV of Danbury was second and Woody Pitkat of Stafford third. 

“My first podium at Stafford in a couple years here so I should be a little more excited than I am but the boys put a fantastic piece underneath me today, I just think I burned the right front up a little too much,” Hodgdon said. “We were just too tight on that last run to do anything with Glen.” 

Said Pitkat: “We started maybe just a little too tight. Then [Anthony] Bello blew a power steering line or something and I couldn’t see through the windshield. It was tough there to see the whole night after that. … It’s still a good night. Anytime you can be on the podium here with the stout competition that we have is a good night.”

It was Reen’s first Open Modified division victory at Stafford.

Reen got his first SK Modified win at Stafford in 2016 driving his family owned car. He had three SK Modified wins driving for Avery from 2017 to 2019, including a win in the TC 13 Shootout in 2018. During that time he built a reputation for being an ultra-aggressive driver in the division. Avery and Reen parted ways during the 2020 season. The aggressive reputation was one Reen was looking to shake with some time off. 

“I guess everyone keeps talking about it so it keeps following me,” Reen said. “That’s why I took two years off, because I was sick and tired of hearing it. And I’ve had a lot of fun during that time running road race cars all over the place. But Dan wanted me to come back here and I’m glad he did.” 

Reen started fifth Friday. He went under both Hodgdon and Ronnie Williams in turns three and four to go to the front on lap 7. 

Joey Cipriano got by Reen for the lead on lap 20, but it was Reen going back out front on lap 41. 

Caution flew on lap 45 for the stopped car of Marcello Rufrano with Reen leading, Cipriano in second and Woody Pitkat third. Under caution the bulk of the field headed to pit road. 

Reen won the race off pit road with Cipriano heading out second, Williams third and Pitkat fourth. 

On the restart it was Cipriano going back to the lead with Pitkat moving to third. 

Caution flew on lap 52 for a wreck involving George Bessette Jr. and Artie Pedersen at the back of the field. On the ensuing restart it was Reen grabbing the top spot back with Pitkat following him to second. 

On lap 58 Hodgdon got by Pitkat to take over second and began hunting down Reen, who had opened a half second lead over the field. 

After getting to second, Hodgdon couldn’t bite into Reen’s advantage out front. Reen took the checkered flag with just over a half second advantage over Hodgdon. 

“I’ve got to thank Dan Avery and this whole Keith Rocco Racing team,” Reen said. “It’s awesome to have a teammate behind me like Keith and his brother Jeff [Rocco], who did just a phenomenal job on the car this weekend.” 


  1. wmass01013 says

    Terrible CALL opening pit road with a TOW TRUCK pushing the 14 down Pit road!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes, it was I agree with you 100%

  3. sparks flying on flo racing says

    what was that on pit road.. havent seen anything like that ever !! ?? Reen bottoming out all over the track. I saw they checked ride heights in SK. did Reens car pass muster??

  4. Is this the first time Reen has been in a modified since he put Timmy Jordan in the catch fence at Waterford?

  5. bill michael says

    congratulations glen way to go!

  6. What a race. The 88 didn’t dominate a prediction that proved second rate. Cipriano’s more affordable McGunegill providing an unexpected competitive thrill. The Bear came up bare. Not the bear Teddy, was more the ready, coming up just short, expressing frustration of sorts in his pit lane retort. David was no Goliath but otherwise stout, in his route passing many cars traveling north to forth. But this night was for Dan’s Reen. No acres for this Glen, darting to first, holding off the worst, cruising to the checkers with no help needed from wreckers.
    The irony of the night was the unfortunate sight or an elephant pushing a bear trying to get back to it’s lair. Impeding more then one racer trying to get to their oasis, remade to be safer

  7. Calendar Maker says

    So Glenn spent two years away from modifieds to help fix his image of being a wrecking ball? So that wasn’t Glenn that tried to put Timmy Jordan through the turn 3 fence at the Speedbowl in October 2021?


    hey DAREAL … Melissa could have driven that 10 to victory at Stafford last night.. it was that stout ..good point on height SPARKS but I guess they passed tech.. and YES RICKY Reen did put Jordan in the fence.. Reen is a hack has been … as for the bear a legend in his own mind.. Rufano proof that the amount of money you spend doesn’t necessarily bring success. I really like Stafford but for an open show I thought many teams missed an opportunity .. I KNOW the tour is at Riverhead but what about some other tour types ?? what dOes it take to get these guys to come out ?

  9. Critical Crew says

    The day Reen tried to put Timmy Jordan through the fence and into the pits at Waterford he was walking around the track all day showing off his t-shirt that said Wreck Everyone And Leave. Definitely sounds like a guy who was trying to fix his image.

  10. No ride-hieght rules anymore in any of the Opens, Staff, Thomp, TTOMs we can go as low as you want

  11. I’ve witnessed Reen coming into the stands, sitting with fans, engaging with them in his fire suit and answering their questions. I can’t know this but as a person he seems very comfortable in the skin he inhabits and apparently Dan Avery agrees.
    After winning last night he was measured, happy but seemed to think it was not that big a deal being the winner.
    I’ve seen the video on the Jordan deal. I really doubt he tried to crash anyone. A certain lack of judgement at the wrong time more likely the cause. Glen’s more then earned the reference to Reen Acres.
    Dan Avery and the Rocco’s get all the credit in the world for that dominant performance for sure. But Reen did his job and I for one was impressed and happy he got one in the win column even if I’m not a fan.
    To the guy that says Stafford is a one lane track congratulations you got in my head. I’m looking at all the passing for position, racing two wide for a few laps after the restarts and thinking why can’t that guy see this stuff. Ooh, ooh, I’ve got the reason. Because he’s invested in it never happening.

  12. I believe that was Reen’s first Tour-Type modified win since he won the NWMT 2011 Thompson World Series. Nice to see him win.
    Interesting that he wasn’t on Stafford’s Open entry list until after 12pm Friday.

  13. Where was Chase Dowling…..that SK light race was a barnburner..

  14. Sparky The Clown says

    Who cares about ride heights besides your local Karen who thinks 1/8″ of an inch makes a difference?

  15. That’s the problem Sparks,first its an 1\8,then its a 1\4,hell whats wrong with an inch,its not that much.

  16. That’s the problem sparks,first its an 1\8,then its a 1\4,what the hell and ich,its not that much.

  17. Deplorable, Degenerate Mod fan says

    LOL. Let’s spread Sparky the Clowns logic around…. V8, V10… It’s only 2 cylinders.

  18. Suspicious Stagger says

    Rufrano lost a brake pad… Isn’t Bear supposed to be the best setup guy there is? I’ve heard a lot of smoke blown up about this guy, and I don’t doubt it. Narducci also drove for him.

    But Rufrano, owning 5 cars, claiming he couldn’t get his Open car back together after that wreck (via facebook/word of mouth), losing not one but two motors, and now this? Money doesn’t cover mistakes or bad luck.

    I do not think Rufrano is that bad of a mechanic, nor as a driver, he’s phenomenal at understanding his own car. He’s no natural talent, he’s learned.

    I do not know who put the car together, but little mistakes like this are very costly, especially at the extent of points, winning races, and building rapport.

    I do think Rufrano benefited A LOT from the KRR split, now let’s see what tricks a Bear can do for some $$$

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