Cashing In: Ron Silk Earns Whopping Payday For Winning NAPA Spring Sizzler 100 At Stafford 

Ron Silk sips the traditional winner’s jug of milk for winning the NAPA Spring Sizzler 100 Saturday at Stafford (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – There’s no denying that Ron Silk is one of the best Modified drivers of his generation. 

But there are just certain events for a racer that can be career defining and certain days that will be remembered far above all others. 

On Saturday, Silk had one of those sort of days at Stafford Speedway. 

Silk held off a late charge from Woody Pitkat to win the 51st NAPA Spring Sizzler 100 at Stafford Speedway. It was the first Spring Sizzler victory for Silk, of Norwalk, who scored what was possibly the biggest payoff ever for a Tour Type Modified event.

“I can’t thank Stafford enough for having this race,” Silk said. “This is our biggest race of the year for sure. I used to think it was Loudon, but there’s really nothing bigger than this now. With the job the Arute’s have done around here, it just feels like a real event is going on when you’re here. It’s fun to be here. And it’s just such an honor to put my name on that Spring Sizzler trophy with all the other names that are on there.” 

Silk dominated the event, leading 88 laps, to score a whopping $35,000 plus weekend payoff for the winner’s purse of $20,000, the lap money accumulated and the $3,500 earned for winning his qualifying event on Friday. 

“If we could do this every week I wouldn’t be a plumber, I’d be a full-time race car driver,” Silk said. “When I read the purse when it came out, I did an interview with Stafford earlier in the year and I was like ‘If things went right for you and you had a really good car you could walk out of there with over 30 grand.’ To be the one’s that actually did something like that is pretty awesome.” 

Pitkat, of Stafford, was second and Doug Coby of Milford third. 

It proved a massive day for the Haydt-Yannone Racing organization Silk drives for. Silk and co-owner Tyler Haydt came together four years ago to run selected Tour Type Modified event before deciding to work together full-time on the Whelen Modified Tour and in other Tour Type events. Silk came into the Sizzler weekend carrying the momentum of winning the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Fall Final 80 at Stafford last year. 

“It feels awesome,” Haydt said. “We work hard at this. I haven’t been doing it that long, but we’ve been chipping away at it for a long time. We’re really satisfied. This is really great just to win the Sizzler, and I haven’t even thought about the money yet. That’s probably the most that an asphalt modified race has ever paid. They did a hell of a job here. This was a well put on event. These guys at Stafford, they have their shit together here. They put on a great event. It’s fun to come here and do something like this.” 

Said Silk: “It’s awesome what we’ve got going on here. What Tyler Haydt and Joe Yannone have put together and the equipment they’ve given us and the people, like [crew chief] Phil Moran, that they’ve put in place to do the job, it’s all paying off.” 

Pole-sitter Matt Hirschman held the lead at the start, but it was Silk not allowing him to check out early. 

After sizing up Hirschman for a circuit, Silk went by Hirschman for the lead on lap five. 

Mechanical issues for Jake Johnson on lap 19 dumped an extensive amount of liquid on the track necessitating a red flag for cleanup. Silk held the top spot on the ensuring restart, with Pitkat going by Hirschman for second. 

The sixth caution was shown for a frontstretch wreck involving Bobby Santos III and Marcello Rufrano on lap 45. Under caution Coby surrendered fourth place to head to pit road. 

On the lap 45 restart Silk and Pitkat made contact coming to the green flag, getting both squirrelly, but each was able to avoid spinning. 

With Silk leading, Pitkat in second and Eric Goodale in third, caution flew for the stopped car of Bryan Narducci in turn two on lap 66. The caution period sent the bulk of the field to pit road. Coby stayed out, along with Matt Galko, Spencer Davis and Matt Swanson. Silk won the race off pit road to restart in fifth with Goodale in sixth. Hirschman fell to 16th after the pit stop. 

“If you come out of the pits behind it might not work out for you there,” Silk said. “We’re fortunate that we have a pit crew that is really capable and does a great job. I felt confident in that. I felt confident that if could get through a couple of those cars that were on older tires right off the bat that I’d be able to drive back to the lead. I’m just happy we were able to do it.” 

On the ensuing restart it was Coby who checked out at the front with Silk rocketing to second place almost immediately. Silk’s march back to the lead was completed on lap 74 when he dove under Coby into turn three and came off turn four back at the front of the field. 

Pitkat went by Coby for second on lap 77 and clawed closer and closer to Silk over the final five laps, but couldn’t find a way to challenge. 

“Obviously Ronnie and those guys have been stout,” Pitkat said. “… Ronnie is a great friend of mine, if I can’t win. … He started struggle a little bit and I was getting there, getting there, getting there. But I was going to have to move him if I was going to have anything for him.” 

Said Silk: “He was coming hard. I was just going to make sure I slowed down and not slip up and come off the bottom. He was certainly coming there at the end. It was fun racing with him all day.” 

Ron Silk raises the winner’s trophy after his victory Saturday in the NAPA Spring Sizzler 100 at Stafford (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)


  1. As a Danbury RaceArena refuge the first time at Stafford sticks in my mind to this day. Dodge was the best announcer I’d ever heard and they rolled the races out in rapid succession something that was very impressive. Jam packed action, rapid fire for a few hours then you head home. With young children it worked out perfectly and became a weekly ritual.
    I often wonder how the family would react seeing a race for the first time like yesterdays. A marathon but not in a negative way. Great racing for sure but mind blowing production values, razzle-dazzle and dodads from up close and personal stories on drivers to the history of the Sizzler on the big screen and at home. Then the pit party where a newbie family to racing could get to see the cars and drivers on a personal basis if they liked. If you’re trying to build a fan base what could be better?
    Slick is the only adjective I can think of for what happened yesterday. The track looked simply magnificent, almost pristine. No time out for fence repair the Safer Barrier appeared to work to perfection taking numerous hits. Fans that love standing no longer treated like second class fans kept out of the way in turns one and four. Now they have first class accommodations that seemingly worked to perfection as they stood 4 and 5 deep at the ritzy new pavilion. In addition to the driver and Sizzler history segments the production of the race itself with multiple cameras switching every lap, the replays and the announcers in tune with all of it was network quality wouldn’t you agree?
    The prelim races could have gone smoother but it’s the first event so wrecks are kind of baked in. The Sizzler itself was great wasn’t it? Watching McKennedy meticulously march to the front while Williams and Dowling could not was a thing of beauty. Silk losing the lead courtesy of a pit stop showed that even marginally fresher tires are everything as he efficiently hunted down and passed Coby. Pitkat was good all day his only problem being the fact the 16 team is at the top of their game at this point or he ran out of laps depending on how you look at it.
    It just seemed so foreign to this old fan. Over the top everything and Dodge at his hyperbolic best attaching superlatives to everything associated with the event and racing in general. No judgments, no criticism mostly just in awe of what happened yesterday and wondering a couple things. Was that exactly what’s needed to attract fans these days in the current environment and how do you wrangle young children for so long?

  2. I thought I felt the Earth’s axis jolt yesterday. Matt Hirschman didn’t win again.

  3. Silk+team look to be the ones to beat this year.. nice show by McKennedy ,, keep looking for that team to put it all together..

  4. Big Money Ron

  5. I must be Blind says

    Doug and I were clearly at different Stafford speedways this weekend.
    Awful single file racing.

  6. Getserious says

    Wow, Doug, you’re so far off, who has time to argue all your different hallucinations? But, just to pick one, “I often wonder how the family would react seeing a race for the first time like yesterdays. A marathon but not in a negative way.” Get serious!! SEVEN hours?! You’re going to bring a family or a new/novice fan to that and think they’ll ever speak to you again??

    Ohhh, wait a minute… I get it, your whole ramble is sarcasm, right? Gotta be.

  7. If it was a NASCAR race, everyone would be on here complaining about the boring freight train. But because it was an open event at beloved Stafford, it was wonderful. There was very little action in this race. Very little change in the running order once it got set up. Accidents and attrition had the biggest impact.

  8. Big T lovin says

    I need the management at Stafford running the Legendary Thompson speedway. Now THAT is a race track.

  9. Come on boys. Don’t I get any credit for providing a target rich environment to throw darts at. Ouch—ooh—doh—agh—that smarts!

  10. Big T wrote, “I need the management at Stafford running the Legendary Thompson speedway. Now THAT is a race track.”

    No truer words were ever spoken.

    Thompson needs better management and a repave. Stafford needs a repave.

  11. Rafter fan says

    Ben Dodge sounded as if he’s been rejuvenated. Let’s hope his apparent good health continues.

  12. seekonk fan says

    Doug, I take it you were not there Friday night ?
    Show started at 6, ended at 11:35 . 2 Stafford weekly divisions were horrible, I understand it was first race of the season. Shame on Stafford officials for not “parking” cars that couldn’t complete one lap without spinning
    I think the Thompson promoters do a great job of keeping the show moving.
    They may not have the time for as much marketing of races there because they also have 2 other tracks to run.

  13. I’m reading really carefully and what I think is clear is we’re all pretty loyal fans that have out favorite tracks.
    Saying that there was a lot of single file racing is a default you can use at any track because it’s true. It’s the vast majority of the racing at any track. I’m watching the replay as I’m writing this and there’s passing all through the field. Something like 7 cautions, two oil downs annoying but the rest faily routine.
    Any track could use a repave, Stafford does require one now. Thompson is a multi entertainment venue, their focus as far as racing goes is road racing and for good reason it makes them the most money. Circle track racing is year to year compliments of Michaud & Mayberry. Icebreaker and World Series the money makers, four monthly shows mid week still trying to find a formula that works. Religated to mid week because road racing is the money maker. Thompson owners know their future is not circle track and if there is a repave it would be the very low groove the road racers use. For road racing they cone off the upper lane. We know all these things so when Stafford has a very successful weekend why harp on something that is not going to happen at a completely different track? Ooh, ooh I can answer that. Because we’re all loyal fans and support our favorite track.
    Reading the comments for the articles relevant to Sizzler weekend the theme is negativity. Kopcik who has done nothing wrong this year a favorite of the naysayers. The only thing I can conclude is that old white men are the new young angry black men. Bitching a favorite past time with it’s own reward. Great weather, good crowd, you can watch a first class replay to your heart’s content and still the bitching.
    New Jersey’s Wall Stadium Krause passes Chase Dowling, local favorite on lap 90. Maybe you missed it but I can tell you it wasn’t single file racing.
    Come on man, get serious!

  14. Ever since they changed the Speaker system last year you can’t hear the announcers during yellow flags.

  15. Great analogy of the race weekend Doug ! The racing atmosphere at Stafford is second to none , but the racing itself this weekend ? I guess looking to witness that perfect race is what keep’s us coming back to our local track’s.

  16. truth sets you free to drink at the double hook says

    BORING tour race..just awful. Stafford for the most part remains a single groove race track for the open wheels. the illusion that it is a 2 groove track is actually the higher quality cares are able to pass the backmarkeras or less experienced drivers. the sks make it exciting as you have several legends in their own mind with deep pockets willing to bring it home in a box . Stafford needs to spend some money on treating the surface it has or a repave with a higher banking?? I don’t know. otherwise they are doing a great job over there … Friday was an exercise in futility ..just brutal to watch and a late night ..tell dareal matt won some money this weekend ..I wonder if NASCAR checked the gear ratio on that silk car ?? LOL .don’t worry at the end of the year he (Hirshman) will have more wins and more purse money that silk, coby or bonsignore.. there now go do that democrat math and tell me what each earned last year ..LOL moron !…

  17. ” Stafford does require one (repave) now.
    Apologies to engineer Lisa Arute I meant to type “doesn’t” and it definitely does not “require” one now. She responded to a post I made last year about this time curious about a repave and you have to go with the expert.

  18. Big T Lovin says

    LOL… I’ve been on this site for years talking about 1 groove Stafford.

  19. You guys hate everything. You’re definitely all over the age of 60 and miserable.

  20. Strange Rufus says

    I’m glad to see Ben Dodge has bounced back from his recent issues and it’s great to have someone in the booth with decades of racing knowledge that dishes out information that the average grandstand fan doesn’t know, such as ‘this car was so-and-so’s last year’s car’ or ‘these drivers are brothers-in-law’ etcetera.

    BUT, for someone who’s been at it as long as he has, I’d think he would take the time learn the correct pronounciation of some of the driver’s names and not treat the broadcast as if it was his own personal filibuster. His ad nauseum use of the phrase ‘works his/her magic’ and the word ‘festivities’ (among others) is also annoying.

    Regardless of these irritations, I’m extremely happy to be able to watch Stafford on TV, as I’m out of market these days.

    I think Kyle Rickey would make a much better lead announcer. Disagree at will.

  21. race fan wrote, “You guys hate everything. You’re definitely all over the age of 60 and miserable.”

    And they need a tremendous amount of fiber added to their diets. That can smooth their irritability.

    seekonk fan wrote, “Doug, I take it you were not there Friday night ?”

    Doug is NEVER there. He doesn’t go to the track anymore, hasn’t in years or even decades. Funny when he talks about his favorite track.

  22. I showed up at 3:00 and left at dark after parking lot refreshment. I have nothing but high marks for Stafford and the Sizzler, it’s a special race for me and they (Mgmt. & Ben treated as such). The improvements / amenities at the track are fantastic – the big screen, running order, I really appreciate.

    Ben sounded great and just like the track as a (primarily) one groove track, you know what you’re getting into before you walk through the gate, so why complain? I’ve picked on our beloved announcers in the past, but really, Ben is the man and we’re lucky to have him, it was a special weekend for him and imo, Stafford and whomever is responsible for this “Open” show, exceeded in delivering on product – although Tri Track at the Fall Final was my new high standard.. yea, I get that Friday night was tough, it happens… the purse and the winner take home pay, just outstanding- this is what modified payouts should look like!

    I’ve seen many a snooze fest at Stafford before and this wasn’t one of them, Silk had a rocket the last two races there and on Sat, Woody almost got to him.. I was surprised some of the other cars in the field didn’t have much (44/77) and hats off to the 79 for his run to 6th.. I was also thrilled to be there is support of the Hummel team (Cory 3rd in SK) and Edward’s last ride.

  23. Big T Lovin says

    @racefan. I am 51 and have been going to tracks since I was 4.
    I have over 450 Mod tour ticket stubs from more than 30 tracks in 13 different states…. You meant to say I sound like a guy who knows what he is talking about.

  24. Suitcase Jake says

    COOL HAND SILK ….. does it again…… He is just amazing to watch…. He seems to be at His BEST in the pressure driving situations…hardly ever makes a mistake… If he has a 3rd place car He gets 2nd or 3rd ….. always seems to get everything possible out of His Horse he is riding….Silk is on a roll and let’s not forget the CREW CHIEF Phil MORAN does it again … How many SIZZLER’S has MORAN WON ??? Silk ran his fastest lap on lap 72 a lap of 18.465 what does that tell you …. The car was perfect … He was toying with them … Fastest CAR WON this time …. Big T man … I agree .. Thompson is the best venue for Modifieds on the HIGH BANKS…. there is nothing close…I hope and pray the 2 Gentlemen from MAINE can keep the Racing at BIG – T….. Hey 2 Whelen Modified Tour Shows at Thompson this year so we can all get out there and PACK THE PLACE !!!! if you want to see racing on the High Banks get out there and bring friends to witness the best side by side lap after lap action around … The HIGH GROOVE is the FAST GROOVE….LOVE THAT…. Speeds are also HIGHER and FASTER..!!!

  25. The last couple threads around here are perfect examples of the aging out of the short track racing fan base.

    So now we are on to the rapid fire portion of the Modified racing season, the pace picks up.

    Does Matt Hirschman plan on running the entire NWMT this season?

  26. Fast Eddie says

    Great race overall, despite the daily demolition derbies. Congrats and thank-you to the Arutes with the soft walls! No guardrail repairs and I think less double hooks than there would have been without them. I think the ACT cars would have run better before the duels, took almost twice as long to run the first 30 laps than the remainder. The SKL’s were a little overzealous in the first half of their race as well. They set a new SKL entry record with 42 cars. Good racing overall, great watching the mods battling for position. I don’t know, either I’m seeing double or I saw quite a bit of side by side action. You need to watch more than the top 5-10 to fully appreciate it.


    EVENTS 10
    WINS 6
    TOP 5 7
    TOP 10 8

  28. In all fairness Silk ran 140 laps not counting caution to make $35,000 it will take money Matt a whole lot more laps

  29. Just The Facts says

    Here’s the true Hollywood story for Matt, 6 wins in 11 races this year. 4 wins at New Smyrna in a field with five decent cars. A smart tour win with about five good cars in the field where he was going to finish third and lucked into a win because of a late caution. And a win at Evergreen in a field with four competitive cars.
    And if you think “MORE MONEY MATT” has made more than $35k for his four wins at New Smyrna, and wins at Florence and Evergreen you’re high as a kite. Ain’t no BIG MONEY races he’s won this year. He made $2k for each win at new smyrna, $4k for the smart win and $1,500 for evergreen. You probably didn’t have a calculator and you were off on the math and thought that all equaled $40k or something. It’s actually $13,500, which is $21,500 less than Silk got paid for his 1 WIN at Stafford in the Sizzler. Throw in Silk’s tour win at New Smyrna in February and I think he has about $33k MORE for 2 wins this year than Matt has for his 6 wins.
    Oh and matt has run 3 Whelen Tour races and hasn’t competed for a win in any of them. He’s got an average finish of 10th place on the tour this year. Has run 550 laps this year on the tour and led a total of ONE lap.

  30. Matt wins with good frequency when he runs the non-NWMT events with very little if any competition. He is not so successful when he is up against stout competition, such as on the NWMT.

    🤯 💣

  31. It would be a better series if they didn’t just ask you what cubic inch motor you have and pumped motors and actually new how much you should weigh and if you had a Nascar spec engine you had Nascar seals on it

  32. It’s so confusing. We’ve had the favorite track tug of war is that over now? I always consider Suitcase Jakes impassioned description of high banks and speed to be the proverbial fat lady has sung on the topic. No one does is better. Are we on to a who the better driver is now Silk vs Hirschman? Which is the most important barometer money or races won. I vote for all of the above. Love-em both. Loved Hirschman winning last year, loved Silk winning this year. They have a rich history of dueling at the front in past races with some hanky panky on one particular occasion by the 60 so maybe they’ll butt heads again sometime this year fingers crossed.
    Silk getting the love for the Sizzler and rightfully so but you have to wonder. Were the 79 to have had the same favored starting position as the 16, 88 and 60 and had not wasted so much rubber coming through the field would McKennedy be the guy with his pockets bulging with money. The stop watch says no but I’m not so sure.
    The two tour mod stand out teams for 2022 were the 7ny and 60. Actually three if you account for both the red and black 60 teams. It’s a new year and part of the fun is seeing if they can maintain or if there’s a new sheriff in town. Or sheriffs.
    The 16 couldn’t win a NWMT race to save their lives last year, still competed for the title and this year have already banked one win and look to be a favorite for sure. But can they switch gears (pun intended) to the tiny track and continue the excellence? Meanwhile Hirschman will do what he does which is running his own schedule, winning most of the races he competes in. He definitely cares about his standing in the modified world we know this because he tells us. But not enough to change his formula for success which is him being his own tour. Some folks don’t like cherry pickers but you have to admit he picks some of the biggest and juiciest cherries more often then not.
    But who actually is the better driver? Hmmm, apples and oranges race fans. Completely different approaches to races, different philosophies, different strengths and weakness. That regardless of the differences ends up with them meeting at the front at the end of races if we’re really lucky. Pretty cool aye?

  33. Racers and fishermen are the most honest people.

    Racer wrote,

    “It would be a better series if they didn’t just ask you what cubic inch motor you have and pumped motors and actually new how much you should weigh and if you had a Nascar spec engine you had Nascar seals on it”

    😆 🤣 😜 🙃 😛 😂 🤪

    🤥 🤥 🤥 🚨 🚨 🚨 🤥 🚨 🤥 🚨 🤥 🚨 🤥 🤥 🤥

    If Sizzler tech pumped motors, a few cars might have been trying to figure out where and how they were going to add weight. Not good for a standalone event that needed to run every car that showed up.

    Standalone events like this are lawless anarchies. There can be no future consequences, and it all comes down to what you can get away with at that singular event. And that the event needs all those cars to run to make a show out of it.

    That’s why extremely strict tech is crucial for the integrity and future of these standalone open Modified events. Close enough is not good enough.

    Folks have been caught with big motors, the list is long. Many teams have one of those engines in their arsenal. At Thompson many years ago, there was that mini open race after the NASCAR race, and someone very unexpected ran away with the race. It was like Newman in the 77 with the extra breathing capacity. It was as if the 01 suddenly ran like Richie Evans. Big motor in play.

  34. People that go to tracks can have favorite tracks.

    My favorite track is Thompson. It’s a great track configuration for Modifieds. The track length, banking and straightway lengths are awesome.

  35. Money won on Friday, 4th on Saturday – beat everyone but 3 race cars – pretty good weekend. maybe not as good as last year but still a good weekend. I bet the defending mod champion wish he had a weekend like this

  36. They pumped multiple motors this weekend

  37. Racefan that’s Fake News I no for a fact the top 4 didn’t have there motors pumped. So the other multiple motors if done were a waste of time.

  38. Deplorable, Degenerate Mod Fan. says

    Duhreal I agree with you 100% and am a bit troubled by that.

  39. Deplorable, Degenerate Mod Fan wrote:

    “Duhreal I agree with you 100% and am a bit troubled by that.”

    Keep hope alive.

    Keep hope alive.

  40. Pedro Zamora says

    Well Steve hearing Hirschman fans say he’s the new Richie Evans gets old. Matt wins a lot of races when there are 2 or 3 other decent cars he has to beat. In races where there’s anything more than 5-6 good cars more often than not he’s just another contender. You can talk about his 28 wins last year, well he ran 14 races between the nascar modified tour and the Tri-track series and he had 1 tour win and 2 Tri-track wins. Wouldn’t call those legendary numbers. If Bonsignore, Coby, Silk and McKennedy showed up at every race Matt went to last year I think he would have been lucky to get 8 wins.

  41. Deplorable, Degenerate Mod Fan. says

    Hey Pedro the phrase “lucky to get 8 wins” looks very funny…. a driver is lucky to get A (1) Win…..When you get 8 it’s not luck.

  42. Racer, They pumped them pre-race. Check your facts.

  43. For some of us not too familiar with the tech process. Can you please explain what you mean by “pumped out motors” I am guessing its a tech process to determine the cubic inches of the motors which is needed to determine a cars minimum weight but that is just a guess on my part. I may be wrong. What is the process?

    I agree with dareal. The one off open is at a disadvantage over a series due to the fact you can not penalize cheaters for future events. These opens need to be teched otherwise its just gong to be a lawless society in which spending spirals upward and/or cars stop showing up knowing they cant beat the cheated up cars. I thought Stafford is pretty stringent with tech. They are the only track I see release there tech discrepancies and penalties on a weekly basis. I think that may be why Stafford has been the most successful of all the tour type open mod series in recent years.

    Everyone has their favorite driver or track. We can argue back and forth who is the better driver which track is the best. Its fun but if your a fan of a certain driver you probably aren’t going to be convinced by someone on a message board that the other guy is better. It all comes down to personal preference. What is great is there are several great drivers and every once in a while they all attend the same race and we can say for certain on one day, at one particular track, who is the best. I wish there were more crown jewel races where all the modified drivers got together to determine who is the best. It just doesn’t happen enough.

  44. Deplorable, Degenerate Mod fan says

    Imagine a Tri-Track Series with Tour Mods and SKs with the 3 Conn. tracks……. Oh how a boy can dream.

  45. real racers who drive and fix their own stuff says

    I love the what if comparisons for Hirschman.. fact is the guys you cheer for DONT show up ! If they are so great why not show up for the free podium money.. ? they DONT LOL .. Hirschman out earns them ALL .. will do so again this year and have more wins … yup talk about Richie , Steffie and Geoff. sure they had better competition, more car counts etc but guess what is it Hirschman’s fault you haters are complaining about the lack of competition?? ?? …as another poster pointed out he won one race this weekend and had a good finish in the sizzler..95 percent of the field would LOVE to have had the results he has had ALREADY this year for a FULL season ! in the end he races ,earns a living and cashes the winners checks and you hate him for it… Just like Rocco. working hard with a family ,his business is racing and he`s hated and maligned for it too.. jealousy by da real and douggie !! Rocco and Hirshman could care less what you think.. what did you earn last year LO? . Go Keith ! Go Matt . my prediction is once again there will be several suspension component failures at Riverhead.. Goodale or a LI local going to get the win this time … or perhaps money matt if he shows up.. LOL keep the hate coming it generates traffic

  46. Stuart A Fearn says

    Yes, pumping the motor refers to connecting a measuring devise to the spark plug hole in the head of the motor and turning over the motor to determine the cubic inches.
    1. Remove all spark plugs
    2. install adapter fitting into one spark plug hole.
    3. record temperature of motor
    4. connect measuring devise
    5. turn over motor with starter
    6. read number representing volume of air pumped out per stroke
    7. convert to actual cubic inches.
    8. temperature is for correction factor
    pretty standard tech from street stock to cup

  47. Thank you Mr Fearn for the providing the details. I’d just have one question to anyone that cares to answer. Is it standard procedure to run the test twice to see if the results are consistant and third time if not. Or is it one and done if the reading is within the appropriate range and multiple times if not.

  48. Stuart A Fearn says

    they turn it over with the starter multiple times and read the number. This takes seconds while everything is connected and is normal.
    Redoing the entire test on multiple cylinders not the norm.

  49. Matt does great when he runs in the sandlot leagues, stealing the candy from the babes. Not as well when he runs the NWMT, not at all.

    Deplorable, Degenerate Mod Fan wrote, “Hey Pedro the phrase “lucky to get 8 wins” looks very funny…. a driver is lucky to get A (1) Win…..When you get 8 it’s not luck.”

    Yeah, it’s running the sandlot leagues, engines with bigger lungs, bigger carbs, air leaks, leaky valve caps, bump stops, spring rubber, flux capacitors, height adjustments, thin walled driveshaft, illegal shocks, and on and on and on…

    So, what is it then? It can be a combination of things, too.

  50. Thank you!

  51. Deplorable, Degenerate Mod fan says

    Hirschman runs upfront when he runs the Tour…. If you don’t like him I get it but lets not take the obvious credit he deserves from him…..Don’t do to him what you did to the 45th President, disliked him because of his personality and not what he did….. Gas was around $1.93 a gallon In Nov, of 2020…FACT.

  52. Deplorable, Degenerate Mod Fan,
    Fact: The national average gas price in Nov. 2020 was $2.11. Also of note, in Feb. 2016 the national average price for gas was $1.76 under the Obama administration. One year later in March 2017 under the Trump administration the national average price for gas was $2.30. In May 2018 the national average price for gas was $2.90, which was a 61 percent increase in just over two years from the Obama administration to the Trump administration. Also, the average gas price in July 2008 was $4.06 under the George W. Bush administration. Point being, be careful how you set your standard of logic and determination of who was/is better than another because you’d be saying Obama was the better president than Trump if gas prices are your barometer of which president was better than another. Source: US Retail Gasoline Prices from the historical data of US Energy Information Administration

  53. Deplorable, Degenerate Mod fan says

    Thanks Shawn for showing me the fact that a year after Trump was gone the price of gas was roughly $1.20 HIGHER per gallon…. Economy. Economy.Economy.

  54. Forgetting the fact that someone out there is sitting at a keyboard saying Trumps problem is merely a personality flaw it’s not just the gas reference that’s flawed. Hirschman’s personality is just fine, bringing his analytic mind set to how he expresses himself as wll as on the track. The other guy has all the discipline and focus of a petulant child.

  55. Deplorable, Degenerate Mod Fan,
    I think my point went over your head. Just trying to show that the numbers behind the average price of fuel in this country can be manipulated and interpreted in many ways to make any administration look bad or look good.

  56. Deplorable, Degenerate Mod Fan wrote, “Thanks Shawn for showing me the fact that a year after Trump was gone the price of gas was roughly $1.20 HIGHER per gallon…. Economy. Economy.Economy.”

    OrangeMan is besties with Pootin, and OrangeMan enabled Pootin to invade Ukraine. OrangeMan is also buddies with Mohammad bin Salman. Those 3 did what they could to drive up the price of oil to keep Russia from collapsing due to the sanctions. Pootin and MBS have now become besties, and they control the oil market. It was in the works for a very long time, we were watching using satellites as Russia amassed resources around Ukraine for months, and that rattled the markets and drove up the price of oil and everything else. If OrangeMan wasn’t a colluding, grifting slut, none of this would have happened. OrangeMan caused the price of wheat to skyrocket because he allowed Russia to attack Ukraine, and Ukraine is a MAJOR supplier of wheat to the world. OrangeMan singlehandedly tanked the world economy by befriending Pootin and MBS.


    It was great to see Silk and Moran get it together at this event. I sure hope this works on the NWMT too.

  57. Meathead Mike says

    Thanks for all the great information on the Ukraine invasion dareal. I always knew it was all a conspiracy spearheaded by Trump. Thankfully there are people like you who can see right through these conspiracies, even though there are so many people who laugh at conspiracy theorists like yourself. Keep up the good work and keep us informed dareal!!!!

  58. Da idiot hit an all time low

  59. Thanks for the information Stuart. Looking forward to seeing an all Fearn podium finish sometime this year.

  60. Deplorable, Degenerate Mod fan says

    No need to call Duhreal names….. The MSNBC talking points are comical.
    Feed me more Duh…. Pease do NOT stop embarrassing yourself.
    Anyone seen Hillary?? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  61. Deplorable, Degenerate Mod fan says

    Shawn I understood your point. I also understand why you need to find a Pres. other than Biden to compare to Trump….. Brandon has put America last and the Lemmings led by Duhhhhreal are enabling him…..The sad part is he really thinks that’s how you spell Putin.

  62. I do hope this is a good indication that Silk & Moran are finally clicking, and this carries on to the NWMT. My expectations were a bit higher for them. Even better since it will help beat Matt by larger margins.

    Nothing more entertaining than triggered MAGAts. Hey, who is left at Fox? Is Ingraham fired or just demoted to oblivion, hoping she quits? 😆 😝

  63. Deplorable, Degenerate Mod fan says

    Duhreal, Who watches Fox??….LOL….Man you are a Textbook Lemming.
    Love it!


  64. To All:
    I know we’ve gone over this before, but I’ll say it again. I really try to let the comments section happen as naturally as possible. There aren’t too many guardrails here beyond limiting vulgarity or any sort of personal targeting or threats. But things are going off the rails here unfortunately. So, for the time being, any comments that include political commentary or references of any sort will not be approved for publication.

  65. Rafter fan says

    According to the Stafford web site a few minutes ago, just 20 cars are entered in the Open Mod event this Friday (5/19). Perhaps there will be some late entries (Rocco? MCJr?).

  66. Stuart A Fearn says

    thank you Shawn for reeling in the stupid comments

  67. Shawn is quite omnipotent, but even he can not stop stupid. This has been going on for years and years. And not just on these forums. If fixing stupid was that easy, Shawn would have cured the common cold and other maladies and diseases by now.

    Just wait, it will show again soon. It always does. Regardless of references to civil service.

    There are plenty of fact-averse posters around here, even when they stay on topic.

  68. So “da real” won’t be posting anymore “orange man” posts again right? Or we gonna censor only the Republicans while da fool bashes the “orange man” in ALMOST every post I read of his?

  69. To All:

    At 11:09 am today I posted here saying that for the time being there would be no further comments containing political references that would be approved on the site. I was interested to see how long it was would take for the first person to try to post something regarding politics despite me asking for it to stop. Well, it took just under seven hours for the first person to try. What’s the major malfunction here for you Tom? Which part of “no political commentary or references of any sort” are you struggling to understand? I don’t get it. I don’t understand grown adults acting like four year old children. It’s like telling a child, “Don’t touch that hammer”, and 10 minutes later they’re swinging the hammer over their head. No side of the political spectrum is being targeted or blamed here Tom. It got to this point because people on both sides were taking things way too far. I’m not sure if you all have noticed but most web based news websites have gotten away from allowing comments on articles. And why? Because for all the good it brings, there’s just as much idiocy that needs to be babysat around the clock. I want to keep comments on this site. I think there are a lot of people that enjoy the dialogue here and having a place where they can have dialogue with others about the sport they love. And you know what, if that means sometimes dialogue goes in different directions or might get a little feisty within the parameters of decency, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. But this thread shows how idiotic it can become. And people like you Tom just make it worse, when you’re asked not to touch the hammer and so the first thing you do is run over and throw the hammer at someone.

  70. I’ve refrained from saying this for a while, but…

    I WAS RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!!!

    It didn’t take long at all.

    😝 😆 😝 😆 😝 😆 😝 😆 😝 😆 😝 😆

  71. Hey Tom, orange you glad Silk won the Sizzler?

  72. Pure Genius (not daRealNotGenius) says

    Right again? Just like you were right about the rule requiring valve stem caps after the Oswego race won by Matt Hirshmann… 🤣🤣🤣

  73. Apple Polisher (Doug) says

    Seems to me that those of us that may like to push the boundaries and that had the grace and discipline to clam up once the host drew the line in the sand should be recognized as well for playing by the rules.
    In the spirit of playing by the rules check out the last minute Flash Pick contest in the Community Racing Contest page. Pitkat has to be the favorite but for this contest the twist is he’ll have one hand tied behind his back with regard to scoring.
    Chop-chop. Times short so get your picks in.

  74. I have a question about Stafford at NHMS several years ago they put down something in the turns to help with grip and create an outside groove do you think this is something Stafford could try and would it work. It seems that the banking at both tracks is similar.

  75. Stupid is what stupid says… “Right again? Just like you were right about the rule requiring valve stem caps after the Oswego race won by Matt Hirshmann… 🤣🤣🤣”

    Now go read the post by Shawn Courchesne May 18 @ 9:08 PM.

    That post was in response to a post by Tom that violated the rules set by Mr. Courchesne.

    Then go read the post by darealgoodfella at May 18 4:10 PM, I’ll copy it below for you:

    “Shawn is quite omnipotent, but even he can not stop stupid. This has been going on for years and years. And not just on these forums. If fixing stupid was that easy, Shawn would have cured the common cold and other maladies and diseases by now.

    Just wait, it will show again soon. It always does. Regardless of references to civil service.

    There are plenty of fact-averse posters around here, even when they stay on topic.”

    And then Tom proves me right. It didn’t take long at all.

    So I’ll say it again… I WAS RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!!

    So has Hirschman gotten in trouble for valve stem cap violations lately? The rule that nobody is to go near the car after the checkers fly is to prevent meddling with things like the valve stem caps. Only the smart people understand that. Not sorry that leaves you out.

    😎 🥃

  76. Deplorable, Degenerate Mod fan says

    I find it funny and typical that Shawn wants no politics here but will let Duhreal hurl insults at any and all….. You figure a man with such intelligence(?) could do better…. Lucky for him spellcheck was invented.

  77. Deplorable, Degenerate Mod fan,
    People have been hurling insults at one another in the comments section since the day I started this website in 2012. You’ve been throwing insults at people since you started leaving comments on here. I can’t help the fact that you’re obsessed by the comments of one person.

  78. Insults ≠ political comments.

    I loves me some hypocrisy. And when the hypocrites get called out and go crying to the moderator 👨‍⚖️ 👩‍⚖️ 🧑‍⚖️ is pure laughter 😆 😝 🤭. Big macho men playing the widdle victim card over and over.

    Whaa-whaa-whaa. 😭

  79. Deplorable, Degenerate Mod fan says

    I have no problem with it Shawn I just find it comical how you pick and choose…….. Climb on the self-righteous pedestal with one comment then completely disregard the self-righteousness with others. That was my only point….. Well that and the Fact he needs spellcheck…..
    I do however Love Nerf bars.

  80. Deplorable, Degenerate Mod fan,
    I can’t even comprehend what you’re trying to argue there. Pick and choose? How would you know what comments I’ve not allowed from anyone else? I can assure you there have been comments submitted by your apparent mortal enemy that have not been published. You can keep on pushing this narrative that somehow I’m choosing sides or playing favorites. I’m not. Look at what you’ve done since you showed up here with this name a few weeks ago. Nearly every comment you’ve posted has been combative and pointed at someone else, and I’ve let almost every comment you’ve submitted through.

  81. So we have a literary scholar amongst us. No, not really.

    Deplorable, Degenerate Mod fan wrote:

    “I have no problem with it Shawn I just find it comical how you pick and choose…….. Climb on the self-righteous pedestal with one comment then completely disregard the self-righteousness with others. That was my only point….. Well that and the Fact he needs spellcheck…..
    I do however Love Nerf bars.”

    So glad you don’t have a problem with it. Glad you find it comical and are enjoying it. As long as you are you, there will be more.

    But please do tell us what “it” is. Be explicit and perfectly clear, and unambiguous.

    You’re like someone that has never read the Constitution, is not a lawyer, has no idea what is contained in the Constitution, wants to eliminate rules, regulations and laws, then whips out the victim card because you think that something unConstitutional is being done to you, and you have to get all self-righteous.

    🤣 😵‍💫 😝 🤪

    Yeah, please don’t stop. This is truly comical. I’m loving those victim-card-playing, false accusations of righteous indignation.

    Loving your use of random capitalization, looks familiar. 🤔

  82. Deplorable, Degenerate Mod fan says

    I can see “it” now….. Duhreal and a Full Fridge Of Bud Light.

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