Dave Sapienza On An Unmuffled Storytellers Edition

On Episode 141 of Unmuffled we go uncensored and take a deep dive on a special storytellers edition with NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour veteran Dave Sapienza.

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  1. I don’t particularly share the notion popularly held that we don’t have enough characters in racing these day but wouldn’t argue the point. What I don’t get is the whole Sap deal. Another year with the Sap vs Jimmy Wilson tug of war. Threat’s of retirement to a boat and he means it this year as opposed to last year. Or the year before.
    I don’t get it. To listen to him it’s like he thinks he’s got the rep of a Coby retiring. I know I’m probably alone on this but for Pete’s sake retire to the freak-in boat already. It’s not like there isn’t another car to fill the 17th place finish in the field already. Or maybe clean up that foul mouth that you clearly know is inappropriate since it was your dismount, love racing and dial back the threats involving a boat.
    We missed the “boat” on the “Sap” nickname. Should have been “Squeaky Wheel”.
    Speaking of Coby is it me or was his chat in victory lane a little nostalgic. Like he knows these are the closing years and he needs to enjoy every moment when he’s successful.

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