Welcome Party: Jimmy Blewett Wins SK Modified Feature At Stafford 

Jimmy Blewett celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Saturday at the NAPA Spring Sizzler at Stafford (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – Oftentimes in racing a new paring between an established driver and an established needs some time to gel together. 

Saturday at Stafford Speedway, Jimmy Blewett showed there was no need for “Getting to know you” team between himself and his new SK Modified team at Stafford. 

When it was announced in March that Blewett would run for Petty Cash Motorsports full-time in the SK Modified division at Stafford in 2023, it was a story that most definitely moved the needle in the local racing community. 

And Blewett, of Howell, N.J., wasted no time in celebrating the new partnership. 

Blewett led every lap on the way to victory in the 40-lap SK Modified feature Saturday at the NAPA Spring Sizzler at Stafford. 

It was the second career SK Modified feature win at Stafford Blewett. He won his first at the Fall Final on Oct. 2, 2005. 

“This place is special,” Blewett said. “For me to get the opportunity with [car owner] Tick Mike [Mike Meyhoefer] and his mom Ginny and his son Tyler and the crew and JJ [Vece]. These guys gave me the opportunity to drive this thing this year. It’s something special for me. This place was part of a steppingstone in my career early on. To be back here, and the welcoming I got here this weekend was incredible. I’m just speechless right now. These guys worked tirelessly on this car. Bryan Narducci put this car on the map with these guys and they had a fast race car last year. I’m glad I was able to fill the seat the right way for these guys.” 

Keith Rocco of Wallingford, making his debut for new team owner Dan Avery, was second. Rocco went by Stephen Kopcik for second on a lap 30 restart, but never could make a challenge on Blewett. 

“I gave up a little ground there at the end trying to overdrive this thing to get to Jimmy’s bumper,” Rocco said. :What can I say? I’ve got to thank Dan Avery and Horsepower Hill. This is pretty awesome. First time out, second place. Working with Mike O’Sullivan is just the like the old days, I love it.” 

Cory DiMatteo of Farmington was third. 

“I can’t complain,” DiMatteo said. “This is the first SK [Modified] Sizzler that I’ve finished. I finished third and I’m happy about it.” 


  1. The Real Gary says

    Kopcik gave up third place so he wouldn’t have to go through tech. Wanted to say he finally had a race weekend without getting DQ’ed for anything.

  2. Geez, all these comments about Kopcik should make everyone think about the LFR car he ran on the Tour with Dowling. Too good to be true.

  3. Best race was the SKL. I’m sure Stafford is a little disappointed in the attendance. Nice day for racing, no lines at pit gate,for food or beer.

  4. Not bad for the first outing. Clean racing for the first half. Then some jingles but all in all starting 28 cars in the first event it went off pretty well. So what did we learn?
    Blewett didn’t blow it. The 85 fast last year, still fast and our shiny new object of interest in the SK’s sealed the deal starting in the catbird seat. When he’s got to come from deep in the pack will be the real test we’re all looking forward to right? You have to admit Blewett does bring a big rep in modified racing that is a welcome addition to an already great division.
    Kopcik continuing to take heat in this forum but it’s good to see him in the race and the 21 is as fast as you’d expect it to be. There was some chatter about him focusing on his business supporting the cars that come out of his shop. If he does race the entire season that would be a good thing whether he’s a favorite or a guy you love to hate.
    Christopher got a big break when the caution came out for a wreck as his car was sputtering. Take note the 82 is definitely a contender this year salvaging a 14th no indication of how good the car is.
    I had Rocco penciled in for yet another disappointment in the series of good drivers that have sat in the Avery 22 and failed to consistently compete for wins. That will likely prove to be wrong. This 22 is a hybrid Roc-very, fast and Rocco’s enthusiasm for the car in the first outing bodes well for 2023.
    The 11 will win a race or races this year. The 99 a CD creation has all the components to win this year not bad for the first race. Rufrano behind the 8 ball right out of the gate and Owen just didn’t have the extra tenth of a second to get to the front like he usually does. They’ll fix that for sure.
    Darts anyone?

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