Forecast Forces Saturday Cancellation At New London-Waterford Speedbowl 

With a forecast calling for rain much of the day and evening in Waterford on Saturday, track officials at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl made the decision Friday to call off their Saturday event. 

“With numerous weather apps calling for rain at the shore all day long with minimal breaks to dry off the track, we’ve made the decision to pull the plug early on the events planned for June 17th,” read a statement from the track Friday. 

The Speedbowl is back in action on with a special 60-lap SK Modified feature on June 24. 


  1. Longtimefan says

    Good call, it’s pouring here.

  2. Longtimefan,
    It’s 5:15 pm and I just looked at three weather apps that say it’s 70 degrees and the sun is out in Waterford with no further rain expected tonight.

  3. It was a bad call to cancel.

  4. Maybe he was toward Old Saybrook where it looked to be getting heavy rain briefly.
    Anyway they’re racing at Riverhead. Qualifying now for a big tour mod event. Fortin, Solomito and Mike Christopher are in a pretty robust field. Looks to be a good tour mod extra distance feature.
    Check it out.

  5. It’s been incredibly unsettled and changeable all day, with sprinkles. Good call.

  6. I just looked out my window for the latest AccuWindow Reality Weather and it hasn’t agreed with any weather app in the last couple days. This latest weather is like Mark Twain said… if you don’t like the weather in New England, wait a few minutes.

  7. Is it a bad call to cancel I’m not so sure. Threatening weather is a loser for attendance even if you can squeeze the show in. Only the rabid fans come out, it’s a killer for the front gate.

  8. What is a weather app anyway I use an old flip cell phone so it’s the laptop for me. I swear by The Weather Channel. Type in the address they give you all kinds of information from radar to hour by hour. They’ve nailed Stafford the last two weeks and so far are spot on with Riverhead.
    Tell you what Riverhead if the weather is not your friend you might want to think about less nostalgia and a bit more giddy-up on getting races in even if it is a night of remembrance. Old fans I’m sure love it but the new fans wonder what the heck. Did we go to a race or a bunch of old guys sharing memories at an old folks home.

  9. A note about weather forecasts… FAA forecasts only go out 6 hours, everything beyond that is “outlook”. The exception is pop-up severe weather will generate a special release.

    While most weather media will go much further into the future, especially on TV, the accuracy doesn’t have a lot behind it beyond what historically happened in the same past conditions. Changing weather patterns and extra inputs, for example, wildfire smoke or volcanic eruptions, can be a wild card.

  10. Longtimefan says

    Weather maps were not even close to correct… If i could post a picture here, i would have posted a picture from the bowl’s parking lot during the downpour.. I live literally on the shoreline of the L.I. sound, it was raining all evening….

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